Nicholas Lorimer speaks to Sara Gon and Gabriel Crouse about the latest wave of protests in Cape Town and the group behind them, the government’s latest lip service about anti-corruption and a massive stimulus package the EU is planning to hand out.


  1. It is obvious that the ANC is now motivated more than ever to plunder the South African coffers and to leave the country in more debt than what anybody can imagine. The COVID-19 relief funds are awarded to friends, family, and others who are using these funds for self-enrichment and sharing with the people who are awarding these tenders to them. The ANC Government has gone Roque and the President is unfortunately either too blind to see or a puppet of the ANC and directed by Luthuli House HQ. The ANC has no mercy for anybody, not even their own members as they can only think how they can thieve more and fill their own pockets before they are caught out and are forced to leave, with all the money and a slap on the wrist, a great retirement strategy.


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