Nicholas Lorimer, Terence Corrigan, and Marius Roodt discuss the current state of the U.S. Election, the implications of defunding Stats SA and an update on Covid.


  1. Any one that believes the poles about Sleepy Joe winning the USA election is very gullible. That is the narrative the lying MSM is pushing but they are going to be caught lying again. Him being a solid VP is also a huge lie, and I don’t know where the talking heads get that from. It is proven he was a huge failure and corrupt as hell. Yes not only is he past his sell by date but he is obviously lost the few marbles he had. If DJT loose then the Libtarts managed to cook the results hugely. He will be replaced by his VP within a short period of time if he does manage to win, as he will be declared unfit to govern as President. Any one with any logic can see he is totally unfit.

    About our so called government all has been already said by many. They are the puppets doing the bidding of the lets call them the “Globalist”, for the lack of a better name. They have no cooking clue how to manage even a party in a shebeen.

    About the CV “Plandemic” it should be absolutely clear to anyone who has done their own research that it’s nothing more then a “Plandemic” and that the so called data is also cooked like hell. The purpose behind it is very clear if one did their due diligence. I truly expected better from the gentle men on this podcast. Obviously they are grossly mislead or they play along to push this fake narrative. There are many who are experts and has given their view but they are obviously kept from allowing them to do so by the MSM.
    Here is one of the many good links on this subject that all should see.


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