On Friday 5 June, Cyril Ramaphosa, in his capacity as president of the African National Congress (ANC), spoke at the virtual launch of the ANCs Black Friday’ campaign.

The campaign was to show solidarity with African-Americans over the killing of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of a white policeman in the United States.

It was entirely different from the speeches he gives in his capacity as our president. Ramaphosa’s demeanour was cold and suggested he was bored, yet the speech was emotional, repetitive, historically shallow, selective, and racist.

Ramaphosa’s theme was the great cruelty which Africans, Native Americans and Aborigines were subjected to by European colonialists. ‘Our forebears’ were slaves and suffered great cruelty by Europeans for profit. Millions were enslaved so that powerful colonial countries could take what did not belong to them.

In this, Ramaphosa was referring only to Western European empires and colonisers and not the global phenomenon; the victims of slavery and indenture by African or Asian empires was not mentioned.

Ramaphosa effectively said that the atrocities perpetrated were the result of ‘entitlement and superiority’ of whites. He said that this sense of entitlement enabled Europeans to cast aside the inalienable rights of the Aborigines of Australia, native North Americans, the Maori of New Zealand, the Inuit, and many others in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The trampling of ‘inalienable’ rights by other colonialists in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East was not mentioned.

Ramaphosa reminded us that it was ‘this entitlement’ that enabled Apartheid. Race remains a defining feature of many societies, he said. Clearly, first and foremost is that of South Africa.

Ramaphosa then expressed the hoary shibboleth which is used to ensure that the ANC never takes responsibility for the past 12 ruinous years: ‘South Africa is defined by racial inequality. Even after 26 years the economy is still in the hands of the few, predominantly white people, while the poor and unemployed are overwhelmingly black.’

Significant improvements

Until the end of former president Thabo Mbeki’s reign, the ANC had significantly improved the lives of black people: houses were built, people were reasonably educated, health facilities improved, unemployment fell as employment rose substantially.

It is these phenomena that have contributed to the growing inequality that Ramaphosa so abhors: the inequality due to the growth of the black middle class on the one hand, and the deteriorating living conditions of poor blacks from former president Jacob Zuma’s reign to date.

Ramaphosa never explains what is meant by ‘the economy largely remains in the hands of whites’ nor what this allegation actually does to the detriment of blacks. How does 7% of the population immiserate the other 93% exactly? Does it mean that in the last 12 years the ANC hasn’t been able to improve the lot of the poor majority because it is being held back, somehow, by 7% of the population? This poisonous trope is stated often and can only be intended to divide.

He says that in education, healthcare and life expectancy, there is a huge difference in quality of life between black and white South Africans, and that the chasm persists. Presumably, for Ramaphosa, this is the fault of the whites, not the ANC.

He repeats that the legacy of inequality, poverty and displacement of blacks is due to white supremacy. Extraordinarily, he then says that this is ‘the natural order of things’ that requires constant and consistent exposure. It requires critique on an ongoing basis … ‘it is this that we need to fathom and that we need to condemn on an ongoing basis. We need to oppose it on a constant basis’.

He says that this legacy ‘encourages’ white South Africans to believe they have licence to call black people ‘monkeys’ and ‘other animals’; that it ‘enables black academics to be overlooked in our institutions of higher learning’ and ‘enables labour tenants to be evicted from their land’.

These are utterly racist expressions; attributing the behaviour of the few to the many. Ramaphosa, however, goes on: he says that white supremacy ‘also enters the home field as well, that encourages men to abuse their wives’. This once again, according to Ramaphosa, speaks to ‘the natural order of things that needs to be challenged and to be broken.’

So we are left to understand that white supremacy is genetic and needs to be ‘broken’. The process of ‘breaking’ white supremacy cannot be interpreted as a benign process.

Racism, he says, permeates institutions, communities and society. Examples are not provided.


According to Ramaphosa, racism persists in atrocities against peoples across world, and he gives as examples events impinging on Rwandans, Bosnians, the Rohingya, the Palestinians and the Sahrawi.  These conflicts are not generally about racism. They are tribal and religious. Ramaphosa makes no mention of China’s ethnic cleansing of the Tibetans and Uighurs.

The unjustified killing of 13 people during the lockdown was not a crisis of race: it was a result of poor law enforcement and is symptomatic of weak political leadership. Ramaphosa incorrectly conflates the killing of George Floyd with the killing of Collins Khosa and 12 others.

The killing of Floyd may not actually have been racially motivated, but it doesn’t matter. Justifiable and unjustifiable outrage has taken the issue way beyond that concern. What we do know was that Floyd had been jailed five times, and it was his behaviour which caused a store owner to call the police, with tragic consequences.

Ramaphosa speaks at length about how badly women are treated. One of Floyd’s episodes of incarceration was for storming a house to rob it with four other men. While his colleagues ransacked the house, Floyd kept guard over a woman, who was heavily pregnant, by pushing a gun into her belly.

Ramaphosa expresses deep regret over the death of Collins Khoza and others, but only after public outrage and the Floyd protests created the necessary pressure. Remember his comments, as late as the end of May, that the 13 people killed here by the army and police had been a result of excessive ‘enthusiasm’.

By his own admission, he failed. He said at the beginning of the lockdown that he ‘specifically’ spoke to the security forces and said: ‘go amongst our people with love in your hearts and do not treat South Africans as the enemy.’ That doesn’t sound plausible.

Ramaphosa says he wants to promote a deeper understanding and knowledge of other people’s histories and cultures so that we learn to appreciate where all of us come from. That can’t really be true, because if it was, he wouldn’t sweepingly accuse whites of colonialism and racism. To wit: `We must stand firm against daily acts of racism and micro-aggressions directed against black men, black women, black children in the workplace in the streets, in places of learning and society.’ Ramaphosa’s tone is replete with self-pity – victimhood as an excuse for bad governance.

We have warned before that Ramaphosa is not what he seems. Ramaphosa is the president of the ANC first and foremost, long before he’s the president of South Africa.

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  1. We have 55 million blacks and there are about 5 million whites, a ratio of 11 to 1
    Why is this tiny white sector such an abiding preoccupation for black politicians?
    The ANC has voraciously appropriated public funds to take over
    . all the banks and commercial houses and fired all the whites
    . ESKOM – disastrously mismanaged and corrupt – dysfunctional
    . the South African Post Office – disastrously mismanaged and corrupt – dysfunctional
    . South African Airways – disastrously mismanaged and corrupt – dysfunctional
    . South African Railways – disastrously mismanaged and corrupt – dysfunctional
    . South African Education System – been in “a state of crisis” for 20 years
    So instead of self pity and lame excuses about “racism” and endless whingeing about “the whites”, why does the ANC in general and Ramaposa in particular not get up, get out and do something purposeful to address poverty, homelessness and hunger in a goal-directed, rather than empty rhetorical, manner?

  2. I am so tired of being blamed for the failings of the ANC over the past 12 years. If they had done their job, thousands of houses would have been built, jobs would be in abundance, with a growing multiracial economy, benefiting all South Africans who live here. They had their heads in a hole during the Zuma period, which physically destroyed all our SOE’s, embezzled billions of Rands, self enrichment, of huge proportions, which no one has been prosecuted to date. ANC needs to take responsibility for the plight all South Africans are currently in. You cannot lay the blame on Whites for the now situation that our country is in. I say again, you had 20 odd years of rule, you failed dismally, worse than dismally, take responsibility now, forget your revolutionary doctrine, you only fighting yourself, we all want this country to be a country for all groups. ANC is so tribal, and fraught with getting even, that you cant see what you are personally doing to this country. You, the ANC alone are responsible. Pull your finger out, and lets get it done.


  4. While the slave trade of Mauritania is flourishing, the slave markets on Libya continue their gruesome business as well as other parts of Africa where Ramaphosa’s ANC maintains warm diplomatic relations – such slavery doesn’t elicit a single word of criticism from the President or his Department of International Co-operation. No, it’s only Western European empires and colonisers who perpetrated slavery

    • If one really goes study it, one would find that slave-trade was (once upon a time) entered into all over the world by all ethnicities – including Africans having Africans as slaves. Gon points this out.
      What is fascinating and not exposed enough: It was indeed the Europeans (in USA, UK and elsewhere) that started questioning the practise and were indeed the first to abolish it…

  5. I am so appalled by what I have just read regarding Squirrels speech that it makes me realize there is indeed no way to ever reach an amicable understanding and co-existence in this country. In fact it’s a waste of time even trying as the whinging and whining will never stop in my life time the rhetoric to remain relevant just ratchets up and on and on as if we don’t exist, have no positive role to play, etc ad nauseam.

  6. People forget that while Zuma was busy raping, pillaging and plundering his way through the coffers, Ramaphosa was right there by his side all the time. He was aware of everything going on – and probably joined in and benefited himself. Anything that comes out of his mouth I take with a HEAP of hypocritical salt.

  7. Dear Ms Gon, for the first time since the Floyd incident I have seen ( because it is your article ) credible reference to Floyd’s earlier escapades such as robbery and multiple jail terms, whereas I had viewed such similar previous tweets and posts as dubious. What I had noticed from video’s was that the man was a 6ft 6in giant, who would not have been easy to gently retain from escaping. Excuse my rudeness but are your statements authenticated?
    Unfortunately ( but quite deliberately ) such negative “news” is not mentioned at all by mainstream media.
    And at his many funerals he was consistently proclaimed an innocent victim and near-saint.

  8. And what about the Barbary Slave Trace. Better we don’t mention that, because then it will get really delicate out there, won’t it?

    • “The real Cyril stood up, unfortunately”…The whole article is a criticism of Cyril leadership and ANC as a whole, and it’s lack of acknowledgement of its own failures. You may be really right in pointing out their faults(ANC led gov). You are mainly critical of Cyril’s reflections on the legacy of colonialism and particularly
      SA apartheid years. It is almost as if you wouldn’t have him or anyone think about this part of history, yes ANC had about 26 years to steer SA in right direction, but you seem to be in denial that history no any particular impact in shaping the world (reality) we are in today. S
      Again you seem to deny that racism in it’s subtle forms doesn’t exist in ‘mordern’ SAn institutions…it would seem that according to your opinion, any time a leader( in this case Cyril) would make an address reflecting on South African past, such an address and reflection in itself is equally deemed racism( against whites)? As you say “It was entirely different from the speeches he gives in his capacity as our president. Ramaphosa’s demeanour was cold and suggested he was bored, yet the speech was emotional, repetitive, historically shallow, selective, and racist”

      • He is like the joker in a pack of cards. Every time when things goes haywire he pulls out the joker. See the joker as racism. The anc would be nothing without playing the race card for every excuse in the book. He knows that and by doing that he maintains the black vote for years to come. There are more middle class people than the total white population in South Africa. The leftist media and radical militants in our country will play the race card for votes instead telling the truth to the people. Remember the truth will never sell but lies will. This is whats wrong with South Africa. All goes as per tribalism and party lines. Why?? We are part of Africa and that’s why South Africa is doomed. The world owe us. Political leaders does not have the will to do the right thing. They stick to old antiquated communistic rhetoric that has no place in modern day politics. Africa is selling her soul to the Imperialistic Eastern nations such as China and the result of this is seen all over Africa.

  9. Some people with inferiority complexes see racism where it doesn’t exist,
    fabricate it when they can’t find it,
    and ignore it within their own ranks.

    Arguing with a fool only proves there are two.

      • According to Cyril, white people as a whole don’t support the other races, black people in particular, financially. Why are every white person in the Western Cape billed if they have a prepaid electricity meter (R150 or R160 on the municipal account). It’s to pay for free electricity in black squatter camps in WC. Why do WC municipalities charge different levies on white peoples’ municipality accounts for 15mm and 25mm (R130 or more). For free water in the black squatter camps. (No free electricity units or water for white people while other races qualify for it). Are the white people burning down property and looting and destroying the country because of the financial burdens they have to carry in support of citizens in the entire country? No they don’t! Can 3 million white people who are heavily taxed support a further 55 million citizens? But seemingly the white taxes are not used for our poor citizens but disappears into individuals’ pockets. How about some recognition for what the white people do invest in SA.

        If Cyril really cared for “his people” why don’t he enforce and support stricter family planning projects through his Departments of Health and Social Welfare like it was done in the “previous era” by the same Departments to ensure a better future for every citizen in this country? Promotion by means of roadshows and posters in all poor communities. SMALL FAMILIES = PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS versus LARGE FAMILIES = POVERTY AND SUFFERING. Unless Cyril prefers poverty to gain votes for his failing party.

        • Wow Estie!!! You really brought everything together. You said it exactly through my believes
          I have never seen in the media and political speeches any critics towards the 1,000’s of the so-called blacks etc who became overnight millionaires. At least the few millionaires (whites) work very hard for many years to have a better life for their families. It is a shame that mr Ramaphosa had suddenly jump out the wagon to start with his racial speeches. Sorry sir this white lady put you on a pedestal. I do like you so much and even vote for you. Suddenly we have all this serious corruption in our country. During my years in government we fight for all colors of the rainbow. That is why we have so many beautiful housing projects. But sorry sir….. for the past 8-9 years we fail the poor terribly. Why??? 90% of the top officials is corrupt, rotten because they believe “it is now my time to eat and drink”. May God Bless our country and wisdom for all officials not to participate in the criminal behavior.

  10. The Barbary slave trade was reportedly 20 times the size of the western slave trade and enslaved mostly whites.

    But facts don’t matter.

    Ramaposer is by far the most racist president/prime minister this country has ever had.

  11. It really is heartbreaking how a man of such stature could denigrate by expropriating his soul to the ANC, begging the question from which planet did his tribe journey to come and find only the ANC and its followers had been involved in battles, wars, skirmishes, and also won/lost battles, throughout the ages man-kind exists on earth. Tribal wars and perfidiousness had been notorious throughout the history of the world, including Africa. What a toxic situation if every country that had been invaded or conquered turned to be a cry baby.

    The communist strategy of propagating propaganda to detract from the many high profile illicit activities severely affecting our nation is not a new level of political low but the allegations against a part of the populace, the demeanor and violation of morality will in the future reflect on the stature citizens perceive this previously exalted position. These propagandistic utterances are far from reality and unacceptable. I am hopeful the SAN could provide some direction…

    I believe many more people now share the belief that most of the Government present-day office bearers are incapable of serving the very people that have empowered them and in return are being treated with such disdain.

    It is strategically and financially imperative for all people in South Africa that this Government is voted out of power soonest.

    • Anyone who believes that the cANCer will EVER allow themselves to be “voted out” is delusional. They have stolen too much money and committed far too many crimes to just go peacefully. They are here either “till Jesus comes back”, or the country splits up, or they are forced out violently.

  12. Maybe one for the fact checkers: South Africa at least never had chattel slavery. The notion of 400+ years of slavery and the White Man’s Burden being relevant to South Africa is Pan-Africanist ideology, and doesn’t sit comfortably with historical record.

    • You are so right, but will the leftist anc supported media groups ever reporting on it? No, as it will not go down well with the anc strategist. They will rather lie to their voter’s as to tell the truth. The truth hurts and the anc can not afford the truth at present. But as usual the White’s will be blamed for everything going wrong with the country due the lack of good governance. The more they have the more they want.

  13. We have heard it all before the only way that this country can go forward is with foreign investment into the mines and industries that service the mines. We used to produce the cheapest electricity on the planet hence the investments from Australia in the Hillside and Bayside Aluminum smelters and the Mittal Steel plants what has happened with the idiotic decisions taken to replace management in the SOE,s Eskom became a joke with insufficient maintenance the power stations could no longer produce required KW and hence power shedding which crippled Mittal and the Allusaf plants and cost the country thousands of jobs, also the companies whom serviced Eskom and Mittal and Allusaf have all gone costing thousands more jobs. And yet we hear the blame put on Apartheid which ended over 25 years ago and is still blamed for all the problems these so called politicians and saviors of the poor have created with their mass corruption and theft of the wealth of the economy and country. Even the likes of Anglo American are or have pulled out because in no way will they give a higher % of shares to local people than they have as the main risk takers. Come on ANC and SA get a life before its to late if it is not already.

  14. To understand Ramaphosa you have to go back to his political roots: the totality of his knowledge is what he was taught by his communist masters in the sixties. The arguments, ànd the retoric are still the same, as are the purpose: marxist rule.

  15. Ramaphosa hate the whites and he said it many time. Did any of you hear that he said anything of the crusome murders of white south african famers. No nothing. He talked about gender violence., and how wrong and sad it is and it is very strange that Malema told him in parlement that he, Ramaphosa hit is wife, strange very strange. The ANC are so corrupt it make me sick. They selling there souls for money and power, thats all.
    They dont ever care about their own people that live in poverty… All of them are stealing, that why nobody are in jail. They are Maxist and communist. Everything they touch turn bancrupt. Open your eyes South Africa…

  16. As far as I can determine, Cyril is NOT the successful businessman he is always touted to be. He became very wealthy via BEE. His business ‘acumen’ had little to do with this success. He is seen as the typical ‘big man’, so beloved in African circles.
    I attended an investment conference recently. Of course Cyril was not there, but was represented by ANC acolytes of all shades. They constantly sang his praises, the main theme being that he was ‘misunderstood’. Some of them said that he ‘tailored’ his speeches to suit the audience? I think they are correct, Cyril the Chameleon will sing the right tunes, but this makes him an awful leader.

  17. As with Dingaan of the late 1800 ,s I will never trust a word that Ramaphosa and his cronies utters. They are blatantly attacking the white race who has kept this country alive up to now. I am sure that they do not care for their own skin coloured people and do not care or understand the purpose of democracy. They have been trained as socialists and terrorists and that will not change in this century.

  18. As the owner of a mining equipment manufacturing outfit we see outrageous T’s and C’s been placed in supply contracts. This amounts to “ bullying “ by the large groups. This is especially contrary to the new Competition Amendment Bill. With whom can I speak to have this situation exposed and removed that is, in effect, stymying small business formation and participation in a fair and equitable manner. Thanks


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