The following is a response to Ivo Vegter’s piece on Dr Mercola, Don’t cite Mercola at me, ever!

Everything we Hear is an Opinion and NOT a Fact. Everything we See is a Perspective and NOT the Truth” – Marcus Aurelius

Science should just be a quest to know, not a tool for unbridled exploitation” – Sadhguru

At the outset let us leave Dr Mercola out of the debate – he has his own conscience to contend with. We still have free choice – no one is under any obligation to use Dr Mercola’s products or take his advice.

Let us take issue instead with the “pixie dust practices” such as Ayurveda. A pertinent quote is: “Ayurveda is rather an age-old wisdom tradition stemming from Ayurvedic tradition in India over 5000 years ago. Ayurveda is a living science; one that has moved and transformed throughout the centuries to match the needs of the individuals it serves.” This is from a foreword by Dr Deepak Chopra to Sahara Rose Ketabi’s book, Eat Feel Fresh, which has deep insights into mind-body integration and much more.

As humans we are given at birth a perfectly functioning body-mind with the miraculous ability to heal itself. Similarly, we are personally responsible for the c are of this awesome gift at our disposal. In addition, we are blessed with innumerable plants and animals for food and environmental sustainability. All at no cost, to smooth our path to the perfect lifestyle and therefore our personal responsibility, (which is our responsibility and ours alone) to take care of ourselves and also plants and animals. The question arises: how then did we degenerate into a population spooked by a vicious flu? Perhaps peer-reviewed science played a role?

In the context of the Covid pandemic you favour vaccination. You argue strongly in favour of peer-reviewed science as you argued for economic growth in underdeveloped communities in Extreme Environment to justify fracking in the Karoo (Yes, I have the book and I attended your public meeting in George where I met you). I am sure you are fully aware that peer reviewers manipulate reviews to secure ongoing funding to their institutions to continue research in their field of specialty. This raises the question of the reliability/efficacy of their reports. Who takes responsibility for fact-checking and accuracy? The fact remains, there is no accountability.

Independent doctors, scientists, and researchers do not rely on pharmaceutical and technology companies for funding. This route demands absolute integrity and deep personal commitment to openness and honesty with their clients and patients.

Therefore in the case of Covid, what motivation would one have to believe any peer-reviewed science – especially if public health and welfare are at stake? We do not even know what those vaccines contain. This overwhelming ignorance triggered the opportunity to indoctrinate the public by means of persistent fearmongering via social platforms and news media around the pandemic. Public ignorance is being exploited relentlessly by authorities to intimidate people and impose senseless, draconian legislation to limit personal liberty with extended lockdowns, threats of a criminal record, social isolation, inability to transact, and so on. This alone should raise a red flag in our minds – why is this even necessary?

There are many more questions than answers – why are reputable doctors, scientists, and experienced researchers with exceptional track records being harassed and severely censored and silenced when they dare to speak out? Any attempt to speak out is being suppressed.

Why was the world economy brought to a standstill, leading to worldwide panic, job losses, severe poverty, and the rest? Why are Christians being pursued and jailed, churches closed down, and pastors jailed? It all points to a complete breakdown of the social order, (or is this the real purpose of the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030: to reduce the world population by some 5 billion people?) Our lives have been changed irrevocably; can we trust anyone that the prevailing chaos is for our own good? I seriously doubt this.

The proliferation of artificial medication, herbicides, pesticides, genetic modification, to name a few, has led to millions of deaths, deformities, chronic diseases, drug addiction, spontaneous abortion, and untold misery, poverty, and gross environmental destruction of arable land, not to mention a poisoned food supply. We have been experimenting with our natural gifts to our own detriment, and awarding billions of dollars in profit to the pharmaceutical companies. Here I refer you to Dr Zach Bush MD.

My questions do not imply indifference to the seriousness of Covid for those unfortunate victims who have lost their lives and their families. By the same token we know numbers have been overstated and numerous instances of other causes of death have been attributed to Covid. The death rate remains less than .04%, which correlates with previous flu epidemics.  Strangely there are no reports of flu this winter, but depression and suicides have increased dramatically.

Bearing in mind that although we are outwardly similar in appearance the mind-body system is unique for every person – therefore, should we just glibly dismiss natural healing methodologies as “pixie dust practices” when they offer cheaper and frequently effective solutions? Decidedly not.

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