There has been an outcry over the government’s handling of vaccination against Covid-19. And it is well-justified!

This visceral anger has come from the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), a key ally of the governing African National Congress (ANC); over 2 500 health professionals (in the form of a petition), and numerous NGOs.  The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) adds its voice to that anger.

The government twice missed its payment deadline for vaccines with the Department of Health focusing its communication efforts on its “vaccination rollout strategy”. The “policy” explains the “how” of vaccinating the country. At the same time the health care professionals’ petition said our health care system is well situated to set up the process.

Vaccines are not “a silver bullet” but are a crucial element of bringing the pandemic under some control sooner rather than later.

Vaccines are crucial to save both lives and livelihoods. If we don’t save the former, we’ll lose the latter. As parts of the private sector are crippled or collapse, jobs will be lost, the number of dependants will increase, and tax payment will necessarily fall so that the government will not be able to increase the payment of grants as the country slides into immiseration and poverty.

It’s not an ‘either/or’: the two are inextricably intertwined. The ANC doesn’t understand the necessity of a market economy and so it doesn’t forge many real relationships of trust with the private sector.

In the case of the provision of vaccines health minister, Zweli Mkhize has said: “While South Africa chose Covax as the best bet to access vaccines, the department of health and ministerial advisory team had also had bilateral discussions with potential vaccines suppliers including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Cipla.”

This is a start but Mkhize says that the government was “fighting” behind the scenes to ensure the country gets access to the amount of vaccines it needed to reach herd immunity. However as a developing country, there were hurdles for South Africa.

He said that it’s the “moral responsibility” of countries with greater stocks than the number of their citizens to supply other countries. “There is no justification for well-off countries to hog the stock,” he said. Mkhize is playing South Africa as the poor victim at the mercy of the First World, our eternal default position. The IRR understands that the vaccine manufacturers are ready to sell the vaccine to us immediately. Why are we not ready to buy them?

Is it because we’re trying to negotiate unacceptable deals because we are so cash strapped and can’t pay on the prescribed terms? A ‘back-of-the-cigarette-box’ calculation shows that for the money given to South African Airways as a bailout could vaccinate every adult in the country.

But there could be light at the tunnel, with an announcement made this week that the government had secured the supply of 1.5 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from the Serum Institute in India. It would be used to vaccine health workers. One million doses were expected at the end of this month with another 500 000 to be delivered in February.

But South Africa’s increasing poverty is due to the corruption and bad policies of the ANC government for over a decade. The government needs to start behaving like an ordinary country that has no particular rights to the world’s largesse.

This doesn’t let the private sector off the hook. The IRR is led to believe that some in the private health sector were embarking on a program to purchase vaccines, were told by government that only it may purchase the vaccines and there seems to be some sort of threat of future ‘retaliation’.

The big business sector has generally failed in its duties to its customers and clients against the predatory policies of the government. Now is surely the time to grow some cojones.

The government has said that it wouldn’t allow the private sector to buy vaccines independently. Not allow? As Anthea Jeffery points out its the ideological push to socialism that the ANC uses to make itself the single supplier.

The private sector must not be cowed by the very ANC that has impoverished the country through corruption and bad policy. The private sector must step up and do what it needs to do. We have a very able private sector that appears already to be assisting the government to meet its obligations. If the relevant parts of the private sector stand up as one and called the government’s bluff what could the government do? Should they care? We suggest not.

We know that Discovery Health has formulated a comprehensive plan for inoculating its 2 million members and is working with government on a scheme to subsidise 30% of the population.

Maybe this sort of initiative and energy and by the private sector will help to undermine the proposed ruinous National Health Insurance.  

So too the provincial governments must not wait on the national government. There is precedence for this as happened during the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

In 2002 the Pretoria High Court ruled that ‘[a] countrywide PMTCT [Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission] programme is an ineluctable obligation of the state’. The then Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, appealed directly to the Constitutional Court, claiming that an appeal was necessary to “[clarify] a constitutional and jurisdictional matter which, if left vague, could throw executive policy making into disarray and create confusion about the principle of the separation of powers, which is a cornerstone of our democracy’.”

While on appeal a Health Systems Trust report commissioned by the department of health found that ‘There are no good reasons for delaying a phased expansion of PMTCT services in all provinces’.

Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal broke ranks and announced decisions to expand their PMTCT pilot programmes. Former Gauteng premier, Mbhazima Shilowa, was publicly rebuked by the minister. He appeared to back down, but soon announced that PMTCT was available at 70% of public healthcare facilities in Gauteng. The Minister lost the appeal.

You can assess the merit of a strategy if the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) criticise it. Over the possibility of the Western Cape provincial government – which is controlled by the Democratic Alliance (DA) buying vaccines independently of the national government, EFF provincial chairperson Melikhaya Xego said that “the DA provincial government thinks the province is a republic” and “that they’re a law unto themselves”.

The message to the provincial governments is that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. They owe it to their respective provincial citizens.

DA leader, John Steenhuisen, points out that “Colombia, a country with almost identical socio-economic circumstances as South Africa has managed to immediately source a Covid-19 vaccine and has secured 9 million doses.” As of two weeks ago comparable countries which have purchased vaccines include: Argentina, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Morocco, Peru, Uzbekistan, and Venezuela.

Israel is the current world leader in vaccine distribution. Its health minister, Yuli Edelstein, said to The Jerusalem Post: “The reasons are that we were prepared on time, signed on with the leading companies, and convinced them that if they gave us the vaccine, the health funds would know how to administer it in a very short time. That is exactly what is happening.”

Can the government for once do what is best for South Africans rather than its patronage network?

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  1. Your last sentence says it all. And the answer is NO. The patronage system is the pillar on which the ANC exists. Without it there is no ANC.

  2. In a world where the state is competent, the vaccine is a kind of silver bullet.

    Oh wait… it carries the mark of the beast and alters DNA! Nooooooo!

  3. “”Vaccines are not “a silver bullet” but are a crucial element of bringing the pandemic under some control sooner rather than later.””

    Unfortunatly that statement is plucked out of thin air. There has never been a successful vaccine for a corona virus.
    In fact how can they have created a vaccine for something that has never been proven to exist. It only exits in the ether- propaganda and paranoia.

    What the Government is doing is pulling the wool over everyones eyes.

    It’s quite simple. Here is the MO in a nutschell

    Ramp up the numbers with a test not fit for purpose. The PCR is needed of course. “BullS*t baffels brains” i.e. increase the Ct (Cycle Time and voila you have the “Cases”.
    The purpose of this mass testing is to keep up a constant state of fear in the mind of the public so that the restrictions can be kept in place, while you invent a solution.
    The public now begs the Government for a solution- as we see in this article. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” . What better than an invisble enemy- a virus that is so deadly you need a test to prove it exists.? Kill two birds with one stone! Yay!

    Then administer a so-called vaccine (Costing billions and the Industy makes billions as do politicians) to many. Ater a while say two to three months start to reduce the Ct and the numbers come down and then they can mke their proclamation “WE THE ANC SAVED THE COUNTRY” and then everyone will belive it becasue its in the news.

    Get it?- After the “Flatten the curve” then we have “flatten the economy” destroy the competitors of the monopolies with the Government in support and acting on behalf of the “Corporate Globalists”. Introduce UBI gladly funded by the Billional Davos Club. The bulk of the citizens are now dependent on handouts (Welfare State) and under complete control….. until they wake -up.

      • No I am not joking. It exists becasue you have been told it does. This may not convince you though, because it is very difficult to admit when one has accepted a position. What I am saying there is a conflation of different typical influenza like illness, this created a perception that there is a particular disease. It is all of them put together and called covid19.

        Look at the PANDA figures. There is no difference worldwide when one looks at “All Cause Mortality” This has been shown everywhere, yet Governments persist.

        Why you ask? Because that have signed a treaty with the UN. They are essentially obligated to their agreement.

        What is used by the ANC to support its political policies? Covid19 and the tool is two fold. Numbers called “Cases” based on a PCR that cannot determine anything. All it does is look for a fragment of a sequence that is based on a protocol. It is unreliable in terms of establishing infection. Because it is non-binary and relies upon formulas with arbitrary thresholds of magnification. It doesn’t reliably distinguish between positive or negative. What if the protocol is defective or deliberately contrived?

        (SARS-CoV-1) 2003 and now SARS-CoV-2 were never isolated. The Government and all other Governments have relied on the WHO who used a defective paper The Corman-Drosten paper to create a testing protocol. This has been challenged by leading experts form a number of fields.

        Why would they do this? Simple look at the objective. It is clear. The head of the UN said it and it was repeated by Ramaphosa.

        “Guterres called the pandemic a defining moment for modern society, saying the history will judge the efficacy of the response not by the actions of any single set of government actors taken in isolation, but by the degree to which the response is coordinated globally across all sectors for the benefit of our human family. With the right actions, the COVID-19 pandemic can mark the beginning of a new type of global and societal cooperation, Guterres said.” This crisis is bringing strong sentiment for globalism and UN control to the fore.

        IRR John Kane Berman said this. There is little reason to suppose that Cyril Ramaphosa has lost his appetite for any of this. He recently declared that Covid-19 “gives a stronger rationale to transform and restructure” the “colonial and racist economy”. His main job is to lend the whole transformation enterprise a face of respectability for the benefit of all those in business and the media who are still willing to be deceived

        Why does no one belive or realise what the intention is?

        Back to the issue.
        The protocol was published even before any real virus isolate became available. It was based on in silico (theoretical) sequences of the viral genome. To date no validation has been performed by the authorship based on isolated SARS-CoV-2 viruses or full-length RNA. It was guesswork based on the Na Zhu – A Novel Coronavirus From PatientsWith Pneumonia in China,2019 (2020 Feb 20;382(8):727-733).
        I refer you to a very pertinant German Article – “Leading corona researchers admit that they have no scientific evidence for the existence of a virus” Here is the link. Yes, It is last year bur still relevent. I can send you the English Translation.

        Another very recent report says the following.
        University of Toronto, McMaster University, Sunnybrook HSC & Mount Sinai Hospital have no record of “COVID-19 virus” isolation-

        • One thing has recently occured to me
          Over 3 million PCR tests have been run, with a ‘positive’ result rate of around 27%
          3 million is surely a representative sample of the entire population, which means that by such testing protocols, we have closer to 15 million ‘cases’ in South Africa.
          With around 30,000 deaths ascribed to Covid 19, this yeilds a true ‘Case Mortality Rate’ of around 0,2%, not 3% to 5% as is being touted by the authorities.

          Hardly a life and death struggle absolutely necessitating the destroction of the economy, and the livelihoods of millions, as the only inescapable option available to (ineffectively) mitigate it.

    • Oh please dude, just grow up and get over this reflexive covid denialism. I know motivated reasoning is a strong force. We all *want* this whole thing not to be real, but you can’t give in to the desire to believe it just because you want it to be true.

      • Because you want to now respond with the typical chant of “denialism” in order to satify your belief system if fine with me.

        The evidence is clear. There are now many institutions that have clearly reponded under FOIA that they in fact have no isolate.

        I will name then for you if you wish, and if you would like the link to their written response I will gladly provide that to.

        Now, other than what you hear in the Main Stream media and Propaganda outlets of Big Pharma and the daya to Government claims of “cases”, where is the any evidence from pathologists where they have found this so named disease?

        How many funerals have you been to? How is it that there are so many medical staff that cant get employment at these overloaded hospitals?

        Then I would ask you to please provide the information where in fact this the purification and isolation has been proven.

        And if you are so convinced explain how this is a disater with an overall noninstitutionalized infection fatality rate of just 0.26%* and with a survival rate of over 99%.
        *Annals of Internal Medicine September 2, 2020 DOI: 10.7326/M20-5352

        So “Dude” wake up and smell the coffee and provide the evidence.

  4. Valid argument made by John? His two postings are complete hogwash and based on hearsay, thumb sucking, low impact and low quality references, lots of conspiracy theories, sweeping generalities and just a shuffling of words. So all the country’s top infectious disease specialists, pathologists, intensivists, molecular virologists are according to John and his supporters complete palookas. The world’s highest impact medical and scientific journals are publishing peer-reviewed articles on a daily basis confirming the authenticity of the SARS-CoV-2 and its devastating effects on society globally. If you can believe the virus does not exist and a vaccine is not necessary, you will believe the earth is flat.

    I have always thought that readers of The Daily Friend are part of the thinking class, but the responses to the two articles by Anthea Jeffery and Sara Gon (which I thought were well written and insightful) were shocking and disappointing. But then again, it is now well accepted that if a person believes in a conspiracy theory, no amount of reasoning will change their mind. So to try and win the argument is an exercise in futility. Furthermore, conspiracy theorists and believers have a certainly personality profile – they are always available and amenable to suck it all up. They believe it all – new world order to control everyone, microchipping, 5G, vaccine denialists, the flat earth society, illuminati and more. Thank you Marco and Lloyd St John Macklin for a few sentences of sanity. I am profoundly disillusioned by some of the postings I’ve read by people who clearly know nothing about the topic but wants to tell the medical profession how to control this pandemic.

    • Dear Moritz,
      I have been a medical docter for 52 years and a pathologist for 35 years.
      Please refer to the “Principals and Practice of INFECTIOUS DISEASEs” by Mandell, Douglas & Bennet.
      It is well known that all sorts of virus like particles can bud of from cells which has been subjected to multiple passage of mammalian cells in vitro which could not be primarily observed in the original cell by, up to date, our best microscopic resolution afforded to us by the electron microscope.
      In 1965 Tyrell & Bynoe “discovered” a new novel RNA virus after multiple above mentioned IN VITRO passage of a patient’s nasal discharge with flu like symptoms, which they THEN coined Corona virus due to it’s peculiar appearance.
      For the past 55 years, nobody has been successful in demonstrating the virus in a primary living cell or otherwise, compared to DNA viruses or bacteria which can be primarily observed in a patient’s cel under even the mundane “light microscope”.
      So it is intelligent deductive guesswork at best to state that the virus has been “observed”, but that unfortunately is the state of the art of Medicine.
      If this will not convince you that John’s statement is correct whether you like it or not, nothing will.

      • Thank you John Doe.
        Your opinion is most appreciated.
        I don’t have your knowledge or acumen.
        I think many people have been trapped into a position based on hype and number games. The media today is very powerful.
        It is very difficult to change a postion unless you are entirely honest with yourself.
        The other issue is they think that consenus opinion is how things are resolved scientifically. A groupthink problem. That seems to be Moritz’s position from his assertions.

        He needs to realise that many advisors to Gov are in those positions by virtue of being employed or contracted in return for a compensation. It would be considered a betrayal if they do not support the position of the employer.
        So I look for other opinions too. I have very sceptic view on any Government argument. Especially with the track record of this one. There is an old addage. The more excited governments are about something, the less likely it is to be true.
        The response of this Government is absurd. Which caring Gov destroys is economy based on other countries positions. There is obviously something behind this agenda and it stinks.

        There are few that go agaist consensus for fear of ridicule. We see this becoming a big issue and people are being censored and censured.
        I fear neither as I have nothing to gain. I don’t work for government or anyone else.
        So I would say to him read again what Guterres and Ramaphosa stated and then look at the decalarations of the WEF under Klaus Schwaab.

        Then consider the vaccine issue to vaccinate people when there is more chance of being killed in an aircraft accident. The survival and recovery rate exceeds 99.6%. Why on earth would one consider that. The ask the question qui bono.

        The current argument of this Government is the same argument bieng used worldwide The “science”. Yet there is more and more evidence that they do not follow the sience.
        The laws and restrictions are far worse that the possible effect or harms of the virus. That is abundently clear.
        Because it has been made law to wear a mask does not mean that it is correct or true. It has been shown scientifically that do not help. It is bieng used as a too to enforce compliance and force compliance.
        Laws are only repected when they are fair, this one is being shown to be a farce.
        I am going to reference the article by Dr Stefan Lanka for people to read Its called The Virus Misconception- It is an eye opener.
        Here is my e-mail for people who would like a free copy in PDF if they cannot locate it. They are most welcome to mail me.

    • Moritz, can you tell me which country has had way more deaths from Covid-19 in 2020 than the normal yearly seasonal flu?

  5. I know it is an awful temptation to follow “authority” but after 27 years of lying why are there still so many willing to follow the codswallop dished up by government ? Go take your vaccine and turn into a machine. At the vey least try and look at what else is being said. If thats too difficult ask a simple question how is asia keeping its death so low? Do bear in mind pathologists are unable to determine chinese flu caused death. And if that is too difficult go to and learn how to make your own cure (one of many) in case you dont get your vaccine on time. Sheep. Dont keep a sheep dog for a pet.

  6. Can someone please explain how and why there were simulated exercises conducted on the Corona Virus Pandemic in 2009? If that’s not a conspiracy…..

  7. Vaccines in general have very negative side effects. Sometimes lethal, often detrimental to our organs and brain and always toxic to our immune systems. It may have a suppressing effect on an illness but harms just about everything else in our bodies.
    The Covid-19 vaccine has not been tested properly which is why numerous people have already died and been seriously affected by it. The media and Big Pharma medical industry won’t tell you this. It takes many years to properly test any vaccine which makes this vaccine lethal. It is also far from normal. Nanoparticles within the vaccine allow ones genes to be manipulated and also allow 24 hour surveillance and tracking.
    This whole Plandemic hoax is not about a virus at all. It’s about complete control of the human race.
    This is not a conspiracy. It’s fact.

  8. Jeffie anything you find too complicated to understand and have scant knowledge said by anyone automatically they are a Trump Supporter? and Moritz what stone did you crawl out from under? and you are clearly someone who knows everything about Covid 19. So Mortiz entertain all of us by taking John’s response and dissect it piece by piece and show us where John is talking hogwash. And then I maybe ”profoundly impressed” with your intellect.

  9. I also know some people in deniel like Moritz who rather stuck there heads in the sand but still show my “intelligence”. John you are 100% .

    This so-called dangerous virus suddenly appear in Wuhan 2 weeks before the meeting between Trump and the Chinese. Moritz should do I thorough investigation and he can listen what Bill Gates said himself about depopulation.

    Since this virus appeared nobody died of seasonal flu or other deceased.

    Moritz you are so brainwashed. NWO is a reality. Don’t be afraid. Do your investigation.

  10. I think by blaming the ravaging of our economy on corona and the governments failure to provide vaccine is naive at least. The devastation resulted from years of rifling the coffers and exacerbated by the unconstitutional lockdown, as unsung hero Reyno de Beer proved in court. Vaccination will not alleviate this sad state as they have already said vaccinated people would still have to remain in lockdown with masks, and spike mutatations on corona can nullify effectiveness of vaccine. Think of all the income from PCR and other tests, R1000 a time! An opportunity not be missed! No mention is made of TB and HIV whose death toll is ten fold, or cadiac disease, diabetes etc, whose treatment has has deeply suffered from the unhealthy focus on this unremarkable virus.

  11. IMHO, the ANC has already stated that the vaccine is required to stop the virus. So, the only way to de-fang the ANC from further ruinous lockdowns, is to be vaccinated. Their excuse for continuing to exercise dictator-like powers, is the virus. Take away that “sleepy blanket” by vaccinating. If we don’t, the ANC will kill us all by starvation. I understand that some people are suspicious of the vaccine, or probably more precisely, it’s long term effects, given there is no data on that. But one thing is for sure, if we let the ANC stomp all over the economy under cover of this pandemic as a way of furthering its aim of RET, the country will go into free fall very shortly. The private sector must ignore the government’s attempt to centralize vaccine purchases under its control, and just buy it for distribution in SA just as is done with the flu shot every year. Then those that want it, can buy it, and those who don’t, don’t.

  12. Al these posts filled with conspiracy theories- only one theory resonates with me:
    Why haven’t our ANC leaders/ ministers ensured that we get the vaccine in sufficient quantities and at the right cost?
    Simple – what in it for the boys. PPE, Denel, Eskom, Transnet, Prasa where all excellent platforms to loot but the pharmaceutical companies refused to do business on the ANC’s terms and we all know what those terms are!

  13. It’s clear the communist/socialist ANC wants to ‘control’ everything, including the acquisition of vaccines, most probably so that somewhere down the line they can make a quick buck for themselves.The usual corruption story.
    Their abysmal track record reveals whatever they are involved in fails dismally (bankrupt economy, bankrupt SOE’s and maladministered/failed municipalities are just three examples). The visionary NHI is also doomed for failure, likely to become another slush fund for ANC corruption/looting/theft.
    I propose that many of these replies/comments etc. are posted overseas for the world to be informed of the evil forces the country is up against.

  14. One mistake I think you made: the virus disproportionately kills dependants (particularly terminal dependants, i.e. pensioners), not providers. That changes the “lost lives lead to lost livelihoods” calculus somewhat.

  15. Some may find this very interesting too.

    Meanwhile back in South Africa a new shocker came to light in a TV channel live stream on Tuesday 12 January 2021.
    This was a discussion with an Expert panel of Dr Beate Setzer, Dr Tros Bekker and Fahie Hassan unwrapping Covid19 issues in South Africa. It is long approx. 2 Hrs and starts from 2.21. The part about Karim starts about 1h.20mins.

    How about this conflict of Interest!

    Dr Salim Abdul Karim is the head of the South African government’s coronavirus advisory panel is a director in the WHO and is on the payroll of Moderna.
    He was director of the South African medical Research Council when Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation made a hefty donation to the Council.
    We also know that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2009 funded a task team on the who was advising the ANC Government of the NHI National Health Insurance System.
    Dr Abdool Karim is Chair of the UNAIDS Scientific Expert Panel, WHO’s HIV Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee. as well as the WHO TB-HIV Task Force. He serves on the Boards of several journals.

    Moderna is part of GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunization), “Gavi’s impact draws on the strengths of its core partners, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”. This is all part of the UN 2030 THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.

    In a recent press report in TimesLive, Prominent epidemiologist Professor Salim Abdool Karim, who is advising government’s response to Covid-19, said on Monday night that while SA had done well to flatten the curve of new infections, there was still a likely spike in cases coming.
    “Can SA escape the worst of this epidemic? Is the exponential spread avoidable? The answer is that it is very, very unlikely. Put simply: no, we cannot escape this epidemic,” he said.

    Now why would we expect him to be honest and say anything to the contrary? He is a bought and paid advisor for the Government.

    He is there on behalf of the WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to ensure South African Ministers are well rewarded for thier loyalty to the UN & WHO and WEF.

    If anyone still has not realised yet how & why “flatten the curve” became “flatten the economy”, they need to go for some counciling at their local shrink.


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