In this episode of the ‘Solutions With David Ansara’ podcast David speaks with public intellectual and author, Songezo Zibi, about his latest book, ‘Manifesto: a New Vision for South Africa’. Songezo and David speak about why he chose to leave a successful career in corporate communications to co-found the Rivonia Circle, a new think-tank focused on civic education. They also speak about the crisis of leadership in South Africa, and the reasons why the African National Congress has failed to govern the country properly. Songezo and David debate the role of the state in economic development, and why civil society groups and organised business should be more active in shaping the political and policy agenda. Songezo has longer-term political ambitions, and theyspeak about why he is reluctant to join one of the more established opposition parties. They conclude by addressing one of South Africa’s holy cows: race-based empowerment.


David Ansara is the Chief Operating Officer of the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA). In this role, David manages the CRA’s policy research and political risk advisory services. He is also responsible for the CRA’s bespoke projects division. David is a regular speaker at conferences and events, where he discusses the political economy of South Africa and future scenarios for the country. He also comments widely in the media. David holds a Master’s in Political Studies from the University of Cape Town.