In one respect at least, the government’s latest economic plan is a vast improvement on its most famous predecessor: at 38 pages, the South African Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan published earlier this month is only about one twentieth of the length of the National Development Plan (NDP) adopted in 2012.

It’s also more modest, as befits lockdown rules and the country’s more straitened circumstances: there is, for example, no clarion call for running, cycling, or playing team games on the second Saturday of every month. The reconstruction and recovery plan also has touches of irony: it promises to ‘fast-track’ this and ‘kick-start’ that, presumably in the hopes that the comrades and cadres, having honed these skills in Covid-19 procurement, will now be able to apply them to economic reform.                

Irony aside, the plan also has plenty for connoisseurs of fantasy: reinforcing an ethical culture, delivering ‘quick wins’, removing red tape, increasing the level of investment by the private sector, retrofitting public buildings in pursuit of the country’s green agenda, eliminating wasteful expenditure, and getting everyone to pay electricity bills and traffic fines.

There’s more: implementation of the plan will be ‘cascaded’ to provinces and districts, while ‘gender mainstreaming’ will apply to all ‘key value chains’. As for our ‘greener future’, we will get there via a ‘just transition’ (whatever that may be) and it will include ‘retrofitting the ageing power stations in Mpumalanga with solar power’.   

Still a failure

Speaking about his plan in Parliament last week, Cyril Ramaphosa called on everyone to ‘unite behind this common vision for our recovery’. That, of course, is what just about everyone (except the Institute of Race Relations) did with the NDP, which was still a failure, as the IRR warned it would be.

That plan was full of fantasy, but it did at least contain a warning that the country’s ‘developmental agenda could fail because the state is incapable of implementing it’. So now, eight years later, what else is new?

The NDP also warned that political interference in senior appointments had caused ‘turbulence’ in the public service. ‘A deficit in skills and professionalism affects all elements’. Again, eight years later, plus ca change…

The new plan tells us that the ‘end-goal’ is to ‘pursue an infrastructure-led economic reconstruction and recovery’. So ‘strengthening the capacity of the state to intervene in the economy will be among the priority areas of focus’. This is because unless we have a ‘capable state’ the plan will not ‘achieve our determination to revive the economy’.

To strengthen the capacity of the state, skills will be mobilised, critical posts will be funded, and local government will be ‘adequately capacitated, professionally staffed, and resourced’. This undertaking is at odds with two of the key policies of the African National Congress (ANC): cadre deployment and affirmative action. The reconstruction and recovery plan’s wish to increase private investment is of course at odds with one of the ANC’s other key policies, expropriation without compensation.    

‘Supportive ecosystem’              

The NDP promised regulatory reform to ‘boost mass entrepreneurship’, since 90% of the 11 million new jobs it envisaged would be created in small and expanding firms. This time round, the role of small business is downgraded to having an ‘important role to play in facilitating economic transformation and empowerment’, to which end they will get a ‘supportive ecosystem’. Lucky devils.

So what else is President Ramaphosa asking everyone to ‘unite behind’? The plan promises a ‘zero-tolerance approach’ to corruption. Apart from his own party and one other, the country is already united on this score. It would also be good to see wide support for his endorsement of nuclear power as part of our energy mix, provided he can implement a ‘zero-tolerance approach’ to corruption on that score.

But the plan also envisages ‘transforming the patterns of ownership in the economy’. Furthermore, we are going to get a state bank. The government in the form of ‘development finance institutions’ will get ‘direct access’ to pension funds. ‘Localisation’ will be ‘driven aggressively’ to ‘kick-start a massive programme of industrialization’. State procurement will ‘shift decisively to local procurement’. Among those for whom this means more power is the minister of trade and industry, Ebrahim Patel.

Power of the state

These aspects of the plan go far beyond emergency relief to aid ‘recovery’. They are designed to increase the power of the state to bring about ‘reconstruction’ in furtherance of the national democratic revolution.       

The plan will be implemented by line departments. Working groups will monitor various things, and the ‘Nedlac presidential working group’ will ‘ultimately report to the National Command Council’. Provincial and district ‘coronavirus command councils will integrate the monitoring of the implementation’ of the plan.

Opposition politicians, economists, business, and the media all enthusiastically endorsed the NDP eight years ago. Let us hope that they will be a lot less gullible this time round. The main thing being ‘fast-tracked’ by this plan is more power for the ANC, disguised as emergency relief.                              

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  1. The mention of the Command Council as an element of this preposterous plan tells of the inspiration of the Politburo of Soviet times. And the responsible minister, Ebrahim Patel.

  2. Now I must get behind a Plan the ANC have dreamt up, and shout ‘Ra Ra Jolly Hockey Sticks, to a President that basically hates the Whites, and seeks to boil them like frogs in a pot. This plan is written for the semi and totally illiterate and some dumbos who fall for this kind of mush, and not for those who actually can make this happen. It wins votes from the “sheeple” and the rest of the country goes to hell in a (has already gone) hand basket.

  3. Behold, the ANC. The advance of the awful beast is preceded by the noxious smell of corruption. It wears this cloak with something akin to pride. The leader makes soothing noises, while raking in unearned money, and deploying cadres.
    The terrible child follows closely in its wake, usually hiding itself in the voluminous skirts of the parent/s. It makes brief appearances, mewling and puking while soiling itself. It then disappears again, leaving a trail of broken toys.
    What’s to say indeed!

  4. I think that the opposition parties should not be so quick to back Ramaphosa’s plan. I think if Ramaphosa wants their support the least he could have done is to have allowed them to contribute towards the formulation of the plan. That would have given them a degree of ownership. As it stands now it is an ANC plan.

    Nevertheless it is an improvement on past plans

    Let us watch for implementation

    • Arthur you got time on your hands until the next one arrives.But for Tito they have no one in government thats got the savvy to apply any part of this plan.Its all no action like usual and the State bank will be a looting trough for the connected.

  5. Without being rude, are there not enough people in responsible positions that can rule against this. As the ordinary public we rely on you. Untill you as politicians together with the people do not turn to GOD OUR FATHER, we will fight an battle. God gave and will provide but only if we turn back to him. As public people we see and ask why do these things happen, where are our parties we voted for. Believe that there are more and more people that are moving away from ANC, distrusting Ramaphosa, but you are the vehicle, God will show you, but don’t think people trust you, you need to win back that trust.MY GOD IS GREATER THAN ANYTHING

    • Oh give me a break with your religious crap. The ANC, not any Deity, is responsible for the mess we are in. And it’s the ANC that must get us out of it. Case closed.

    • Amen..nou moet die res vd land onthou Wie is die Groot Baas en dan NET DAN sal ons n kans staan..dis n David goliat David kon Kan ons maar Nie sonder die Groot Baas nie ..NOOOIT

      • Ag nee wat. Die tyd vir kinderlike sondagskoolpraatjies is verby. Hierdie is ernstige sake en ons toekoms is op die spel.

  6. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, is classified by the Counter Extremism Project as a military, terrorist, transnational and violent group.
    The US government also officially designated the IRGC as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation in April 2019.
    The cellphone company says it will keep trying to have the case dismissed as they believe that US courts have no jurisdiction over them.
    Sparacino told Daily Maverick 168 that: “The families believe MTN can and must be held accountable in an American court.”
    So now we have more problems for the” gangsta state”

    Garth, I totally agree with everything you said, although the awful beast surely includes the beast making all the soothing noises of a hyena ripping his prey into shreds.

  7. Donald Trump has just declared
    Today, I am formally announcing my Administration’s plan to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including its Qods Force, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This unprecedented step, led by the Department of State, recognizes the reality that Iran is not only a State Sponsor of Terrorism, but that the IRGC actively participates in, finances, and promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft. The IRGC is the Iranian government’s primary means of directing and implementing its global terrorist campaign.

  8. I am petrified by this major shift to the left and socialist thinking and stalinist terminology. To think that the arch-communists like Patel and Gordhan will be given more levers to manipulate the remnants of the SA economy is frightening. The simple premise that we can dig ourselves out of the deep hole where we find ourselves is such obvious nonsense, one can only surmise that it is inspired by a Monty Python plot against an imaginary enemy.
    Where will the money for these crazy schemes come from? The IMF? Could this be the proverbial last straw that pushes us over the economic abyss?

    Several countries and regions in Sub-Saharan Africa are likely to face significant security,
    counterterrorism, democratization, economic, and humanitarian challenges. Recent political unrest in
    countries such as Zimbabwe and Sudan highlight the ongoing challenges facing many governments across
    the continent. African countries’ outreach and cooperation with external actors—such as China and
    Russia—will increase this year.

    Now on which side are WE on??

    • On China’s side since Thabo Mbeki’s time. Start practicing how to say “nee how?” (it means hello in Chinese) just in case you survive the hellstorm that’s coming.

  10. The plan this goverment has decided on is to destroy all white people as they want to follow the Zimbabwian
    way The ANC have destroyed a once very strong economic country since they came into power in 1994.

  11. So the National Command Council, originally ostensibly established to deal with Covid-19, is having it’s already vast powers extended to the extent that all the provincial NCC structures and even Nedlac will report to it, not just on Covid but also SA’s ‘economic recovery’. A government entity with state of disaster powers essentially overseeing the economy.

    • Until they decide to declare the national disaster is over, which they probably won’t because ruling by diktat is easier and more fun, especially when there’s no accountability. ND Zuma, Ebrahim Patel, Aaron Motsoaledi, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams and others- none have been fired for the wrong they’ve done this country, especially the ruin Motsoaledi has made of SA’s public health system over the TEN YEARS he was minister, when his highest accomplishments were passing a bill which harassed smokers just because and putting out the idiotic NHI Bill.

  12. President Donald Trumps re election next week is crucial for the free society world wide. I believe we should know by now, the agenda of the NWO, working closely with the UN, and other organizations to destroy the world economy for a few, like the Rockefeller’s, Rothchild’s, JP Morgan’s etc. to take full control, One Government, one religion(the existing Pope is the custodian), than last but not the least, the one money system. We will not stop this process, it will come to pass. For those who study and follow Bible Prophesy, they will understand what I am talking about, so the Covid 19 pandemic was no surprise, it has been prophesied, but it is not time yet for total chaos, there is a window of GRACE for those who understand times and seasons. I believe things will start happening as from next week as soon as President Trump is re elected. First a lot of resistance, the Democrats and the NWO will try to overturn the TRUTH, but GOD says no, My people, the RIGHTEOUS will RULE and REIGHN for a generation, and South Africa, GOD will intervene supernaturally, expose the wicked, to remove and to appoint a leader after His Heart. Severe SHAKING is coming, for the existing Government will try to hold its ground, but GOD says ANC, you have been WIEGHED on the scales and found wanting!

    • Why do people personify God?
      Why should God get involved in Politics?
      As an Atheist I would think that expecting all above from God is rather silly…

      • Why do you introduce religion in a politicle discussion? That is what the extremist in the Middle East do, and the result is war and death and destruction.

  13. The question is can the ANC prevent the present economic decline from becoming a raging torrent resulting in economic collapse. There are some of the facts.

    As engineers, we have demonstrated how to create the industries and jobs needed starting by lift SA 2700 odd squatter camps out of poverty. Let us examine the record of accomplishment of those who advise the President on industrial development.

    The National Development Planning Commission:
    In 2018 parliament asked the NDPC to evaluate this plan and advise parliament on a plan for industrial engineers to create the industry jobs needed. They could not evaluate a simple engineering plan based upon the first industrial revolution technology. That is how useless the NDPC is in an industrial world. In 2014, a prominent business leader and member of the NDPC met our engineering team to discuss this plan. Realising he was out of his depth regarding manufacturing development about ten minutes into the meeting he got up an ran away.

    The dti:
    For twenty-six years the dti convinced government that the funders of this plan to industrialize squatter camps Ford, GM, Goodyear and Siemens were incompetent. The link takes you to the letter to Director General Lionel October asking him to provide the factual basis showing how for 26 years the dti was able to convince government that Ford, GM, Goodyear and Siemens were incompetent
    Here is the link

    He refused to answered and got a subordinate to tap-dance a reply without providing any technical substance ;

    Alan Hirsch now a prof at UCT but one of Ramaphosa’s economic advisors
    He has misled the government about this plan since 1996 where he convinced government that Prof Webster at the Sociology Department at Wits was the expert in manufacturing development not the 4 manufacturers mentioned. In 2008/9, he was forced to retract this claim after the CSIR confirmed to parliament our plan would work

    Minister Sisulu
    In 2006 the chief director Housing legislation asked me to take her to the Cons Court for crimes against the jobless people In 2007 Vic van Vuuren – Busa organised a presentation of the plan comprising the Banking Association, the SA Academy of Engineering and Ford. She refused to meet Vic as later the DG’s office confirmed that housing was for buying votes not job creation

    They refused to discuss this plan because they cannot understand simple manufacturing development plans.

    Business leadership SA
    They hired 4 business consultants who concluded that Ford, GM, Goodyear and Siemens were incompetent.

    This is what surrounds the President and this is why with the exponential rise in black unemployed will ultimately cause SA’s economy to collapse as the projections show .
    Consequently I have petitioned parliament to examined , October, Hirsch and Sisulu’s competency to hold office.

    • And the orgy of ANC incompetence continues…GW please don’t stop trying to help SA. Solidariteit supports ‘Do it ourselves’. Maybe this could be an oppertunity to get their funding involved in the white squatter camps. But then I suppose the ANC will burn the factories to the ground?

  14. The defunct bankrupt ANC-mislead government and excuses for real opposition parties that could have implemented workable solutions, has no end in far-fetched nightmare dreams of how they want to”kick-start” to economy and reduce the poverty that they have created for most of the population.
    I think we should all “get back to what worked in the far past” when the government still had the citizens in mind, i.e. the old bartering scheme where tax is non-existent – You paint my house and I give you something in return that you want and I have as an easy to understand example. The sandpaper, paint, brushes, cleaning material, etc were already taxed at 15% at the point of purchase (so the government got their fair share) and the same goes for the article that I have previously purchased, so why the labour of the painter should now also be taxed including his profit, is double-taxation (if not multi-taxation due to various middle-men in the “value chain” where the “equipment” were purchased).
    Another example would be to buy fresh produce directly from the farmers so that they can gain the true benefit of all their labour and input costs (which are also heavily taxed) and you can save some of the inflated price of staple food and meat due to the increases caused by the “value chain” and taxation at each step of it.
    I think communities should organise “Swop-Meets” in their communities and save on having to have their own earnings (that have already been taxed via a variety of taxes) saved rather than spent on buying by swopping articles/labour.
    If enough citizens do the above examples (and more that they can think of) it will force the various shops to have a hard look at their own “value chains” and see where they can cut costs without cutting on safety and thus lower their prices as well as implicitly lower the amount of tax that has to be paid legally and thus reduce the amount of tax money that the corrupt government could misspend as well as commit fraud with.
    Now put on your thinking caps and suggest more ways to save money for the citizens rather than just complain about the mammon-evil that has flourished in our beautiful country.
    ‘Nuff said.

    • Chris, your suggestion that farmers sell direct to the public is already taking root. I have been told that in the Pretoria district several farmers now only sell direct to the public, and not only for cash, but on card machines as well. Even name supermarkets have been turned away.

  15. Those who haven’t lived under communism will not believe it’s coming, while those who have lived through that nightmare will not be able to stop it. I am one of the latter and have been telling people publicly in two newspapers for at least ten years about the dangers of communism, but it’s still coming because the vast majority of the electorate keep voting crooked commies into power. Ramaphosa’s latest pie in the sky will not work, and you can take that to the World Bank.

  16. The atheist says: “There is no God”
    God says: “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” (Psalm 14:1; Psalm 53:1)
    I wonder if God believes in atheists?
    Our only hope is for this country to return to God with all of our whole hearts, minds, souls and all our power. He may be gracious to us if we do.

    • You are right that one should trust God and “return” to Him, however the way in which to do so is not just in prayer. Go and re-read from Matthew 14:14 onwards (as one of many examples) and understand that praying alone is not required – you must pray and then do what you can and have to do (i.e. not sit back and wait for the miracle) but pray, then do what is in your power to do and trust that the miracle will happen and then the miracle or a similar miracle will occur.
      Too many people are of the opinion that praying alone and doing nothing will elicit a miracle which is the reason that the miracles as requested, does not happen.
      A couple of years ago during a harsh drought in the RSA, at a huge prayer meeting for rain, a huge mass of people prayed for the heavens to open, but only 1 youngster brought his umbrella along to show his belief in his faith – sometimes we as adults must stop and look an children to learn from them about FAITH.

  17. We live in denial! … head in the sand!

    Because the grim reality that we have to face is too ghastly to contemplate.

    War has been declared against us by a brutal communist regime and we don’t realize it.

    Let’s snap out of our trance of denial and FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES!

    • Google “Red Piper Zero One”. If you can’t come right, ask The Herald and Weekend Post newspapers how much it would cost to put on a CD and ship to you all the articles I wrote about communism over the years.

  18. People are still blinded by the ANC alliance propaganda and the MSM loudhailer. COMMUNISM IS COMING QUICKER than you realise dear liberals and you corporate compliance team mates.
    They will take away everything you own, Lock, Stock and Barrel.
    Simply gaze in wonder in a northerly direction.

  19. The ANC (with it’s comrades, the GUPTAS) has created its own problem by participating in and supporting state capture, mass corruption and big time looting. As a result they have lost any creditability they may have had. People with any sense do neither trust them nor believe a word they say. Everything the ANC attempts is now viewed with the utmost suspicion.
    There is not an educated electorate in the world that would allow their government to devastate a country’s economy without repercussions as the ANC has done. WAKE UP SOUTH AFRICA and let’s vote them out while we still can and before we find ourselves enslaved in a communist/socialist 3rd world quagmire. It remains to be seen if the ANC would ever step down if defeated at the polls.

    • If SA had enough educated people, the majority of the electorate would not have voted for the ANC six times in a row.

  20. Panagiotis. AS a atheist you have a place in hell. You will burn in hell for ever together with those member of the ANC party and government who have been involved in causing SA to be on the brink of bankruptcy and communism. A message to the president and his merry men, you cannot fight GOD ,GOD has said he [GOD] is coming to take back HIS LAND and set his people free from Egypt [south Africa]. In the bible there was a king who was evil looked the other way when evil was done and GOD brought death and destruction upon the king[president] and the whole nation. so please Mr Ramaphosa do the right thing so our dear south Africa can be healed. 2 chronicles 7:14 says If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from there wicked ways then HE GOD will come down and heal our land. If the leader of a nation is honest and just the nation will be happy and so you to will be happy and the nation will then prosper and be at peace. South Africa needs prosperity not distruction


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