Nick and Gabriel chat about the drama a matric dance caused when the EFF got involved in the Western Cape.


  1. Entertaining, thanks.

    Nic, your comments on, “problems of tall people, & being with the future of the rugby national team” was hilarious.

    You (Gabriel) were also wrong in your views on BLM. Idk if your views have changed. But your views on BLM were comparable to those of a “straight parade.” Gay pride/parade is not excluding anyone, it’s simply here to make people aware. Whereas straight people have never had problems with human rights. So why on earth do we need a god damn “straight parade”? Is it tradition? Not if you’ve read Homer’s Iliad, remember Achilles & Patroclus? I digress, my point is, sadly, in the world we live in, apparently, violence & riots, is the way to get the politicians’/elites’ attention. It’s not anyone’s preferred way of communication, but it is what has happened throughout the ages when real changes needed to be made, uhm, French Revolution for instance. Anyway, it’s great we have streets dedicated to the BLM now.

    Race relations in SA is opposite to what it is in America, right?

  2. Marxism focuses on people’s economic interests. And it’s common sense that people just do what’s in their best interest. I guess you gotta look at the domestic politics, & how that influences what they do internationally.


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