Nick and Gabriel host their first guest on 2 Crickets in a Thorn Tree, former Protea cricketer Boeta Dippenaar, to discuss his recent comments about the Black Lives Matter movement, and how he got drawn into the world of politics.


  1. BLM, is not a “Black Lives”, i.e. caring organization, but a Marxist/Maoist organization, used and run by people who have political aims. I am an avid cricket follower but will not watch cricket anymore if our players and administrators start supporting BLM, “taking a knee” and so forth. Lots more could be said…

  2. Totally agree with Roy v.d. Westhuizen. Have been following the USA political scene largely from black voices eg Candace Owens, Dinesh de Souza, Thomas Sewell (a legend and intellectual giant) etc. Have a look at the BLM website where it proclaims their marxism, listen to their leaders who openly admit that they are “trained marxists”. Have a look at how they choose their protests and their methods. There is not a care for the black lives that are aborted in greater number than white, for the black on black violence that claims many lives daily. The BLM protests DO NOT IMPROVE the circumstances for the folks they “claim’ to represent. Many black folks want nothing to do with the movement.

  3. I found this discussion very interesting and informative. I was so impressed by Boeta Dippenaar, Nick and Gabriel. I am in total agreement with everything you stand for – we all want a country that that is going to give everybody a better life and this BLM is doing much harm. All lives matter. According to the USA statistics more whites are killed by the police than blacks; and more blacks are killed by blacks. So the name does not BLM has nothing to do with the facts.
    Slightly off the topic, how can everyone be educated to realise that the outcomes of the EWC and other laws in the making, will not make the poor richer – things will just get worse and there will be very few badly paid jobs. How can we allow a few people to ruin a country! What can be done.

  4. Great conversation, agree with all said. News24 being very mischievous with its agenda, eg. Alviro Petersen’s contradictory monologue, and, yes, if Cricket SA pushes this BLM fascism it will/has definitely polarize cricket supporters.


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