The ANC has lost an appeal against an order to pay a bill of R102m plus interest to a KwaZulu-Natal company, Ezulweni Investments, for material provided for its 2019 election campaign.

In May, a writ was issued by the Gauteng High Court allowing for goods to be seized from the financially stressed organisation’s head offices and auctioned to recover the debt.

The party had appealed this, attempting to argue that the contract with Ezulweni was not valid. Two staff members of the party had discussed the procurement with the company’s owner, Renash Ramdas (who described himself as a loyal party supporter). The ANC alleged that they did not have the authority to do so, and that the contract was inflated and corrupt.

On Friday, The Supreme Court of Appeal rejected this argument, dismissing the appeal with costs. The way is now clear for the writ to be executed.