The fact that you are reading this article means you don’t rely exclusively on the so-called mainstream media to get your news.

The Daily Friend would likely be classified as inappropriate content by the mandarins of morality who rule the roost on most public spaces today. See, for an example, how Abigail Shrier’s book on the ripple of dysphoria diagnosis among teenagers has been received pretty much everywhere.

But imagine for a moment that you only read South Africa’s Mail & Guardian and the British Guardian. Or that you were paying a subscription to the New York Times and rounded off your share of news by listening to the BBC.

Should you fit this description, you would most likely have a certain view of what happened (and is still happening) in the United States presidential election: that Americans woke up in timely fashion to vote en masse for a reasonable candidate and correct the historical mistake that was the election in 2016 of a quasi-fascist as president. (Have you seen CNN’s Amanpour equating Trump’s presidency to the Kristallnacht?)

According to this line of argument, Donald Trump was propelled to the White House by a wave of racism, chauvinism and every other conceivable form of bigotry lurking in the depths of US society. The proponents of this view also assume as a self-evident truth that his four years as president were a succession of disasters with all sorts of dreadful consequences for America and the world.

While it is hard to establish the motivation of Trump’s average voter (does this even exist?), we can easily weigh the concrete results of his term in office. We can look, to start with, at the economy. You might remember the periodic news reports that even media outlets most hostile to Trump have run on the successes of the US economy in the past four years. To sum them up, I’ll quote from an article by Karl W. Smith published on 30 October by Bloomberg.


This is what the big picture looks like, and we’ll immediately go into the details: ‘Between December 2009 and December 2016, the unemployment rate dropped 5.2 percentage points, from 9.9% to 4.7%. By December 2019, it had fallen another 1.2 percentage points, to 3.5%.’

The author also reminds us that ‘(by) 2016 … the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve had concluded that the economy was at full employment and that further improvement in the labor market was unlikely’, but that Trump ‘ignored this consensus’. He went on to implement ‘a program of tax cuts, spending increases and unprecedented pressure on the Fed to cut interest rates to zero’ – dismissed as ‘reckless’ – to achieve a ‘goal of 3% growth’, widely ‘derided as delusional’.

But Trump’s recipe proved spectacularly successful. ‘Not only did the unemployment rate continue to fall, but the percentage of Americans aged 25 to 54 either employed or looking for a job saw its first sustained rise since the late 1980s. This inflection point changed the character of the labor market.’

Smith continues: ‘In 2016, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999. Over the next three years it grew almost $6,000, to $68,703. That’s perhaps why, despite the pandemic, 56% of U.S. voters polled last month said their families were better off today than they were four years ago.’

Although the pandemic truncated this trajectory, the US economy has already given strong signs of a healthy rebound. (Trump has been severely criticised for his volatile and tardy response to the coronavirus. I believe he has reacted no more erratically than most world leaders, although his shortcomings might have been more evident due to his strident communication style. He has not been outsmarted in this by his political foes at home either. Remember Joe Biden decrying travel bans as xenophobic, and Nancy Pelosi’s walkabout in Chinatown.)

Hardly consistent

No doubt, an economist might raise objections about Trump’s economic policies and their long-term consequences. But the numbers presented by Smith’s Bloomberg article are hardly consistent with the disaster for the American people most of my colleagues in the media pretend to see in all the outcomes of what Trump did.

Trump has also been presented as an inveterate racist. He certainly is one by critical race theorists’ standards (who is not?). According to most media articles, black and brown people are among the groups worst affected by Trump’s 2016 victory. But let’s look again. The numbers tell us a completely different story.

Even evidently malicious fact-checking efforts by leftist publications such as Vox have been forced to admit (far down in the text and with an impressive display of mitigating arguments) that ‘(before) the pandemic hit, the unemployment rate for Black Americans reached an all-time low (since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started keeping track in 1972) at 5.9 percent in May 2018’.  Moreover, black household median income reached the highest levels on record during the Trump years.

Biden’s preliminary triumph has been saluted by most of the media as a huge relief – not only for America but for the rest of the world. Days before election day, Spain’s state news agency produced a piece with the following headline: ‘Human rights before the abyss of another Trump term’. Trump’s threat to human rights, we learnt in the body of the story, was global in scale. ‘The world breathes a sigh of relief after Biden’s victory,’ wrote Spanish centre-right daily El Mundo on 7 November. Despite all this hysteria, the world is a somewhat more orderly and peaceful place than when Trump took over from his predecessor Barack Obama.

ISIS was the creature of George W. Bush’s democratic imperialism. It came to grow unimaginably strong under Obama’s indecisive rule and has been crushed by the Trump administration, without a new war being started. Besides defeating the once seemingly unstoppable caliphate, Trump achieved unprecedented successes in normalising the Arab world’s relationship with Israel. And let’s not forget his very reasonable efforts – deviously undermined by the establishment that profits from it to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and put an end to its pointless presence in that country.


Among his many foreign policy successes, I also count his taking on China’s disingenuous trade practices. Trump’s fighting back in the commercial war China had been waging for decades has been an eye-opener for a global elite who are mostly in denial about the threat posed by the communist giant. Even the European Union is now confronting this uncomfortable truth – although it needed the pandemic to face reality. Trump’s demand that European NATO members contribute their fair share to keeping peace and security in the West is another example of the bold political realism that Trump brought to breaking the mould of what most had accepted as chronic, unsolvable anomalies and crises.

A dispassionate look at the facts of his presidency that goes beyond the adjectives and labels usually employed by the media to judge Trump shows that his presidency was far from a catastrophe. In fact, it bore eminently positive results in the fundamental fields of political action. Such a look beyond labels also helps to understand that eight million more Americans than in 2016 voted for him after his four years as president.

At the time of writing, Trump was still resisting the pressure to concede. In my opinion, it was clear that Democratic Party administrations were tampering with the electoral law in several so-called swing states weeks before the day of the vote. The legality of some of the amendments they made to facilitate mail-in ballots, that were known to overwhelmingly favour Biden, has still to be upheld by the courts.

While I don’t believe the Trump camp is succeeding in presenting a strong case for the fraud they are claiming, I think we should wait for the courts to resolve pending issues over the election before declaring Biden the new president. I also think Team Trump should be given the chance to challenge the results where it identifies signs of irregularities, and that it is nonsense to call on the president to expedite a transition while there are ongoing court processes affecting the vote.


In the meantime, the mainstream media would do itself a favour by putting an end to the blackout it applies to virtually everything that contradicts its narrative. The latest example is how it is ignoring the beatings to which Antifa and BLM militants subjected Trump’s peaceful supporters who were leaving a march in support of the president in Washington DC. The slightest micro-aggression is treated like a major crime – if it is perpetrated by conservatives. Yet the very same journalists completely shun actual violence when the victim is a rightist, or violence comes from the left.

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  1. The majority of the media have been bought off …
    The same goes for education…mushrooms and potatoes cannot think …
    This has been years in the making , the ultimate socialist coup ….
    We need to stand up against the ” popular” ….otherwise we will most surely die

  2. Marcel my friend,

    You are indeed a very brave man. You risk being deplatformed & generally sent to corner of the room without your MAGA hat, it being replaced with a dunces hat.

    You see President Trump as 80,000,000 or more Americans see him, not to mention many more millions around the world.

    Take heart he will still be President after January 20th 2021.

    He is hated only because he gave the left the “finger” and proved he was a far better leader than all rest, in America & elsewhere, combined.

    • So right you are Graham, Trump will be around for another 4 more years. The problem with this article is that some are facts, other information have been gleaned from the Mainstream media, which is false. I’d like to see an article entirely based on facts, not on second hand information.

  3. I really enjoyed this article, facts for a bit, with less opinion.
    Please provide more information on your statement that Democrats tinkered with mail in ballots and why this was fraudulent?
    I couldn’t stand the arrogance of the man, but came to see that his communication made him his own worst enemy.

  4. Thank you, Marcel, for finally exposing the clean truth about Trumps successes and business decisions that have benefited the American people. A caveat would be his outlawing the vile and cruel murder of unborn children, upholding crucial family values, and preventing the American ethic of being forced upon African countries under the guise of US ‘support’.

  5. I applaud the writer of this article for pointing out the actual facts of the Trump presidency. That he makes himself a target of the gossip and fear mongers, is very brave.

    What one can see from the facts and figures quoted, is that the average person in America is a hypocrite. That although “most people” supposedly openly support the so-called “mainstream media” in trashing Trump, when it comes to drawing that little x on a ballot paper, they vote with their wallets.

    And, try as they might, at the end of all their huffing and puffing, even the social(ist) media can’t deny that his economic policies made the average American richer.

  6. Quite a hypocritical and manipulative article.
    Mainstream media have been supporting the leftwing Democrats and censoring nearly everything coming from the right. A worldwide problem. Media is the enemy of the people. Everything one hears and sees on the news blocks out almost everything Trump has to say, reports everything negative about him and gives the right very little airtime. Trump is more of an Independent than a Republican which is why many of the radical left and right don’t like him.
    A ridiculous claim that Trump is racist. More black and Latino women voted for him than the fascist Biden. Biden and his Democrats have been engaged in a long list of criminal activities which media refuse to expose. Fraudulent ballots is just the latest of these crimes.
    Whoever supports Biden and his thugs supports this made up “pandemic”, toxic nano chipped vaccines, an authoritarian global NWO, Communism, the criminal Big Pharma medical industry, paedophilia, etc, etc.
    As much as Trump is not ideal, he is still far better than Biden. We are in big trouble if Biden wins.

  7. This article is refreshing. I was considering unsubscribing to the Daily Friend because of the ignorance and anti-Trump rhetoric by our local journalist who based their speculations from other news outlets. Journalists should be unbiased otherwise they have been bought by the likes of George Soros. It amazes me that people would judge Trump by his character and not by his business expertise/qualifications.

    • Business expertise?????

      The guys a epic failed businessman – bankrupt 7 times, bailed out by his father and Russian oligarch’s, milking his time as president for all it’s worth……good grief!!

  8. David It surely was the liberal media that torpedoed Donald Trump. I wish he would migrate to South Africa to institute policies that would decrease unemployment, a major factor in criminality, build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants and cigarette smugglers, and various other policies that will make South Africa the great country and paradise that it was until the liberal Americans, Germans, French and the British forced the catastrophic changes that has put the country oin the verge (if it is not already over) of Communism orchestrated by the crisis council of Ace and Dlamini Zuma, not to mention Mantashe.

  9. Thanks for an article which is in step with a lot of information shared privately by American friends and the very interesting vlog by Rudy Giuliani, once the darling of New Yorkers (after 9/11) and now a VBM (“Very Bad Man”), as of course is anyone who might (gasp) lean towards supporting President Trump. If Rudy has the evidence he says he has, this is going to be much more gripping a show than “Dallas” or even the Zondo Commission.

    • The Dominican voter adjustable computers saga going to provide for an interesting read as if true the election was maybe completely corrupt at least 47 states might have been corrupted totally,I wouldnt be surprised at all and suspect the laptop info was correct.Media including ours seems to need a reset of values to start reporting the truth and not take sides .You cant believe a word our media says.Like a fresh read of The Friend ,mostly common sense articles,

  10. I have been working with USA companies for a while now, I sense a bit of panic there. But, good panic. My hourly rate increased 50% in the last 2 years, and not because I have increased my efficiency by 50% or added some skills, plain and simply because they have no workforce. Amount of work I see coming from there shows they are struggling big time, economy is booming, but there are not enough people to support it. And, it is understandable, as much as 3% of economy growth sounds modest, that percentage of growth in such Behemoth economy can easily employ millions of people. I can tell you they are struggling big time, in a good sense. I just feel that Biden and his Marxist friends, if elected, may undo great work done in the last 4 years. And, do not be fooled, if USA is doing great, the whole world is doing great. Not that I am some USA fanatical supporter, it is just plain reality, USA growth of 2% has much more impact across the globe than Chinese 15% growth, just simple reality that we need to get used to.
    Media narrative is getting quite annoying, they persistently support Marxism, even it is obvious that is hurting them financially and morally. If their readership/viewership decreases, they double down on the narrative, even if they see it is hurting them. Most recent example is one local “news” website where they shut down comment section after people increasingly started pointing out grammar and logical errors in their reporting.

    • If the lack of skilled workers is hampering the USA’s growth, it could maybe (note the weasel words) be blamed on the ‘transformation’ of American schooling into Leftist propaganda mills. You read anything in unbiased media (if you can find some) regarding schooling (from primary up to tertiary) from parents, and you will note a lack of (a) teaching HOW TO LEARN, (b) teaching HOW TO THINK (a joke going around is that unionised teachers are getting annoyed at home and on-line learning, because the children are starting to think for themselves!).
      Maybe it’s beginning to echo the situation here in SA, where the lack of proper education is resulting in insufficient people capable of being employed in a high-tech society.

  11. Posted to Daily Friend 17 Novemeber Reflections on the American vote

    Well said Marcel Gascón! A Very good overview of the existing, researchable facts.

    Michael, I do not understand why you say the article is hypocritical and manipulative yet seem to generally agree with Marcel’s synopsis?

    The perception that many people worldwide have on Trump was created by the Mainstream Media (MSM). On purpose. The blackout by the MSM and social media (who have collectively deplatformed hundreds of thousands of accounts that support Trump policies) of any positive attributes of Trump are diabolical/evil. When one looks at the videos and podcasts of Trump himself, another perception is created which is very, very far removed from that of the MSM. It’s no secret. Most of us have access to the internet. We can see for ourselves what Trump is actually saying and the context of his statements. All of it. Not just 5 seconds clips as the MSM may portray. We just have to look.

    Marcel says the global elite are mostly in denial about the threat posed by the communist giant (China). I would put it much stronger than that. The entire global elite is behind what is happening now. They are fully aware. We need to define global elite.

    Marcel also says that it was clear that the Democratic Party Administration was tampering with electoral law in several so-called swing states before the day of the vote. We have no excuse to remain ignorant on this issue. It is all over the independent media. Today, if we care to look at existing information available to us, we will see how widespread the electoral fraud is. Yesterday, on the comment thread on Mr John Kane-Berman’s article, I posted some information on the scope of electoral fraud that is freely available to those who sincerely seek the truth. To that information we may add ES&S. Those who want more information can follow Jon Rappoport, investigative journalist’s report. Here is a link

    • My friend: “Trump is racist”
      Me: “Give me an example what he said or did to show that he is a racist”
      My friend: “It was on CNN last night, you can even see it on Twitter”
      Me: “So no example of his racist tendencies?”
      My Friend unfriends me…
      Me happy.

      • Short and sweet!
        If I knew how to paste an Emoji into this thread, I would do so.

        The big yellow smiling one with the teeth. I would add a thumbs-up also.

  12. Marcel Gascón Barberá congratulations on “telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.
    It is so seldom that I read any article or hear any news that is willing to tell it like it is which people who can think for themselves can see.
    You can expect that a lot of the Woke people who just follow like sheep, will attack you in various ways.
    I have prevously stated in many of my comments on news articles that I personally do not like Trump as a person due to his brashness and curt manner of talking to people but what I have seen in the past 4 years is that his heart is in the right place since he puts his sountry and his countries residents ABOVE ALL ELSE, even above some advice that he received form his own political party members.
    I also previously stated that I wish we in the RSA could have a political leader who would “put their country and its population above his/her political party” – unfortunately we in the RSA does not have any such person at present.
    Once again thank you for this 100% factual article which defies all the so-called current “fact-checking” websites (oxymoron of huge format).
    ‘Nuff said

  13. Marcel Gascón, you cautiously (my impression) said “While I don’t believe the Trump camp is succeeding in presenting a strong case for the fraud they are claiming, I think we should wait for the courts to resolve pending issues over the election before declaring Biden the new president. I also think Team Trump should be given the chance to challenge the results where it identifies signs of irregularities………….”.

    With all the information available on the media and which every Joe Soap can read, digest and form an own opinion on, I believe that you don’t have to be overly cautious in boldly stating what other “experts” are saying. We, the readers, need to know all the viewpoints. For and against. Tell us! We will decide for ourselves.

    Here is a link to an informative site which I follow daily and have done for a number of years. It gives the viewpoint of Sidney Powell and other near- to- the POTUS investigators and legal team involved in the investigation on the depth and scope of the election fraud. Literally from the horse”s mouth. The title says it all – “Trap Was Set In 2018, The Evidence Will Blow The Minds Of Every Person In This Country – Ep. 2330”. It links to a podcast and a video. The video is more useful as it supplies images of the documents, e-mails, images and Twitter comment being referred to.

    Perhaps you will write an article on the election and voting fraud alone for us?……Soon books are going to be written on the fraud and its fall-out. It will be classified as a thriller.

    PS – the X22 site was de-platformed by YouTube a while ago. It was easier to access then.

  14. Well said. The political elite here behave like the political elite there. Rules for the citizens but not for us.
    He got them energy independent and created less red tape. Every new law remove 2 old ones.
    As Reagan once said.
    “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”
    As we head for a larger and larger government we are doomed.

  15. A measured response, and it does highlight all the important factors. Though I prefer to call it legacy media, as it doesn’t have the numbers to be mainstream any longer. Legacy media needs to explain how an allegedly racist and phobic president managed to gain supporters amongst exactly those groups, and how an allegedly tardy response equates with being fascistic in the slightest. But we’re on to them. Trump has been a surprisingly great president, if only for the fact that he unmasked the Deep State establishment and at least attempted to ‘drain the swamp’.

  16. Superb analysis of the repetitive, shallow bigotry of the legacy elite media.
    If there are still any “journalists” out there who believe in examining all sides of a story, then read this. Precious few remaining, I fear, in a world where those teaching media studies in our universities embrace propaganda rather than news.

  17. Trump, sadly, will have to go. The enfranchised US public will dearly regret their choice. Maybe it’s a good time, before he leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, for Trump to institute the Biden impeachment.

    • Impeachment for Biden because of his son’s laptop? Nah! Everyone knows that the FBI (who sat on the laptop for months) are biased on the side of the Democratic (hah!) Party.Same reason that the FBI won’t investigate the obvious election frauds – OK, maybe statistical analysis is too hard for Leftist brains to comprehend.

  18. Here is something else about Trump that’s not mentioned at all, He’s the 1st and ONLY US president who’s nett worth decreased while in office.

  19. Thank you Marcel for a great article that includes facts and not the false trash we get from the mainstream media.

    • All, the 2016 and 2020 elections happened under the selfsame electoral and judicial system. Hilary lost in 2016 and dems had to get over it. They had recourse to the courts after all. Trump was the legal winner in 2016. If trumps court bids fail in 2020 and biden is the legal winner, the repubs also have to get over it. Really, they cannot have it both ways.

  20. Except what the article completely fails to mention is that most of these reductions/increases (in unemployment, wages, etc) has been happening – and often to a greater degree – under Obama. Trump can be applauded for not reversing the trend, but not that he’s the best ever as that simply isn’t true.

  21. Excellent article, and so interesting to read all the comments. I also thought John Kane-Berman’s article (posted yesterday) was excellent, but noticed the many negative comments made. Surely Marcel and John are on the ‘same page’ and in a nutshell have said the same things? Please someone, gently explain ….

  22. I wonder what America generally and Trump in particular have done for South Africa, except to abandon the SA army in Angola and be instrumental in imposing sanctions to hurry political change. And neutralizing our nuclear capability and stymieing a number of military projects. And condoning current race legislation.

    I’m also not sure why his domestic performance is the focus of argument by South Africans particularly as the US president is traditionally regarded as leader of the free world who is entrusted to promote and protect democracy globally.

    Perhaps those who unfailing support Trump do so in reaction to ANC governance and out of frustration with race legislation, unchecked racial attacks on social media and of course farm attacks. For tackling lawlessness and creating conditions conducive to investment I would rather see Egypt’s President Sisi or Rwanda’s President Kagame head our government for a while. At least when they say “when the looting starts the shooting starts” they mean it.

    But perhaps Trump is genuinely perfect and after 4 years of Biden/Harris the US will be a marxist wasteland occupied by legions of 5G and Covid vaccine induced zombies. Meanwhile should you dare criticize Trump you should be branded as woke far left and possibly a “bloody agent”.


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