Are whites going to be punished for imagined sins? Phillip Dexter says they are.

I drove home last week to the sight of a plume of smoke rising into the sky from about 500 metres from where I live. It turned out to be yet another Western Cape land invasion next to a main road. The extraordinary thing about it was that the land being invaded had no obvious informal residents one day and then suddenly, all sorts of building materials mysteriously appeared and shacks started popping up. Quite where those people and the building materials suddenly appeared from is something of a mystery. Particularly as the sheets of corrugated iron appeared to be brand new and not scavenged from another building. The Red Ants duly arrived and the shacks were dismantled, but I fully expect another attempt to be made next week either at this or another similar location. 

It’s no coincidence that this is all happening ahead of one of the most important elections this country has had since 1994. The ANC are desperate to cling on to power and it appears they will do anything, however underhand, to achieve this aim, particularly in the DA-controlled Western Cape. Making wild promises of better times ahead in return for a vote is not unique to South African political parties, but the difference here is that the promises come with a sinister hint that people with a white skin are about to be severely punished for all their sins, imagined or otherwise.

Last week, Phillip Dexter, an ANC stalwart and former NEC member, posted the following on Twitter:

The majority of white South Africans are racist. A small portion of them are fascists. I am just your common all garden (sic) anti racist socialist. I am also fully aware of the struggle we need to wage to rid our country of such vermin.

Dexter describes himself in his Twitter profile as a “Father, political activist, entrepreneur and academic” and lays claim to having several degrees, amongst them a PhD in religious studies and a Master’s in Philosophy. Casual observers of his Twitter account might be surprised to learn this because his skills of reasoning don’t appear evident and his usual response is to tell people to “fuck off”. In fact, that is how I engaged with this nasty piece of work. He had responded to  a tweet from Helen Zille telling her to “fuck off” and I had suggested that this was not the language of a civilised person (I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt) to a lady. 

Those who have followed Dexter’s political career (if one can call it that) know that he is a former member of the Politburo of the South African Communist Party and that he flip flopped between the ANC and COPE before rejoining the ANC in 2012. His Wikipedia entry states that he has been a director of a number of companies in the mining, energy, property and manufacturing sectors, which would seem to fly against his communist principles.  No doubt he willingly drew healthy remuneration from this flirtation with the world of capitalism.

Apart from performing the role of a foul-mouthed buffoon on Twitter, it’s not clear what Dexter does for a living at the moment but I assume he has some cushy well-paid job within the belly of the ANC beast. What concerns me more is his tweet about the proposed slaughter of South African whites, which I am beginning to think is part of the unofficial official ANC strategy. If not, then why would a 56-year-old man with strong party links going back to the days of the struggle be tweeting about ridding the country of such “vermin”?

I made a complaint to Twitter about Dexter’s tweet, explaining that the use of the word “vermin” was unacceptable and that the threatening tone of the tweet qualified it as hate speech. Predictably, Twitter did nothing and his opinions on how to deal with white people are still there for all to see. 

Not surprisingly, white South Africans are becoming very nervous about the anti-white rhetoric spouted by the ANC and some of their fellow travellers. Last week Cyril Ramaphosa was in Stellenbosch doing what he does best, which is telling his audience what they want to hear. He assured people that land grabs wouldn’t happen and that any expropriation would be carried out through normal legal process. That message clearly hasn’t filtered down to the rank and file. He also said that he didn’t want young, skilled white people to leave the country and made the rather odd comment that he would tie them to a tree to prevent them leaving, which probably isn’t a great alternative to the prospect of a safe life somewhere else in the world. 

I have to say that all the younger members of my extended family have either exported their skills already or are making plans to do so. They have received the message loud and clear that their future prospects in this country are dismal, irrespective of their qualifications, willingness to work and dedication. Add to this already toxic attitude the threat that Dexter hints at of complete eradication of white “vermin” and it’s hardly surprising that we are losing so many skilled people. 

*Ed – In 1938 Julius Streicher published in the pages of Der  Stürmer:  “The Jews are … the carriers of disease and vermin among men . . . , vermin cannot be tolerated . . . we must render them harmless by killing them off . . .” In the lead up to the Rwandan genocide, the Hutus described the Tutsis as ‘inyenzi’ or cockroaches to be hunted and eliminated.

David Bullard is columnist, author and celebrity public speaker known for his controversial satire.

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David Bullard
After 27 years in financial markets in London and Johannesburg David Bullard had a mid life career change and started writing for the Sunday Times. His "Out to Lunch" column ran for 14 years and was generally acknowledged to be one of the best read columns in SA with a readership of 1.7mln every week. Bullard was sacked by the ST for writing a "racist" column in 2008 and carried on writing for a variety of online publications and magazines. He currently writes for and


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