As infections exceeded 500 000, it was revealed that South Africa lost more in tax revenue in the first three-and-half months of the fiscal year than it borrowed from the International Monetary Fund and the African Development Bank combined.

Fin24 reported that South African Revenue Service Commissioner Edward Kieswetter said in an interview on Friday that the lockdown led to an under-recovery of R82 billion for the fiscal year to July 15.

The report said that in the three months to the end of June, there was an under-recovery of about R47 billion, with excise-duty collections including levies on alcohol, tobacco products and fuel contracting by 42% from a year earlier.

Kieswetter said the revenue agency would work with the National Treasury and SA Reserve Bank on proposals for the main budget review in February next year.

Positive cases grew in South Africa yesterday by 10 107 to a cumulative total of 503 290 (with 342 461 recoveries). Deaths rose by 148 to 8 153.

The highest tally of cases is in Gauteng (178 119), followed by the Western Cape (96 189), the Eastern Cape (78 782) and KwaZulu-Natal (79 607).

The Department of Basic Education announced that the school year for grades R to 11 would end on 15 December. Matric exams would be completed by the same date, with results being announced on 23 February 2021.

There would be a short school break between the third and fourth terms from October 26 to 30.

In other virus-related news

  • Reuters reported that Russia announced it would begin a mass vaccination campaign in October, with doctors and teachers being the first to receive the vaccine. Anonymous sources said Russia’s first potential vaccine would be approved by regulators this month. Some have expressed concern at Russia’s fast-track approach. The United States’ leading infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, said he hoped Russia was ‘actually testing the vaccine’ before administering it to anyone. Dr Fauci said the US should have a ‘safe and effective’ vaccine by the end of this year;
  • About 20 000 people protested in Berlin against the country’s coronavirus restrictions. Demonstrators said measures including the wearing of face masks violated their rights and freedoms. Police broke up the protest, saying organisers had not respected coronavirus hygiene regulations. The BBC said Germany had been less badly affected by the pandemic than some European countries, but cases were rising. On Friday it recorded more than 900 new cases and seven deaths;
  • The World Health Organization warned yesterday after its emergency committee met to evaluate the crisis that the pandemic was likely to be ‘lengthy’, and cautioned against ‘response fatigue’; and  
  • Reuters said more than 17.61 million people had been reported to be infected globally and 679 094 had died.


  1. This unfortunately is a nonsense article from Daily friend.
    This article conflates tests with cases,

    The number of tests does not equal the number of cases.
    The more tests you do of course you will get more test positives. It would be STUPID not to understand that.
    A case is when someone gets sick from a disease. It is complexly different from a positive test.
    99% of those who test positive never get the disease they call covid19 in any event. Of course the teats are in themselves very questionable.

    It is a scare tactic.

    It is what is being used to drive the next phase and scam of a second wave.

    BTW Are the tests still based on the PCR? YES? a tool that is not a diagnostic tool is used to diagnose. Pull the other one please.

    I’ll bet medical industrial complex is still looking for a cure against a spook virus sickness caused by “Novel” virus as yet to be unidentified and still not determined/isolated/purified identified that causes a disease called Covid19. “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

    • You are absolutely correct John. We the sheeple are unto them and know it is all BS. What governments are doing to it’s people are criminal and irresponsible. We know that they want to force us to except vaccines and chipping, bring in the cashless society and want to erode our god given rights into oblivion. Shame on them, they think that they are going to force us into excepting their NWO where we are under complete control of the so called “Elite” and treat us worst then what we are already treated. There is coming a day of reckoning and it ain’t going to be pretty for them. The corruption of our government is at an all time high, completely out of control. We thought that “Shower Head” was bad but compared to under “Cirril the Squirrel”, it was a walk in the park. There seems to be no stopping them, every day a new scandal is revealed. It is going to take ages to repair the damage they have wrought unto us and the longer they are in power, the worst it is going to be. Our only hope to escape their maladministration seems to be the secession route that the “ULA” is presenting us. I wish the Daily Friend do something positive and talk to them and bring their plan to their subscribers for consideration. We need to walk away from this system of governance, the sooner the better. Yes indeed the future looks extremely bleak for humanity on the face of Mother Earth unless we unite and fight this scourge.

  2. It is not necessary for the IMF to “understand” the ANC as they are both in cahoots with the New World Order. The latter does not care a rat`s tail whether SA can repay the loan or not, as one of the NWO`S
    objectives remain the decrease in world population bmo famine, pest and revolution. The ANC will only call it “The second phase of (their) `National Democratic Revolution`”. This will be the introduction of their “radical economic transformation”, which is nothing but total communism. Please note that China did not bat an eye lid when the ANC applied for the outrageous loan of R70bn. The irony is that the SACP did express its concern on the last step of South Africa`s total bankruptcy.

  3. Firstly a positive PCR Test is not an Infection . Secondly in Berlin were at least 800.000 on the streets and much more on various lifestreams


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