Nicholas Lorimer asks Gabriel Crouse about the Black Lives Matter Global Network and why it should matter to you, and what you should do about it.


  1. I for only one in the universe cannot understand this hogwash about BLM – just who are all these people that think that other lives do not matter – are black people the only people who have had hardship – they are not the only people. Open your eyes, look and learn from around the world. What ever your thoughts are move on and just maybe think about ALM (Aboriginals) ARILM (American Red Indian) PLM (Pigmy) get my drift. Every country in the world can wax lyrically on the subject #LM – pick a country, a nation – This is the biggest load of horse manure propaganda that has hit the world in years and it should be stopped dead in its tracks. Use this energy to combat COVID 19 – do something humanely useful

    • I agree. The demise of a criminal drug addict got more media coverage than Covid 19. Not to mention the destruction that followed by brainless imbeciles. Just what makes black lives more important than Indian, Coloured, White lives???

    • RSA has been crowned as almost the most corrupt bunch of murderers, torturers, raping & torturing young children , farmers & their family members, and the of course the crown jewel FEMICIDE NATION. We won’t even talk of hijackings of vehicles & properties.

    • Exactly Willem,no one cares how many farmers are murdered by thugs,cowards and criminals,the reason being is because it is white farmers and their families who are being slaughtered.How long has this been going on and to your knowledge,has this so called Government done anything about it ???

  2. BLM is an extreme racist, Communist group organized by global elites to overthrow the right. BLM is comprised of criminals and thugs with no regard for other people’s lives. The amount of racism towards white people by this group is staggering and mainstream media refuse to broadcast most of it.
    The global elites create rebel groups, anarchists and criminal elements to do their dirty work for them and to manipulate and overthrow countries, governments and political parties. These global elites move from left to right depending on which is financially beneficial.
    Take a close look at the BLM symbol. It is the same hand clenched symbol used by the Marxist Communist Soviet Union up to 1989. Only the colour has changed but still represents authoritarianism and dictatorship.

  3. All lives matter, but everything are about the blacks. The thug that they said that was murdered by a police man is false, because the outopsy said he died of other causes. He was in jail, hold a pregnant lady by gun point and know he is a hero. Black people are racist, lazy, expect everything for free and the ANC goverment is so corrupt I can throw up just looking at them….. This is the beginning of the end if we did not do something, our country will be a communist state, telling us what to do, take our rights away. They steal and plunder the state, tax payers money and still they walk the streets….. White farmers are killed in the most terrible ways, drowning a boy in boiling water, cut his mother throat, it is inhuman, but only black lives matter. Open your eyes, let stand together…..

  4. I don’t agree with BLM. It’s a evil way of thinking. GOD made all who live. ALL LIVES MATTER, to say BLM are racist!!! In South Africa the anc/eff/blf black power toi-toi dancers hate white people more then what Hitler hated a Jew. I love peaceful whites, blacks, indian and coulerd people but for sure, BLM are more evil then evil.

  5. This movement is demonic based. Did anybody see the witchcraft rituals that was performed when this movement started and now people bend their knees in solidarity. Since when do people bend their knees in solidarity with a movement or group. Do they not realise what they are doing. They are bending their knees to a higher authority – Satan. We should only bend before the Lord as we are all equal to Him and He loves us equally and care for the lives of everybody.

  6. BLM are a bunch of racist communists no wonder the Nelson Mandela Foundation embraced them . I am not going to mince my words, fuck BLM and fuck the NMF. They are dividing this wonderful country.

  7. MICHAEL DE SWART, You mention the lack of mainstream reporting of the real nature of the BLM movement. This should be of great concern! I am not really using the hard copy media anymore, but even in the e-media there is far too little coverage of the facts involved. Same goes for NGOs and Political parties that one would expect to react strongly – mainly silence!! Is there some censorship from official channels or from the media itself that do not want to “spoil a good story”?


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