A man from Port St Lucie, Florida, is upset that he was not able to bring his life-size cut-out of American President Donald Trump to his dialysis appointment.

Nelson Gibson refers to the life-size cardboard cut-out as his ‘emotional support cut-out’ and complains that, as his dialysis treatment can last up to three and a half hours, longer than his family is allowed to attend, he needs the cut-out to comfort him.

Gibson says that when he first began receiving treatment he brought a 20cm x 25 cm photo to comfort him, and had no complaints.

Later, his son provided him with a miniature cardboard cut-out of him standing next to a photo of Trump and no one complained about this either.  

Gibson said that when he first brought the life-size cut-out of Trump, no one complained, but that when he returned for treatment, the mood had changed and he was asked to leave it at home.

The staff allegedly told him it was ‘too much and this wasn’t a rally’.

Asked for comment by the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) the medical centre said: ‘While we cannot discuss any specific individual, we strongly support the ability of all our patients to express their views, which includes bringing reasonably sized items into our dialysis centres that do not create safety or infection control issues, or interfere with caregivers on the treatment floor.’


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