When Daily Maverick raised the spectre of a public health scandal to rival the HIV/AIDS treatment crisis, health minister Zweli Mkhize hurriedly gave a briefing on government’s Covid‑19 vaccination ‘strategy’. In it, he said nothing of substance.

In a series of hard-hitting articles, Daily Maverick laid into the government for failing to make adequate arrangements to roll out Covid‑19 vaccines in South Africa. It started with an editorial bemoaning the lack of information about the government’s vaccine strategy, in which it accuses the government of having failed in its Constitutional duties with respect to healthcare and accountability.

It followed this up with a demand signed by ‘South Africa’s Eminent Scientists’, which argues that South Africa has neither secured an adequate vaccine supply, nor does it have a plan for mass inoculation in the near future that can withstand scrutiny.

‘This lack of foresight will visit on us the consequences of the greatest man-made failure to protect the population since the AIDS pandemic,’ the scientists wrote, ‘when we refused to provide life-saving medicines out of choice and against the desperate pleas of horrified medical and humanitarian agencies here and abroad and directly caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. A high probability of a reprise of this is a monumental and unforgivable failing.’

Another article, by the media non-profit GroundUp, reports on a letter to the Department of Health signed by thousands of healthcare workers, demanding urgent, transparent, and decisive action to implement a Covid‑19 vaccination programme without delay.

The gist of all these articles is that aside from signing up for a paltry 6 million vaccine doses from the World Health Organisation’s COVAX programme, government has done absolutely nothing to secure vaccine supplies.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his back-to-lockdown speech on 28 December, South Africa should only expect to receive vaccines via the COVAX programme in the second quarter of 2021.

The consequence will be that thousands of South Africans will die needlessly of Covid‑19 while we wait, and even then, only the most important people – healthcare workers and maybe members of Parliament – will get vaccinated.

The lack of a widespread vaccination campaign will not only kill South Africans by guaranteeing a third and fourth wave, but it will make the country a pariah in international tourism and business circles, leading to even deeper economic decay.

Silver bullet

Last week, health minister Zweli Mkhize raised eyebrows with a statement on Twitter: ‘The vaccine is not a silver bullet in stopping the spread of #COVID19. Non-pharmaceutical interventions like wearing masks and practicing social distancing is still our best weapon to slow down transmission.’

He badly paraphrased Safura Abdool Karim, a young lawyer who works for the South African Medical Research Council, who had said: ‘Many South Africans believe the vaccine is a “silver bullet” to end the pandemic. We feel that is not true. The vaccine is not a short-term solution. People need to take responsibility when it comes to controlling the epidemic. It will take a long time for us to reach herd immunity using a Covid‑19 vaccine. Even if we roll out a vaccine tomorrow that will not be the end of the epidemic. So for the next year, NPIs will be our primary weapon to control the virus.’

By omitting any reference to how long a vaccination campaign might take, Mkhize was misleading South Africans, in the opinion of Wits vaccinology professor Shabir Madhi.

Madhi replied to Mkhize: ‘Covid vaccines are actually the much sought after silver bullet to bring the pandemic to an end unless we [are] willing to go through multiple waves of outbreaks. [Non-pharmaceutical interventions] are important to manage the spread of the virus – but does not deal with the [root] cause of susceptibility.’

It seems Mkhize was what they call in public relations circles ‘managing expectations’ about the rollout of vaccines.

Blame capitalism

The South African government appears content to wait patiently, while at least 30 countries have already begun vaccination campaigns. These include not only rich Western nations, but rollouts have also begun in Argentina, Mexico, Oman, Chile, Russia, and China.

Karim argues that the lack of access to vaccines in South Africa is simply a matter of poverty and blames capitalism.

She told The South African: ‘The one thing I would want to dispute is the idea that our situation is as a result of poor planning. The reason South Africa is not able to access the vaccine in the way the US and UK have is that we are not a wealthy country and that is a historic inequity. Poorer countries are always left behind when it comes to health interventions and that is not a result of our government not wanting a vaccine. That is a result of a system that prioritises profits over people’s lives.’

Mkhize himself said that the problem was one of ‘constrained resources’.

Yet the ‘eminent scientists’ dispute that South Africa is a poor country that cannot afford to buy vaccines.

India has secured deals for 2.2 billion vaccine doses, which is more than three times the 700 million reserved for the entirety of the COVAX programme. Brazil has secured 246 million doses, Indonesia has bought 225 million, Pakistan 88 million, Uzbekistan 70 million, Egypt 50 million, and Nepal will also receive 50 million doses. None of these countries are rich.

Besides, if South Africa can conjure up R10 billion to throw down the bottomless pit that is SAA, we can surely find the R10 billion or so that would be needed to procure vaccines for every South African. It is hardly a great fortune. More money gets stolen from taxpayers every week.

What happened to the principle that we cannot prioritise money over lives? Our dear leaders had no hesitation impoverishing the people by shutting down the economy, when they thought that might save lives.

Doing nothing

Reacting with remarkable alacrity to the public outcry, given that it was still the New Year’s weekend, Mkhize put together a briefing to explain the government’s vaccine strategy, such as it is.

It turned out to be a whole lot of hot air. He used important-sounding words and phrases, like ‘urgency’, ‘all the South Africans, starting with frontline health care workers and the most vulnerable’, ‘made available quickly’, ‘targeting minimum of 67% of the population’, ‘expedite financing, sourcing and procurement’, ‘undivided attention’, and ‘working very hard’.

The problem is that they were ‘working very hard by following all the research and development that has taken place globally’.

Whoopee. So did I.

The question is what they did to actually procure vaccine supplies. The answer is nothing, other than twice missing payment deadlines for the COVAX programme.

Mkhize says there are ‘bilateral negotiations’, and they have ‘embarked on Public Private Partnerships’, and ‘have approached medical aids with to be part of (sic) the co-financing’.

So they’re haggling over prices and begging for money from the private sector, but they haven’t actually secured any supplies of vaccines at all, beyond the measly 6 million doses that we might get many months from now.

That will be enough to cover healthcare workers, but not all essential workers. It certainly won’t be enough to start vaccinating the elderly or people with co-morbidities, let alone two-thirds of the population.

The ‘plan’ Mkhize unveiled isn’t so much a plan, as it is a wishlist cobbled together (probably literally) on Saturday afternoon.

Blowing smoke

Mkhize said: ‘We are in sensitive discussions and at this stage are bound by Non Disclosure Agreements but we will make announcements as soon as negotiations are concluded and the NDA’s have been lifted.’

That’s a load of rubbish. He is not disclosing anything because there is nothing to disclose.

Buying vaccines is not some super-sensitive clandestine affair. We’re not proposing to buy nuclear weapons. Procuring vaccines is as simple as calling the sales offices of a few pharmaceutical companies and saying: ‘Hey, we’d like 50 million doses of your vaccine, please. How much, and when can you deliver?’

In the briefing, we were also told that South Africa chose not to take the risk of ordering directly from pharmaceutical companies, because that would commit funds that would be lost if those companies could not produce a vaccine that cleared the approval process.

That’s also nonsense. When you buy something, you pay upon delivery. If you prepay and the delivery doesn’t arrive, you get a refund. Transactions like this are done every day. There’s no risk, whatsoever.

Mkhize and his minions are just blowing smoke to obscure the fact that nothing has been done to procure vaccines as soon as they became available.

Legal action

It should be a simple matter for the private sector to step in and launch vaccination drives of their own. It is very likely that they would want to do so, and that they already have plans in place to cover millions of South Africans, if not all of them.

There is no reason to believe that they would limit their efforts to medical aid members or paying customers. It would be bad publicity and bad politics to do so. Even from the most cynical point of view, herd immunity is just as important to the private healthcare sector as it is to the rest of us. No private medical scheme wants to continue paying for expensive Covid-19 treatments, when they can swiftly end the pandemic by administering cheap or free vaccines to everyone.

The private sector, however, is notoriously afraid of upsetting the ruling party. If they make the ANC look incompetent by launching a widespread vaccination campaign while government dithers, they might expect vindictive retribution. Government could institute price controls, force private companies to become part of its own vaccination programme, or even threaten outright nationalisation. It isn’t as if government hasn’t simply stolen drugs from international pharmaceutical companies before.

The Institute for Race Relations, which publishes The Daily Friend, has announced that it will approach Mkhize and other relevant officials, as well as the heads of major hospitals and health insurers, to learn what vaccine-related supplies have been procured, from which providers, how these will be distributed, and when such distribution will begin.

It is considering going to court to compel the procurement and distribution of vaccines as a matter of urgency. Perhaps a court order would stiffen the collective spine of the private sector in the face of government, and save the thousands of lives that government seems willing to sacrifice so as not to ‘risk’ the country’s ‘constrained resources’.

On Sunday night, Mkhize tweeted a view that appears to contradict his earlier ‘no silver bullet’ comment: ‘We have always said the second wave is going to be coming and the only way we will be protected is by developing herd immunity through vaccination.’

Whew. Now, if only someone would think to procure enough vaccines for this purpose, stat.

The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of the Daily Friend or the IRR

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  1. Nailed it, thanks Ivo!

    What I haven’t been able to fathom is the general resistance to finding effective treatments for the virus. Adequate vit D levels are very important and this message should be pushed aggressively. The recent promise shown by Ivermectin treatment, a cheap and low side effect option, was met by an outright ban by SAHPRA on December 22.

    Clinicians are starting to fight back, as described in a timeslive article (https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2021-01-04-consider-anti-parasitic-to-avoid-possible-third-covid-19-wave-health-minister-urged/).

  2. I’m so over this ‘we are poor’ excuse.
    I can remember when we first got TV way back when. Every night in the news they will show us the starving Ethiopians. The one time they showed a woman with one baby on her back, one in her arms and two walking next to her. The news reader were telling us that she is on her way to a UN camp to get USA donated food and on her journey three of her other kids have died. My first thoughts were…why do you keep on breeding when you don’t even have enough food for yourself. Nothing has changed they still starve to this day.
    Stop breeding then you might get out of poverty. We don’t need thousands dying, a couple million or even 10 million would just about be the right number. Why should the medical schemes (its members) foot the bill for vaccines for others? The private sector is there to make money and will sell their souls to make it. They will not go up against their masters.
    The cadres want to arrange a deal where the ANC can make millions out of this vaccination drive.

    • Good comment. The ANC is a heartless criminal organisation that’s main objective is to enrich their cadres. Even the senior people are appointed on a patronage system. Governing the country is a unwanted but necessary sideline.

    • I’m so over this blaming the poor for having more children meme.

      Poverty is not caused by excessive fertility. There are excellent reasons why the poor often have more children. Children are financial insurance for the future, because they can work. High child mortality means you need to have many children if you want a few to survive to adulthood. Poor people often lack access to birth control and family planning services. In many poor societies, women cannot say no to their husbands, and sometimes not to other men, either. Blaming the poor for all this is a judgmental, elitist view that shows a lack of comprehension of what life is like in poor societies.

      Poverty rarely has simple moralistic solutions like ‘work harder’ or ‘have fewer children’. It is usually a product of war, corruption, weak public institutions, or socialist government policy.

      Go look at the average family size in Europe in the first half of the 20th century. My mother was one of eight, my father was one of seven. All of those children survived into old age. They were breeding like rabbits, despite poverty and war, for exactly the same reasons.

      • So what made them click to stop breeding like rabbits?
        My mother was one of 11, I’m one of 4, we have two kids. Why don’t we breed like rabbits? Because we don’t expect others to feed and pay to raise our offspring.
        A loaf of bread have a certain amount of slices. The more kids you have the thinner the slices until they all go hungry. In the days before the UN mother nature managed the population. If you breed yourself out of food mother nature brings the numbers down. UN starts to dish out food and poverty and hunger grew by the day. It is not rocket science.

        • What made Europeans stop breeding lile rabbits? A massive reduction in child mortality. The Pill. Rising prosperity. Rising levels of education. Improved womens’ rights and gender equality. The rise of pension funds and social safety nets.

          I will agree that UN food aid has been useless and counterproductive, though.

          • Who did those things for the Europeans?
            In SA we have a low child mortality rate, all kinds of grants, pension funds, some kind of education but somehow the cultural side has not adapted to these changes. I can’t see that it will change.

        • We’ve reached the maximum reply depth. This is in response to your claim that South Africa’s fertility rate is not changing in response to lower child mortality, grants, pensions, education, etc. It is. It has halved in the last 35 years.

          Fertility rate 1920 to 2020:
          2020 2.41
          2015 2.55
          2010 2.63
          2005 2.61
          2000 2.88
          1995 3.51
          1990 4.4
          1985 4.9
          1980 5.05
          1975 5.5
          1970 5.8
          1965 6
          1960 6.05
          1955 6.05
          1950 6.36
          1945 6.39
          1940 6.41
          1935 6.43
          1930 6.46
          1925 6.47

          And since we’re way off topic, let’s leave it at that.

      • Ivo the South African population increased by nearly1/3 in the 25 years following 1994. As the increase was in the third world population not the first world population the burden of educating and developing these new arrivals fell on the small first world population. Even in the best of all possible worlds this burden would have been impossible to bear with success. That is the reality and politicians should be preaching reduced family sizes rather than handing out child grants.

  3. Reply from the ANC,
    We are saddened to inform you that the R10 bill used to bail out SAA is being used to pay our patronage network intrenched there, so that is totally out of the question.
    We have not been sitting on our hands and doing nothing for the last six months but have been working day and night to try and come up with some sort of scheme where by most of the money ( if we can find any that is ) is also skimmed into the back pockets of ourselves. So far none of the vaccine manufacturers are interested in paying us a backhander so we are waiting on the private sector to get involved because it will be much easier to rip them off ( we can always implement a surcharge before distribution is allowed for example).
    So South Africa just sit back relax, enjoy the lockdown er dictatorship which we are having so much fun with and don’t forget to sanitize and wear your masks and oh, if some of you die in the mean time well that’s OK because we actually don’t give a rats ass about you or South Africa.

    • Yeah, the ANC negotitors probably cannon closr any procurement agreements because the pharmaceutical houses will not entertain their demands for any BEE/ Social Justice ‘Sweet Deals’, otherwise known as Kickbacks for Cadres.
      Pharmaceutical companies are not armaments manufacturers

      • There is a likelihood that the anc / government are waiting for a Chinese vaccine to clear third phase trials. Then there will be an announcement that China are “donating” vaccines, etc, to RSA and other African countries

      • @Perry: I love that maxim ‘Kickbacks For Cadres’. Puts a different spin on KFC now. doesn’t it? If it was not so un-PC, I think Nandos might even use it in their ads.

  4. Thanks for your insights Ivo.
    The cynicism of the ANC government is being laid bare, bit by bit.
    SAA should be euthanised immediately. That might free up a bit of time to concentrate on the matters that should be occupying the minds of the ANC!

  5. Europe will be paying $1.61 per dose for the Oxford – Astrazeneca vaccine (probably best suited to SA) – that would work out to roughly R2 billion for two doses for 40 million South Africans. Given that SA will not get the bulk discount the EU will get and that there will be transport and distribution costs involved the cost will be higher. But surely 5 of the R 10 billion thrown after SAA could have been used last year to secure an order with one of the pharma companies.

    It is going to be a nightmarish logistical exercise at best to distribute and vaccinate so many people. If you only start securing vaccines in May we will be lucky (especially if government keeps insisting on being the only legal importer) to get 5% of the population vaccinated by the end of the year.

    • As by the latest published research, only half of SAns want to receive vaccine. And that number has fallen sharply from 65%. If continue like this, by the time when first vaccines arrive, there may be more vaccines available than people willing to take them. So, problem solved.

      • I hope you are not right. The ANC will use the excuse of the virus to keep us in permanent lockdown, unless enough people take the vaccine, to make the continued State of Disaster illogical.

    • Government being the only procurer of the vaccine ?
      A foretaste of the proposed NHI, one procurer (government) of all medicines and services.
      These people are living in a bureaucratic dream world.
      Perhaps ‘nightmare’ would be more to the point

  6. It seems like it is very much in the governments interest to stretch the pandemic out as long as possible, by whatever means: when it is over, which may surprisingly be sooner than we think, there will be severe pressure to handle the disastrous economy and prosecute all the corrupt cadres. Both are insurmountable tasks for the anc so for the moment we are told to focus on social distancing and disaster regulations. You can be sure that every minister has already been vaccinated, but dont expect any admissions here either.

  7. Are some people in the crowd of “Covid is a hoax”, “Covid is just a bad flu season”, “we don’t need masks”, “lockdowns are power grabs / have no impact ” and that like to cite PANDA stuff (remember how they estimated about 15000-20000 deaths this year, argued 2nd waves are overblown and latest research report adds vaccines are dangerous) and other science / modelling to show Covid is no super biggy – now all very upset about government’s vaccination procurement?

    • I can’t speak for them, but I’ve criticised the government’s projections of 350k deaths, and later 45k deaths by the end of 2020. Those projections did turn out to be exaggerated.

      I’ve criticised lockdowns as being ineffective, and, in fact, being counter-productive. I cited Prof Madhi on that subject.

      I’ve never said it was just another flu, though, and have always taken Covid seriously. I’ve also always recommended sensible precautions against transmission, such as masks and social distancing.

      Damn right I’m upset about government’s vaccine procurement. It is criminal to make people wait in lockdown a minute longer than they have to for a vaccine. It is unconscionable to make even healthcare workers — who are dying on the frontlines — wait four or six months for vaccinations.

      • Ivo – I did not have you in mind at all – should have made that clear! In fact I think you have been one of the more level-headed libertarians on Covid-19. Any way the point is more about how people change their reasoning to suit developing narratives / political positions.

        • Helgaard, the point you make is illustrated by a 2003 front page picture of Huisgenoot that was forwarded to me today by a Covid denialist that states that “supervirus het wereld op hol”. The individual now asserts that “they” knew about Covid in 2003 and did nothing about it.

  8. “Government could institute price controls, force private companies to become part of its own vaccination programme, or even threaten outright nationalisation.”

    Have they not done this already?

    Dr Zweli Mkhize [1] has already announced that vaccines and other therapeutics are to be included inprescribed minimum benefits. This essentially FORCES private companies into the vaccination programme.

    Additionally Dr Anban Pillay [2] has announced that private procurement of the vaccine is not going to be allowed. This has been reported widely in the press yet no one is making a fuss.

    The current situation is reading straight from the NDR (NHI) playbook. Centralized government control of procurement; leveraging ‘The Minister Shall..” regulatory authority bypassing parliament; using the force of the state to coerce the private sector to do their bidding.

    [1] https://twitter.com/drzwelimkhize/status/1345775454163238912?s=21
    [2] https://twitter.com/DrZweliMkhize/status/1345782456704786433?s=20

  9. Isn’t it funny. Since pre-winter last year countless nobodies (like myself) found the time and initiative to wangle spare pocket-change into purchasing modest vaccine development company shares (like OSI) but during this self-same period the ANC gutter-filth sat on its grubby paws and did nothing. But lie and loot.

  10. “That’s a load of rubbish. He is not disclosing anything because there is nothing to disclose.”

    …except of course who is getting the tender and how much they are uplifting the costs by for personal gain (as has been traditionally the case ala Zondo) , there is always that disclosure to consider

  11. When talking of the failings of the ANC government, my very Portuguese hairdresser – (who speaks an accent, without a trace of English) – says … “I spit me of them!!”. Fair comment, I feel.

  12. “Government could institute price controls, force private companies to become part of its own vaccination programme, or even threaten outright nationalisation.”

    Have they not done this already?

    Dr Zweli Mkhize [1] has already announced that vaccines and other therapeutics are to be included inprescribed minimum benefits. This essentially FORCES private companies into the vaccination programme.

    Additionally Dr Anban Pillay [2] has announced that private procurement of the vaccine is not going to be allowed. This has been reported widely in the press yet no one is making a fuss.

    The current situation is reading straight from the NDR (NHI) playbook. Centralized government control of procurement; leveraging ‘The Minister Shall..” regulatory authority bypassing parliament; using the force of the state to coerce the private sector to do their bidding.

    [1] https://twitter.com/drzwelimkhize/status/1345775454163238912?s=21
    [2] https://twitter.com/DrZweliMkhize/status/1345782456704786433?s=20

  13. Hi, Ivo! There seems to be a growing realisation amongst the readers of “alternative news” that the “great Pandemic” is more of a “CASEdemic”, and the ‘truth’ is coming out about the unreliablility of the PCR ‘test’ for the Covid-19 virus. I have read on the ‘ZeroHedge’ financial blog that even the FDA are now saying that the PCR test cannot be relied on to make a ‘case’. From you and your wife’s experience, I cannot argue against the severity of ‘real’ Covid, but just maybe, the HUGE number of cases is the unreality. Read a summary at:

    • I agree that the stats are probably highly unreliable. However, even if the absolute values are uncertain, they do show trends. Tomorrow’s PCR tests are just as unreliable as those of today.

      We should also look at data such as hospitalisations (which are based on symptoms, not tests). Understanding all the data is a challenge for everyone, I think.

  14. I love all these comments and hope the citizen’s of the country can realize how the devil’s desipels are driving the country down the drain.

  15. Ivo, am I missing something…? All this talk about the need for vaccine procurement, millions of doses costing billions – and we have a new, much publicized strain/variant of covid in SA? If there is a new strain, surely the existing vaccines will not work? So… pharma needs to then produce another rushed vaccine and government will again shell out billions for that. And the next variant. And the next. All with our tax money or pension funds, or loans our children and their children will be indebted to while pharma (and corrupt gov) rakes in the cash. Why is no one at Daily Friend talking about that?!? Or potential dangers of mRNA? Or why the government is not pushing other therapeutics, a healthier lifestyle, etc. The recovery rate is still over 99% no matter what people may feel – facts don’t care about your feelings.

    • There is more study to be done on the new strain, but indications are that the vaccines will be effective against it. There is some speculation that they might be marginally less effective, but that would not be a crisis.

      Therapeutics and vaccines serve a very different purpose. And while a healthy lifestyle is great advice, it is no solution either. When someone presents at the hospital struggling to breathe it won’t help to tell them to exercise more.

      What dangers of mRNA vaccines? They are likely far safer than any previous generation of vaccines.

      A recovery rate of 99% is pretty bad odds. It’s actually less than 98%. That means one in fifty who get this disease dies. We absolutely need a vaccine, and I’ll be taking it as soon as I can get it.

      Finally, R10 billion isn’t going to put your children’s children in debt. It’s not nothing, but it’s a fraction of a percent of government’s annual budget. As large-scale public health interventions go, it’s dirt cheap. And it is vastly cheaper than continuing with lockdowns through successive waves, or even than coping with thousands of people off sick with Covid at any given time.

  16. Have a look at the “proclaimed TOP-GENIUS” regarding viruses at : https://www.facebook.com/100001158180203/posts/3470400933008479/?sfnsn=scwspwa
    ANC will rebrand Ivermectin (obtainable at 10c each) via Johnson & Johnson ZA and re-sell at R1000/jab/pill and STEAL R999/shot/pill and give J&J the R1/jab/pill for their collaboration.
    BUT mask will STAY regardless – ANC might consider a manufacturing of masks in future and legalize them at R200/mask and ban all other masks.
    ’nuff said.

  17. You should probably not get your news from random Facebook videos made by people who wilfully (or perhaps stupidly) misunderstand what is being said.

    No Covid vaccine changes your DNA. That’s not how an mRNA vaccine works at all. Stop spreading crazy conspiracy theories to try to convince people not to get vaccinated, please. You’ll literally kill people by doing so. And dying of Covid is a nasty way to go.

    • IVO, just for your education:
      here are much more to come.
      Mark this for future correctness:
      ANC banned Ivermectin with heave fines/sentences attached so that they can do the following:
      1] They are already talking to various Big Pharma in the RSA so that
      2] Big Pharma can import trillions of Ivermectin pills/shots and re-brand as Anc-covid or something and
      3] Big Pharma in RSA will produce astronomical graphs of hoe long they have been testing this new super vaccine in secrecy and
      4] ANC will sell these for R1000+/shot/pill and possibly force everyone to stand in line and get it (IVO will possible be one of the first 10 people to take/get it) and
      5] Due to the efficiency of the ANC, this queue will take more than 2 years to service whilst no-one who has not taken it yet, will not be allowed to do any work/labour and the ANC will issue virus passports at the same time to track it and
      6] Will delay all democratic voting sessions for 2 – 3 years due to the vaccination process (possibly go back to “house-arrest” Level 6 and
      7] ANC (those in-cahoots cadres) will take the R990+ profit and give Big Pharma the R9.99 profit per shot/pill and
      8] Start spreading various rumors about alien craft seen in the RSA and stating that other countries have called for a unified resistance against these aliens due to the threatening poses that they have “made” and
      9] Support the worldwide call by the UN for unification of all countries’ armies to oppose these alien forces that are about to attack (sic) and world-wide Lockdown Level 666 (devil’s number) will be instituted by the highly tree-hugging (global-warming)/humanised/liberalised/socialised (oxymoron)/communised/nazi-copy
      “one country authority”.
      Save and tick off as it happens.

      • Quite right. I’m not really supposed to talk about it, but I’m actually an alien spy, and my mission is to undermine the UN and WHO so they can’t offer effective resistance when the invasion begins.


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