Nicholas Lorimer, Sara Gon and Hermann Pretorius discuss the latest on prescribed assets, the flight of a self-described prophet to Malawi, and the looming civil war in Ethiopia.


  1. PRESCRIBED ASSETS………Given how this dishonest untrustworthy ANC ‘government’ bankrupted the SOE’S by state capture, corruption, looting and gross mis-management there is no way they are going to commandeer my savings and pension funds for the continuation of their looting spree. To add insult to injury they shielded and protected from prosecution all those crooked cadres responsible for the first round of corruption.
    They know, and everyone else with a brain larger than a pea, knows exactly who the main top dog architects are. Now the ANC is pretending to be hard at work digging up a few underdogs to serve as scapegoats for their crimes.
    Pensioners have already paid the price for the ANC’s corruption scandal from declining investment values and reduced interest rates.
    I have said time and again we are living in “cloud cuckoo land” if we sit back believing this useless lame duck mob will or can drag us out of the mess. The sooner they are removed all the better for everyone.


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