British news media have given prominence to the mugging at knifepoint of elite British runner Tom Evans, who was training on Table Mountain for this weekend’s prestigious RMB Ultra-trail Cape Town (UTCT).

The attack has prompted Evans to pull out of the event.

The Daily Mail reports that the former Welsh Guards captain said he initially tried to fight off his attackers, but submitted when one of the attackers drew a knife and a machete from a backpack. The muggers stole his wedding ring, watch and cellphone.

News24 reports that Evans told his 60 000 followers in a video posted on social media that he was ‘gutted’ not to be taking part in the UTCT event.

‘I decided not to race in Ultra Cape Town next weekend. I was out in the trails yesterday (Friday), and I was mugged [and] beaten up. I was attacked and held at knife point, and everything that I had with me was taken. I’ve decided that for my health, it’s better for me to not race next weekend.’

[Image: Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay]