Within days of a top British athlete’s pulling out of the RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town (RMB UTCT) after being mugged on a training run on Table Mountain, Cape muggers struck again … this time singling out three competitors and a marshal during the event itself.

News24 reports that the runners were mugged near Ocean View while participating in the 100-mile trail-running event.

They reportedly elected to continue with the trail, despite having been attacked.

Race director Stuart McConnachie reportedly said in a Facebook post that ‘the three runners are physically unharmed and have chosen to carry on with the race’.

This follows the attack just over a week ago on British élite cross-country runner Tom Evans, 31, who was held at knifepoint and beaten up near the King’s Blockhouse on Table Mountain, while training for the event. He withdrew from the race and went home.

According to News24, more than 400 international runners came to Cape Town for the race, and more than 2 000 participated in the three-day event that ended yesterday.