Despite the many pious platitudes in last week’s SONA (state-of-the-nation address), the only ‘reforms’ President Cyril Ramaphosa is busy implementing are the policy shifts needed to advance the national democratic revolution (NDR) to which both he and the SACP/ANC alliance have long been committed.

One such shift came to fruition last week with the decision by Thulas Nxesi, minister of employment and labour and deputy chairman of the SACP, to raise the national minimum wage by 4.5% for most employees, 16% for farmworkers, and 22% for domestic staff.

These mandatory and double-digit increases are sure to worsen job losses. This is especially so in agriculture, where 72 000 jobs were lost last year, and also in domestic service – where jobs decreased by 165 000 as the Covid-19 lockdown took its toll. From the NDR perspective, job losses are useful in increasing anger and despair and so adding to revolutionary potential.

Then there is the Employment Equity Amendment Bill of 2020 (the EE Bill) – currently open for public comment until tomorrow – which Mr Nxesi has been seeking to push through Parliament since 2018.

This bill empowers the minister to set binding racial targets – quotas, in all but name – for designated private sector employers in specified economic sectors. It will also, says Mr Nxesi, give the state ‘the force it needs’ to compel compliance with the goal of demographic representivity at management and other senior levels.

However, the NDR notion that members of different race groups will, in the absence of racial discrimination, automatically fan out into the workforce in accordance with their share of the economically active population is irrational and unattainable. Individuals are not inter-changeable representatives of their racial groups, but differ sharply in age, skills, experience, motivation, values, and a host of other attributes.

Cannot sensibly be achieved

In South Africa, demographic representivity effectively requires 75% African representation in management and other senior posts. But this cannot sensibly be achieved when roughly half of all black people are under the age of 25 and lack necessary experience. In addition, only some 5% of black people have university degrees, even though such qualifications are often needed or advisable for senior positions.

The most important of the pending NDR bills is, of course, the Draft Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill of 2019. This is intended to amend Section 25 of the Bill of Rights (the property clause) so as to allow expropriation without compensation (EWC) for both land and any ‘improvements thereon’ that are taken by the state for ‘land reform’ purposes. Such improvements could include houses, office blocks, shopping centres, factories, and other structures.

Having kept the public in the dark about the progress of this EWC Bill for many months, the Ad Hoc Committee responsible for its drafting has suddenly picked up its pace. The written submissions made by the public last year are being brushed aside, it seems, so that the committee can approve the measure by 19 March. The EWC Bill will then be submitted to Parliament to be rubber-stamped by both houses – albeit by the necessary special majorities – and so enacted into law.

Almost as important is the Expropriation Bill of 2020, now open for public comment until the end of this month. This Bill is not in fact a ‘land’ measure, as the government and other commentators persist in pretending, for the property it covers is expressly ‘not limited to land’.

With tax revenues declining, a key purpose of the Expropriation Bill is to open the way to compulsory asset prescription for the country’s R4-trillion-rand pot of pension savings. Another important objective is to facilitate the nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and so usher in the ‘quantitative easing’ (essentially, the untrammelled printing of fiat money) that will be needed to finance the further stages of the NDR.

Damage would still be enormous

Even if the Expropriation Bill was in fact confined to land, the damage from it would still be enormous. Its ramifications in the land sphere are best understood by re-assessing it in the light of the July 2019 report of the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land and Agrarian Reform.

This panel was appointed by Mr Ramaphosa to advise him on EWC and other possible land and farming interventions. Its recommendations – most of which have since been endorsed by the Ramaphosa administration – help illuminate the NDR thinking behind the EWC and Expropriation Bills.   

According to the panel, Section 25 must indeed be amended – and in very much the way the EWC Bill now provides – so as to ‘move away’ from the mandatory compensation the Constitution requires.

In addition, the panel lists ten instances (double the five currently contained in the Expropriation Bill) in which ‘nil’ compensation may be appropriate: for example, where land has been ‘abandoned’ or is held ‘purely for speculative purposes’. The panel also makes it clear (as does the Expropriation Bill) that the circumstances meriting ‘nil’ compensation should not be limited to the ones it lists.

The panel further recommends that expropriation aimed at redistribution should continue until land ownership has become demographically representative. It also seems to think that the government should seek to ‘redistribute the country’s 72% of land which is in private ownership’.

This last proposal highlights the scale of the expropriation envisaged. It also points to an ideological hostility to the very notion of private land ownership – and echoes the NDR’s demand for state ownership or control of all land in the country.

New compensation policy

Particularly relevant to the Expropriation Bill is the panel’s proposal of a new compensation policy, under which compensation will range from ‘zero’ or ‘minimal’ to ‘substantial’ or ‘market-related’.

The panel also recommends that municipalities across the country, including those in urban areas, should use ‘the input of local residents’ to identify well-located and appropriately serviced land that is suitable for redistribution. ‘Individual owners of properties that meet the criteria of land required for redistribution…may [then] offer their land as donations, or enter into negotiations with the state, failing which the state may proceed to expropriate’, it states.

This approach is fundamentally coercive. Combined with the draconian powers to be accorded all expropriating authorities under the Expropriation Bill, it virtually guarantees that expropriation for ‘zero’ or ‘minimal’ compensation will soon become the state’s favoured method of land acquisition.

Though the panel ignores this issue, the ramifications for the banking system will be severe. Particularly telling is a clause in the Expropriation Bill stating that any mortgage over expropriated land will automatically end when ownership passes to the state. The underlying debt will not be extinguished, however, which means that expropriated owners – despite the loss of their key assets – will still have to pay off what they owe.

Under the current Expropriation Act, the repayment burden on erstwhile owners is significantly less onerous, as the compensation payable on expropriation must be based on market value, plus damages for all resulting losses, including any loss of income. Under the Bill, by contrast, compensation could often be ‘nil’ or ‘minimal’ – and is likely to fall far short of the amount of any outstanding mortgage loan.

This situation is profoundly unfair to expropriated owners. In practice, the obligation to pay off outstanding mortgage loans could push them into bankruptcy and make it impossible for them to replace assets lost through no fault of their own. Banks will also come under severe strain. Many mortgage debts will inevitably remain unpaid, which will jeopardise the credibility and sustainability of the banking system and could unleash a massive banking crisis.  

After three years of meaningless social compacting, empty reassurance, and ever more damaging NDR interventions under Mr Ramaphosa’s watch, it is time to call a halt. 

We must repeal coercive labour laws, scrap the EE Bill and other damaging BEE requirements, jettison the EWC and Expropriation Bills, uphold property rights, and give secure title to millions of black South Africans with informal land-use rights so as to bring their ‘dead capital’ to life.

Unshackle the economy

Above all, we must abandon the NDR and unshackle the economy from the leg-irons it has forged. Only on this basis can we attract sufficient direct investment, escape the Eskom death spiral, reward and expand scarce skills, build up the value of homes, businesses and other assets, raise the growth rate to the emerging market average, and start generating the millions of jobs so urgently required.

The formula for success is a simple one that has demonstrated its value in countries across the world. And, much as the SACP/ANC alliance would like to keep using the promise of Mr Ramaphosa’s ‘new dawn’ to help advance the revolution, the gathering economic crisis can also be harnessed to repudiate the NDR and embrace the proven path to prosperity.

[Image: jodeng from Pixabay]

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  1. I wonder why he referred to the “sunset” as a “New Dawn?” The only way such policies can possibly work is in total isolation, with no other countries in the world to compete with for investment, human resources and their skills. In “the real world” (outside of the marxist fairy tale) all the money and skills merely depart, the country fails and becomes another extremely efficient supplier of refugees for developed countries to absorb. So sad.

    • Ditto, sad. And predicted by many. We have a Tribal Democracy now. The chief & cohorts may do exactly as they wish while culture & tradition demand complete loyalty to him. However, on the lighter side, s.a. can now boast the title of Last Nail In The Coffin Of Africa.
      It’s done. An entire continent of failed states. That must be something of a milestone in the world. 😪😡

  2. Having just read RWJ’s latest contribution to PW in combination with this of Dr Jeffery, one can only feel a drift into deep depression.
    Surely there must be someone (group) that can think rationally and command sufficient support to go forward with a sense of realism.

    • I believe we are at the end game play now. My vastly reduced political reading now pretty much limited to RWJ, and contributors from Daily Friend and then only to keep tabs on the astonishing and abysmal and out of control spiraling decline from a point of view of urgency to moving my business, assets, family and colleagues elsewhere.

      The Afrikaans idiom is “Die koeel is deur die kerk” apt, precise and on point.

    • Andrew, re your comment “Surely there must be someone (group) that can think rationally and command sufficient support to go forward with a sense of realism” Nothing wrong with being optimistic but have you forgotten that we live in Africa.

      Why anyone is dismayed and shocked at the decisions of the ANC and its cohorts and how they are mismanaging South Africa, is beyond all comprehension.

      The root cause of the problems that we are facing now is due to the fact that in 1992 the vast majority of the White electorate voted “yes” without bothering to look north of our borders.
      Any person with half a brain should have realized that South Africa was going to be no different to the rest Africa if absolute control was handed over to people who will forever and a day claim that their lack of achievements and progress are due to “discrimination”, “colonialism” and, “oppression”.

      Call it what you like but Africans are just not capable of managing countries. Liberia is a perfect example of this – it was founded in 1824 and is the only state in Africa that was never subjected to colonial rule or oppressed by Whites and is Africa’s oldest republic with a population of 4.4 million and a GDP of 2.80 USD billion – now compare this with Israel, founded in 1948, with a population of 8.6 million and a GDP of 335 USD billion – roughly double the population of Liberia and a GDP 119 times that of Liberia – what is the primary reason for this massive difference in GDP? Israelis possess AN INNATE ABILITY which Liberians and the vast majority of Africans lack.

      Thus, we can complain, shout and cry but the reality is that South Africa is way beyond fixing and anyone that believe that it is going to get better and that Cyril and his cronies have a plan is actually as slow-witted as the deployed cadres now mismanaging South Africa.

      We have become a “world class African country” on par with our peers north of our border and nothing is going to change that because our elected officials and the vast majority of our population is lacking in INNATE ABILITY and LOGIC – so to stress about pending amendments in legislation is a waste of time and energy and to hope that some rationality would kick in is being delusional.

      South Africa is part of Africa and as Mbeki said “we must find African solutions to African problems” – unfortunately, history has taught us that workable “African solutions” are as few and far between and as scarce as a liberal with a brain or a deployed cadre with a sense of honesty and responsibility.

      • “Liberia is a perfect example of this – it was founded in 1824 and is the only state in Africa that was never subjected to colonial rule or oppressed by Whites”

        Would you like to rethink that statement ?

    • “Today there are 1.36 billion Africans but by 2050 they will number 2.4 billion. As one looks at Africa’s often flimsy states one realises that there is zero chance that they will manage to provide food, housing, education and jobs for that extra billion”

      From the RWJ article mentioned above

      Please go and read Wilbur Smith’s — “The Sunbird”

      For a long time I have been telling everyone to read it — very few have
      I now consider it to be PROPHETIC !
      ( Of particular significance for Cape Independence )

      IF you are in the the normal South African state of despair then keep the finest single malt — far away
      Depending on your — state of mind

      You have been WARNED !

      • Hi Chris
        With reference to your comment as to whether I would like to rethink my statement “Liberia is a perfect example of this – it was founded in 1822 and is the only state in Africa that was never subjected to colonial rule or oppressed by Whites”

        Yes, I would – I erred in saying that Liberia “is the only state in Africa that was never subjected to colonial rule or oppressed by Whites” – Liberia is in fact one of two African countries that was never colonized, the other being Ethiopia and “1822” should read 1824 (these corrections, however, do not add nor detract from the overall sentiment expressed by me).

        A very brief overview of Liberia – In 1817 the American Colonization Society (ACS) was formed, their objective was to fund and send free African Americans (freed slaves) back to Africa as an alternative to emancipation in the United States. In 1824, the society established a settlement on the west coast of Africa that became the independent nation of Liberia on July 26, 1847.

        Liberia was never colonized because the United States had adopted a declaration to rid the continent (Africa) of slavery. Hence, since members of the USA (African Americans) who had already gained their freedom were send to Liberia, the USA deemed that it would be disingenuous for it to colonize Liberia and thus it was never colonized and subjected to or oppressed by Whites.

        Some scholars do however argue that the 23-year period from 1824 until independence in 1847 qualifies Liberia to be regarded as a quasi- colony because it was neither a sovereign state nor a recognized colony of a sovereign state, others dispute this on the grounds that there was no tangible, dictatorial interference in the affairs of Liberia by the USA during the 23 year period prior to independence, except for financial assistance – which in any event is par for the course in Africa.

        As regards juxtaposing Israel with Liberia and the previous sentiments expressed by me, I maintain that Liberia and its inhabitants is representative of the rest of Africa as it pertains to a complete lack of innate ability and the skill set required to manage a country.

        With reference to your comment “ IF you are in the normal South African state of despair then keep the finest single malt — far away or Close” Given the slippery slope that the country is on, I see nothing wrong in keeping a bottle of Glenmorangie close on hand to help smooth the road ahead – given the increases granted to EKSDOM by Nersa, soon we will be faced with the choice of spending our hard earned cash on keeping EKSDOM afloat or single malt – I would rather blow my cash on candles and single malt as at least the candles only subject me to blackouts on my say so.

        • Thank you for the reply

          Liberia makes me think of Haiti
          BOTH extremely terrible places to be

          Watch the movie — “Lord of War”

          Good single malt could very well become — CURRENCY
          In which case you have just drunk away your — Capital !

  3. A chilling article! ‘We’ must drop all those blood sucking and ruinous in-coming policies? How? We are living in a separate world from this disastrous ‘government’. I smile, sadly, at the memory of ‘Ramaphoria’, a sentiment I did not share with the euphoric public. In this case I honestly wish I had been wrong and the rest of them correct. Alas, here we sit….

  4. We must repeal coercive labour laws, scrap the EE Bill and other damaging BEE requirements, jettison the EWC and Expropriation Bills, uphold property rights, and give secure title to millions of black South Africans with informal land-use rights so as to bring their ‘dead capital’ to life.

    Please can anyone out there explain to me how we, the citizens of SA, can do this? Other than Civil War, what alternative is there out there? And I have tasted war, and will do all I can to avoid it, but it is becoming apparent that’s all that is left; and I shudder to think that’s all we have to consider, to get some savvy back into this land.

  5. It’s a ticking time bomb with a lot of innocent, good people at risk of extreme hardship and a more than possible bloody conflict, it makes one wonder if it’s not time to consider leaving and let them have it all, lose it all again and suffer the consequences like our neighbour across Beit Bridge…

  6. This is the paragraph from the above article which must send chills down the spines of every single investor in the country. R4+ trillion to fritter away at will on policies that will require the nationalisation of the SA Reserve bank as well to fund & realise their dream of a completely decimated white South Africa. Is this the ANC’s own private “ Great Reset”,
    their “Build Back Better” policies. God help South Africa & her people!

    “With tax revenues declining, a key purpose of the Expropriation Bill is to open the way to compulsory asset prescription for the country’s R4-trillion-rand pot of pension savings. Another important objective is to facilitate the nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and so usher in the ‘quantitative easing’ (essentially, the untrammelled printing of fiat money) that will be needed to finance the further stages of the NDR.”

  7. That the intention of government is to transform the country into it’s own personal Socialist paradise is by now undeniable. And our last and only line of defence against this is the hope that somehow the broad based electorate will at some point become collectively ‘gatvol’ and reject the NDR strategy. Otherwise the few remaining middle class survivors clinging to the life belt of democracy better start swimming away from these shores.

    • Colin,
      I hope you’re not pinning your hopes on an under educated electorate to identify, never mind understand what is happening to the country.
      Supposing they do realise thru extreme poverty & the fight for survival that their “Government “ has stolen not only what they have worked but their & their children’s future.
      Their “Government” will simply lie to them again & again & again about their misery being a result of the white racists. Elections will be won again and the ANC will remain in power. Similar to Zimbabwe?

      • and if this same electorate abandon the ANC government it is almost assured that it would be to support worse – The EFF are their next port in the storm. The racism, fascism and dictatorial showpiece that is the EFF suits their mindset and political viewpoints to a T. From what I see on Social media and in comment sections corruption, theft and quite frankly treason by their chosen leaders, is not a consideration for withholding support. A slave mentality within a culture of serfdom is not useful to anyone but those that seek such enslavement or at least a release from all responsibility (same thing)

        • ANC will never accept giving up power (Trump could learn a thing or two here). They are ‘the’ dictatorship in place and at best they will adopt EFF policies or offer coalition like SACP and Unions in order to remain there. Failing that it will be Hong Kong style police state brutality. We, sorry they, are on self-destruct mode because that’s the only way they will maintain the ‘democratic-style’ dictatorship (as China does it). I resigned my patriotism a long time ago when I gave up hope about 10 years ago – now emotionally stateless. It’s me and my family now and strategies for getting out but making the most of what we can in the meanwhile. We are effectively one foot out the door – or in the lifeboat. Schadenfreude is better than the depression and sadness previously experienced. And one is rarely let down with the daily revelations. Sorry, but that’s it.

          • Claudio & Brian. There’s no need for a rise of the EFF. They’re already an integral part of the ANC. The EFF is simply the replacement of The military wing Umkonto We Sizwe .
            ( spelling?)
            The ANC would never tolerate a seperate entity dictating to them.
            It’s a “smoke & mirrors” opposition.
            You’ve been scammed!

  8. Its time got GESARA to kick in World Wide. Enough of corrupt greey incompetent Governance by greedy corrupt people who do not have business expertise or any other expertise other than looting , lying and killing

  9. The likelihood of the Future of SA being ‘done and dusted’ is significantly high. High enough for anyone with ability and sense to face the inevitable truth as to where they may seek a future of some hope.

    Personally I am sure that all the hopes and handwringing around all the pertinent points and sound advice “we should get rid of BEE, EWC, Labor laws, Union strangulation, theft and corruption and whatever else” are moot points. It is not going to happen, In fact quite the opposite – Surely the writing must be on the wall for even the most obtuse and even politically inept citizens that seek a fair and just government and society?

    Articles and Opinion pieces that present the reality and discussion points thereto are merely of Intellectual value now. Sensible response by the ANC (and worse) is simply NOT in the cards.

  10. That being Cyril’s’ only success must certainly make him the most effective leader the ANC has had to date then. Not so good for the rest of the universe though. then again the ANC dont care about anything outside of their close family of ….

  11. Despite the fact that Cyril Ramaphosa has constantly made NDR sounds, there is still liberals who believe that he is the hero who will be charging in on a white horse to save South Africa. Cyril Ramaphosa stated quite clearly himself that his first priority is to strive towards the unity of the ANC. In other words, South Africa is not first priority. What further proof is needed that the ANC is not in the least interested in the welfare and the prosperity of South Africa. What further proof is needed that the SACP / ANC government is very much and deeply embedded in the communist ideology. Therefore the NDR must be implemented and executed in the orthodox revolutionary way. They are furthermore applying the method of “gradualism” which was invented by Antonio Gramci, an Italian communism where everything is gradually with more and more interventions in order to turn on the screws more and more over time. This is also where the frog in the pot approach has become a known and very successful strategy. In South Africa it has become more and more visible. The EWC and the even more strict BBEEE policies are only vivid proof of the ANC’s constant drive to complete the set targets for the NDR.
    What else is needed to wake up the liberals to the stark reality in South Africa and the predicted outcomes of a Marxist government who never proofed us otherwise. Yet there is still a vast number of liberals who believe that democracy under an ANC government was the best thing that could happen to us. And every time Cyril Ramaphosa open up his mouth, there is crowd of liberals in awaiting to praise him for making the right sounds. The real proof is this – what is the result under his reign? Is it going better of worse? And if it going worse, why? I fully agree that Affirmative Action, BBEEE, EPC and RET must go immediately. Let us speak from one mouth, making one sound that this absolute corrupt, incompetent and fraudulent ANC government must go immediately. South Africa cannot afford the ANC any longer. The ANC was the most expensive exercise this country has ever undertaken.

    • I fully concur with what you say.
      The big problem is how do we get rid of these disgusting people who repeatedly fail to honour their oath of office and show complete disdain for the law?

      Unfortunaly the DA are aiding and abbetting these communists by being complicit in following the very same UN Agenda 2030 communist political policies and installing them while misleading their supporters.

  12. This failing trajectory of South Africa, IS indeed a success for Ramaphosa and the ANC/SACP. Failure of state infrastructure is precisely what the NDR requires in order to wipe out the middle-class, destroy private business and create mass-dependency on social grants and handouts. Anthea Jeffery has clearly explained this in previous articles.

    This trajectory is wilful and planned, while publically feigning (lying) “attempts” at rejuvenating the economy. Why people continue to be surprised at irrational policies and endless committees and talk-shops, is beyond me. This irrationality only makes sense in the context of the National Democratic Revolution. The ANC WANT the country to fail. The small band of surviving cadres will live high on the hog, dispensing largesse to connected comrades. Socialism 101 writ large.

    • Unfortunately the country is ‘blessed’ with a majority mindset who would say ‘God helps those who help themselves’ – Zondo showcases many of that category in full splendour.

  13. The following quote has an ominous message for tax-paying South Africans. ” “The optimists went to Auschwitz. The pessimists went to New York.”
    The naivete of the optimists in SA is difficult to fathom.
    The ANC has destroyed the country economically and, in time, it will be just another African example of chaos.
    Government policy (BEE, AA, cadre deployment), corruption, incompetence is cast in concrete.
    The nuclear weapons aka colonialism and the race card are as powerful as ever, and will ensure that the electorate will never change the status quo. Anyone who actually believes otherwise is simply stupid.
    Emmigration at great personal sacrifice for tax-paying South Africans is fast becoming the only option, which already is develish an export date due to the exchange rate.
    So very sad.

  14. Dear Dr Anthea Jefferey, Your last 2 paragraphs state exactly what should happen to rescue the RSA from this total decimation with n additional possibility of Segregation of possibly 2 areas, i.e. Western Cape and possibly an area somewhere in KZN where the citizens of those 2 areas can select their own governments, however I think that these 2 viable previous options have been left for far too long to be viable anymore.
    The majority of your article in contrast, how dark but most probable scenario, that will come into effect in the near future, might just get you an honorary position as Implementations Minister for the committee of the ANC that Cyril would want to hasten the implementation of this decline – I think that the only addition (which is actually a subtraction for the RSA) to that part of your article is that the ANC will apply EWC firstly to Farm Ownership and thereafter to private land ownership BUT with the focus to fo for “land/properties” that has no bonds attached to it to soothe the banking fraternity which is far too silent regarding any objections to the proposed EWC bill (to initially try to keep the banking fraternity to stay silent since they will not be affected by it at all). This would mean that people who have already paid off their bonds, mostly seniors and the “non-ANC cadre” ultra-rich, would lose out first.
    A similar priority they will apply regarding private pensions/investments which will be targeted first to reduce the massive debt that the ANC has placed the future generations of the RSA under.
    Just to clinch it, they will prioritise the confiscation of private medical aid funds and other non-governmental retirement policies.
    Now if someone could please donate a couple of million Yen to me, then I could leave everything I have worked my butt off for behind and go and stay somewhere (I honestly do not even know where at this moment since the USA/UK/FRANCE/GERMANY/NZ/Australia/etc. as well as many other countries have their own problems currently (possible with the exception of some of the West Indies).
    ‘Nuff said

    • Exactly. The “great reset” is going to be all over the world. So people, don’t be depressed to be in South Africa. I am from Germany originally and believe me, I would rather have the change of the world experienced here than there. Europe is going to be demolished and will not be of much difference like all other countries, not even 3rd world contries. 200 countries have signed the Agenda 2030 and by than I think, we all have not much property any more regardless where you live. Make the best out of it and be prepaired! Have most paid in full and have a small, rather inconspicuous life.

    • Thailand seems to be an option to explore. In the meanwhile if you have a fully paid bond, don’t cancel it. Borrow to fund your departure when the time comes. If your theory is true, even the ‘appeased’ bank will appreciate it as they will acquire a rentable property. My wife is already thinking of using our medical aid savings for cosmetic surgery, so that will empty the medical aid treasure chest a bit. Then sit back and enjoy the schadenfreude from afar. That’s all that will be left.

  15. Would an objection to the proposed ewc law carry more weight if that objection suggested alternative wording to specific clauses ? The reason i ask is that there is often confusion as to what exactly is being objected to.

    For example, would it help if the objection specified a precise definition of the word “property” and then asked for that definition to be included in the law ?

    • As Dr Jeffery has remarked, the inherent difficulty with any objection would be to get it even read, never mind “carry more weight”.
      It would seem that a more precise definition of “property” would go against the entire intention of the proposed law.

  16. We have had enough of HEARING and READING about this EWC Bill. The entire Bill needs to be published in a national newspaper OR a VERY clear explanation of the intended Bill and its disastrous consequences should be laid bare so that an apathetic public can sit up and TAKE NOTICE! It needs to be done BEFORE the 28th February 2021 deadline. The government are asking for BIG trouble if they go through with this insanity. Not everyone who will suffer the consequences gets “Dear South Africa” notifications. Protests mostly fall on deaf ears.

  17. What is Section 25 of the Constitution?
    Extract from an article by Advocate Paul Hoffman SC. is a director of Accountability Now.

    The protection of the right of private ownership of property has always been entrenched in Section 25 of the Constitution. “25(1) No one may be deprived of property except in terms of law of general application, and no law may permit arbitrary deprivation of property.”19 Dec 2019

    In the current parliament, those parties which favour the idea of confiscating land and improvements thereon, including the EFF, which would nationalise all land if it could, do not command a 75% majority, which means that the Bill, in its current configuration, is bound to be stillborn for want of the necessary 75% majority. You should read the whole article. It gives a bit of hope.

    • Hi Lorraine, The article you mentioned was based upon the effort by the ANC then, What is proposed currently is to give the local Municipalities the legal right to apply EWC for ALL Property (whether you use it or not as well as whether you have improved on it since you obtained it or not). Withe the vague word “Property” it applies to some of your original Rembrandt (etc.) paintings, car, boat, furniture, etc. and since they intend to give the relevant municipalities these rights legally (even though it is illegal in most of the non-communist/socialist countries).
      This means that many of the DA-held municipalities as well as other than the ANC and EFF Municipalities will want to have this legal right to “take what they want”. The 75% is tyhus not a problem as they forsee.
      Go and have a proper look at what is really going on in the world around you – it has fast-forwarded since 2019:
      Have a browse through all the real news in the world, not only the RSA:
      The saying “Stop and smell the roses” has been replaced with “wake up and see the rot” (last word replaced for publication for the word “cap” with an interceding “r” just after the “c”).
      ‘Nuff said.

  18. Where is big business ( in particular finance institutions) in all this EWC raucous, their silence is deafening? They are the one’s that will be hugely affected as who will continue paying off a loan after their property has been stolen.
    One comes to the conclusion they are all sh1t scared of this thieving mob of ANC communists.


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