Donald J. Trump’s presidency was, as he would say, a tremendous success until it wasn’t. Misunderstanding his success, many could also misunderstand his failure.

In January 2020 Donald Trump was well poised to win re-election. Domestically the US economy was growing at over 2% and unemployment was at its lowest level since 1969. Globally, the US corralled most of its NATO allies into greater military spending, drove a hard line against Beijing, and achieved concrete steps of rapprochement between the Arabian and Mediterranean seas while turning the screws on Tehran.

But there was always another, global, more ambiguous “success story” in Trump’s grand narrative. He drove many of his opponents into political insanity, to the wild delight of his base. Trump’s ability to create media storms and weather them, while drowning opponents, was without precedent in 21st century America. This elemental edge was key to his genuine successes too.

Probably no one understood this better than Victor Davis Hanson, one of the US’s most respected Ancient and military historians, who literally wrote The Case for Trump in 2019. The argument is long but can be distilled into a cinematographic recollection of the Country Western trope.


A small town is ruined by gangsters in cahoots with a corrupt or cowardly sheriff, the priest jitters, women wail for the dead, men grumble and do nothing. Enter the Outsider, who introduces himself by spitting into the dust. This place is a mess. A sound like gravel slouching uphill clanks through the wind, he spits again. This place is a real goddamn mess, but deep down the people are good.

To fix it the hero gets filthy. He exposes hypocrisy and decadence, but that requires going to the odd brothel first. He chases the crooked sheriff out of town, but that requires telling a few lies.

This antihero Outsider breaks rules, breaks noses, and then shoots holes through the gang’s brains, through wooden walls, and through every window in town. Rickety saloons come tumbling down. Gasps echo through the plain. Mothers hold their daughters back, fathers warn their sons not to be like that, but furtively the town loves its saviour even while half of it comes crashing on their heads.

In the grand climax the hero takes a blow, but shoots back at the gang leader, on the high street, through the neck, so the villain will bleed out to the sound of the townsfolk’s hisses. Begone.

Then comes the iconic dénouement, which you know even before you’ve seen it. The hero rides off into the sunset.

Antiheroes end off

Hanson’s point was that this American sense of an ending moves people precisely because there is tragedy in triumph, the departure is involuntary. Like an undertaker, the “tragic hero” strikes relief only in silhouette when you see the back of him. Until then his refusal, or inability, to act according to the norms of peacetime makes people uneasy. The hero leaves as an outcast, “begone”. The sunset is where he belongs, not here.

Years ago, Hanson saw Trump to be such a figure, a norm-breaking streetfighter of the airwaves that America would love as long as they needed him to humiliate their decadent, plutocratic, political aristocracy from on high, after which he would be ejected, self-righteously and ungratefully, even by those who once worshipped him earlier.

In a bar in Melville in January 2020, when Trump was peaking, an ardent fan described Trump’s appeal more crudely thus.

“My children think they are very sophisticated because they drink cap-poo-chee-no and love underdogs and antiheroes like the guy who sells crystal meth to pay for his chemotherapy [a reference to the character Walter White in the series, Breaking Bad]. But I know the real antihero of this world. Donald Trump. Trump will grab any pussy by the ballhairs, no matter how much of a big deal they are and twist it ‘til they squeal. They are shrieking even now. Russiagate! Ukrainegate! Orange Hitler! Racist, racist, racist! And while they go mad, he runs the world. It’s brilliant.”

“But what” I asked, “if Trump gets so caught up driving the other side mad that he goes mad too?”

“Then we have a problem.”


Reading Hanson’s columns and listening to his podcasts and speeches through the years of Trump’s administration one theme emerged clearly. If Trump was going to self-destruct it would be through “whining”.

Aesthetically whining does not fit the image of a pragmatist maverick who does what it takes whatever people think. Politically, whining threw Trump off the scent of real problems and degraded some of his support base into a circle of conspiracies as reckless as Russiagate. The final danger was that a tiny minority of his supporters would take his whining so seriously that they would break the law to try make him feel better.

Whining, in the end, proved to be Trump’s downfall. A proper adult would have told protestors to be wary of violence, to keep the peace, and apply pressure for investigation through words, not force. A proper adult in his position would have condemned protestors unambiguously once they breached and broke parts of Capitol Hill. A proper adult would have put the nation before his own ego. A proper adult would know how to look in the mirror and say, “Sorry, you lost”.

Trump did none of that. He went from acting the “bad boy” to playing crybaby, whining about how unfair it is that he got more votes than his advisors said he would need but still not enough to win.

Unlike the war generals Hanson evoked in earlier years, William Tecumseh Sherman, George Patton, and Curtis LeMay, Donald Trump wielded too much power to break rules right through without also breaking his own legacy. That is because his power was not just executive, but also symbolic. His final test, the symbolic acceptance of defeat, came and he failed. Then he stood by while great symbols of value were ruined in his name.

Unlike the great war generals Hanson evoked Trump also ultimately lacked the perspective to appreciate the significance of life after death. Brave soldiers never make the mistake of thinking it all ends with them.

But Trump did exactly that. His shadow will outreach his life, and possibly yours and mine too. Capitol Hill was taken for nearly a month in Seattle, but that will be long forgotten while people still remember the day the Capitol was breached. Trump has broken the norms of high office, broken himself, littering the path between his supporters and their best interests with the shards of an exploded presidency. He has become that age old thing, the man is his own worst enemy.

His former allies must pick up the pieces. To do that will require letting him go, “go home, and go home in peace” off into the sunset.

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  1. I love VDH, thanks for the opinion piece. I think Trump ended up loosing because he did not take seriously the left’s intent and desperateness. For example, he continued using solely using Twitter and did not mirror his tweets to other (already banned) sites like Gab – until they inevitably deplatformed him as well – when it was already to late. He did not heed the warnings when Big Tech started censoring some of his most ardent supporters from 2016. His senator’s congretional hearings with Big Tech was all bark and no bite, despite Big Tech CEO’s blatantly lying to senators. Trump thought he could contain and even steer the left’s and globalist’s desperation. What he did not realise was they were NOT going to let 2016 happen again, by hook or by crook. What the left and globalist do not realise perhaps, and here is the silver lining, is that they needed Trump to survive as well. Twitter started haemorrhaging almost immediately after Trump got banned. In the past week there was a massive (up till now unreported) shift away from mainstream messaging services to alt tech like Telegram. I do not now how the main stream media are going to sell there stories without Trump. In a way, the Joker needs his Batman to be relevant.

  2. Oh dear, another sufferer of TDS.
    What rules did Trump break. Have you forgotten that the impeachment failed. Hello… are you still with us?
    You watch too much CNN Angel Gabriel.
    How bout this for some cud Gabie,
    On September 24, 2018, during the Kavanaugh hearings the Democrats took over the Hart Senate Building and State Capitol buildings and were told it was beautiful. ”
    “RIGHT NOW: Large crowd of activists & allies in black are occupying the Hart Senate building to make sure our lawmakers know we will NOT be silenced. We need our senators to step up to the plate — Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination must be withdrawn. ”
    But is all Trumps fault. Its always someone else’s fault except when it comes to Trump.
    I was going to add some the 125 Trump successes in his 4 years but you won’t like them becasue your belief blinds you.

    • TDS Level 5. DJT’s only problem is that he did not appreciate how devious the Deep State could and would be.
      I believe Trump did win. It constantly amazes me how many commentators drank the MSM Kool-Aid of him making “unsubstantiated claims” that the election was stolen. No matter what he or his supporters said, no matter how it was presented, it was dismissed out of hand as being “unsubstantiated”.
      The only reason he won in 2016 was the political hacks who run the Deep State were caught unawares. They believed their own fiction that he couldn’t win. They did set up a steal for Hillary, like they have countless decades, but underestimated trump’s appeal.
      This time they oiled and fine tuned the steal machine from day one.
      If my assumption is that he did in fact win the legal vote my a landslide, then the USA is setting up the groundwork for its own demise, or at least the demise of the current order. That why Democracy evolved. to prevent the minority ruling the majority.
      Interesting times lie ahead

  3. I forgot to add this piece that no one is talking about. In South Africa you would most probaly be charged for this word.

    Excerpted from Lew Rockwell.
    Of course Rush is Rush Limbaugh.

    Rush then played the words of a from Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) this past
    Monday saying exactly that, even proclaiming that future Trumps should be handcuffed
    and hauled off to prison for even contemplating doing “what Trump did.” They should be
    treated “like Negroes,” said Congressman Johnson, so that no one would ever be able to
    do what Trump has done in the past four years, i.e., speak the truth about the phony,
    corrupt, stupid, immoral, lying, deceiving, greedy pigs in Washington like Congressman
    Hank Johnson.

    This form a Democrat the “N” word. No one at Daily Friend noticed this of course, the Focus is on Trump… all noses in the hole Trmup has dug.

    • TRUMP WAS THE ONE TO “SPEAK THE TRUTH’! Oh man, that’s good. And we are supposed to believe all your other fantasies?

      • Not sure if that comment was directed at me Pieter Schoombe.
        However I will try to help you. I’ll write and spell it out for you.
        Nothing difficult.
        No simple just use your brain.
        It may be difficult for you to grasp. But there are plenty of people out there who can help you.

        It’s declared that President Trump won 74 million votes. No one is accusing him of any voter fraud, in fact, Democrats are saying that there was no fraud. So up to here we agree.

        There are 213.8 million registered voters in the United States and the voter turnout across the country was about 66.2%. This equals 141.5 million voters who voted this year. Do we still agree?

        Ok…what’s 141.5M – 74M =? The answer is 67.5M. That’s how many possible votes remained.
        Now Dems claim Joe Biden won 81 million votes. How is that possible?

        So how on earth does Joe Biden have another 13 million votes on top of that number?

        Oh but the American System of States.
        America is 50 states. Less deduct the 9 contested states.= 41
        Trump won 25 Biden 16.
        Those states house 2974 counties.
        Even with the “votes in question” Trump won 2496, Biden on 477
        Joe Biden won 81 million votes. But get this, he only won 477 counties
        Trump won 84% of America, Biden “won” 16%.

        Lets go back when Odrama won a landslide.
        President Obama won the election in 2008 with 69 million votes. This was massive! When he won that election, he only won 873 counties
        to get that 69 million votes.We’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden won an extra 12 million votes on top of what President Obama did in his historic election with almost half of the number of countries that Obama had?

        You still think there was no fraud?

  4. Trump could have been a great president if it was not for his aggressive, abrasive, obnoxious personality.

    • As far as I am concerned Trump was a great president. Trumps opponents – the Democrats (actually a coalition of socialists, communists, wokists and BLM0 and their supporting structures, the main stream media – TV stations and most newspapers, never accepted that Trump won the election Because Trumps victory was razor thin and only realized after a recount in Florida, they purported that it was stolen and they waged and unremitting war against Trumps presidency. They tried twice to impeach him on trumped up charges, everything he did was criticized and even demonized, yet Trump managed to grow the economy, and various other things previous administration always failed to achieve. Trump himself as demonized and harassed, his administration was undermined by democrat controlled states who refused to act against the BLM riots and again when he wanted to put an end to it he was accused of being a dictator. The double standards are mindboggling.
      I see many parallels between the way Trump was treated by the liberal left and the former NP regime in South Africa was treated by the same liberal left crowd. Nothing good is ever acknowledged, only negative and bad things are spread around on a daily basis. The Nats eventually grew not just tired but world weary and threw in the towel. Trump’s patience wore thin and he resorted to street fighting. Now everybody has 20/20 vision as to how he should have acted, be more statesmanlike. Well we will see how statesmanlike Joe Biden will be and when he caves in under pressure during his presidency we will see how Kamala Harris upholds the rule of law and democracy.
      It did not work out quite that well in Seffrica either.

      • I expect once the Trump haters see what Biden and his handlers issue in, their hatred for Trump will be toned down, and we will even have many of them denying that they ever hated Trump.

        • True Believers (TM) in Biden will not change their views whatever he does. It will forever remain “Trump’s Fault”.

    • His personality is just New Yorker. There’s a reason why his tweets and videos and rallies all had to be moderated and memory-holed: They do not contain what you are told they contain. The main problem is that Trump is not a RINO, he brought is own money to the White House and he did not care for the dynasties of the Bushes and the Clintons. Look at the people opposing him now. It’s the same people who sold Dominion voting machines to anyone with the money to cough up. It’s the same people who literally stole the cutlery out of the White House. It’s the same people who turned a blind eye when money comes in from China, because their own money comes in from Russia. They have no ideology, they have no soul, they have no conscience. They’re all career politicians, who only see green and are more than happy to be the Ronald McDonald standing in front looking like a literally clown while not asking too many questions about how the burgers are made. Trump is the first president since Jimmy Carter not to start a war. Biden can’t even wash his dog and he’s already stepping on toes in Iran. Warmongers want their money. Trump had a dream, Obama had a drone.

  5. Trump has made Nixon look positively angelic. As a centre-right conservative, I would have pegged my nose and voted for Biden, regardless of his ideological leanings just to return stability to the governance and constitution of the US. I dislike the Left and their rampage through the institutions, but I do not hate them enough to justify self-harm, hysteria and loss of dignity on a mass scale. He has destroyed the Republican Party in the process. I may be wrong, but the Republicans will now be split between the constitutionalists and the anarchists (Trump enabled) for the foreseeable future. Serious, adult leadership has to come to the fore to rescue the Republicans.

    • If he destroyed the Republican Party, then he just destroyed the Democrats from the previous election. At least, it’s the same ideology.

    • @Patrick – thus in order not to be ashamed, you would vote for Biden?

      Ever heard of cut your nose to spite your face? lol

  6. Gabriel

    In Trump’s speeches he repeatedly asked for peaceful and patriotic protest and for people to cheer on Congress.

    Did you watch his speech or just CNN’s version of it?

    Hundreds of thousands of protestors did exactly what he asked for and a handful did not – literally a handful. The cop now being turned into a hero simply told the guys to leave the building and, guess what, they left.

    A coup? That’s laughable, especially as many protestors were simply let into the building and wondered around like tourists!!

    Trump let himself down by employing people who were dead-set against him, and I really thought he was more organised than he pretended to be. He saw the steal coming and did not appreciate the power he wielded to do something about it.

    So yes, a flawed man but one of the USA’s best presidents ever. As for China Joe, expect North Korea to rise again, Iran to get nukes, and China to take Taiwan while the USA does nothing.

    Endless wars are back Gabriel, China (run by the most genocidal regime in all of human history) is ascendant again.

  7. One of Trumps tactics was to divide – using dismissive, win-lose, rude, bullying rhetoric. A terrible example. So people don’t talk with each other to understand, accommodate, learn, find common ground or a common humanity, bridge differences. Rather it is to deepen divides using abusive, ‘violent’ language. Sad that so many follow this example. It’s reflected in the comments on this article.
    Bollas in his reasoned analysis of what has happened to societies over the past couple of hundred years (Meaning and melancholia: life in the age of bewilderment) refers to “hate-based solutions” – that are not really solutions.

    • He learnt from hate-based Democrats and gave it right back to them. “Let’s blow up the White House.” “When they are on their knees, then kick them.” “When last did an actor kill a President?” “Hound them in the street. In the restaurants. In their own houses.” “Trump won because of the despicables.” There are many more examples.

  8. Eduan Liebenberg Naude skryf hierdie interessante opmerkings oor Trump en Biden, en dit sal gepas wees as Beeld sy lesers respekteer deur nie gebalanseerde kommentaar te lewer nie:


    Dit het aanvanklik van die begin van die afgelope vier jaar, politiek-geamuseer hoe die oorgrote meerderheid, veral Suid Afrikaners, met emosie belaaide, lukrake haat-retoriek en blatante leuens op hol gaan, soos ‘n bobbejaan met ‘n mielie!

    Wanneer dit by Donald Trump kom, bestaan daar amper nie ‘n afbrekende of beledigende woord in enige taal wat nog nie teen hom gebruik is nie …

    Kom ons wees sommer uit die staanspoor duidelik oor Biden. Hy is ongetwyfeld korrup, is ‘n leuenaar, kafoefel owerspelig-bedrieglik met China en ly waarskynlik aan dementia. Uit ‘n polities-analitiese oogpunt het hy in sy 47 jaarlange politieke loopbaan absoluut niks gedoen wat sy Amerikaans-demokratiese loopbaan enigsins enige waarde of kleur gegee het nie. Die rekords spel baie duidelik uit dat hy in die politieke skadu’s rondgesluip het en sy glibberige ‘sleepsel’ duik sigbaar by etlike situasies op wat die nugter wenkbrou laat lig …

    As mens so kyk na die lukrake kritiek wat oor Donald Trump uitgaan, dan wonder mens hoe daar enige goeie oordeel kan bestaan in die twee alternatiewes wat daar was en is … die kekkelende-korrupte-oorlog vraat, Hillary, en die dogtertjie ‘betaster’ Biden, dan verkies mens dat die wat hulle verkies, se ondersteuning eerder by diesulkes bly, want by verstandelik gesonde oordeel sal dit nooit kan inpas nie … mens sal ‘n baie sterk politieke ontsmettingsmiddel byderhand moet hê om die liberale virus te kan akkommodeer
    Maar, wat het Trump dan die afgelope vier jaar verrig?

    Die “arrogante egoïs” in die Withuis, het vier Midde Oosterse Vredes Ooreenkomstes bewerkstellig … iets wat die 71 jaar Politieke intervensie van sy voorgangers nie kon regkry nie.

    Die “Hanswors” in die Withuis is die eerste Amerikaanse president, sedert Eizenhower, wat nie in ‘n buitelandse oorlog betrokke geraak het nie.

    Die “rassis” in die Withuis het die grootste impak op die Amerikaanse ekonomie gehad – hy het werk geskep en werkloosheid onder die Latyns-Amerikaanse en Neger bevolkingsgroepe drasties verminder … meer as enige president voor hom

    Die “leuenaar” in die Withuis het die diepgaande, wydverspreide, lang staande korrupsie in die FBI, die CIA, die NSA en in die Demokratiese sowel as die Republikeinse Partye, oopgekrap en openbaargemaak.

    Die “idioot” in die Withuis, het NAVO laat omswaai, sodat hulle die fondse betaal wat hulle skuld.

    Die “gek” in die Withuis het die Noord Koreane neutraliseer en hul missiele oor Japan, wat die Amerikaanse Weskus bedreig het, stopgesit.

    Die “vreemdelingehater” in die Withuis het Amerika se verhouding met China omgeswaai en het honderde besighede en besigheid terug na Amerika gebring en die ekonomie so opgetel.

    Dieselfde “hanswors” het Amerika se belasting verminder, die standaard terugbetaling op die IRP van getroude paartjies van $12,000 na $24,000 verhoog en veroorsaak dat die aandelebeurs tot rekord hoogtes gestyg het, wat ‘n positiewe impak op, in die 10 miljoene burgers se aftree pakkette gehad het.

    Die “hanswors” het die ontwikkeling van verskillende COVID entstowwe aangeblaas, terwyl daar tot vandag toe geen entstowwe vir SARS, Voël Griep, Ebola, en ‘n hele rits siektes, wat gedurende die vorige presidensiële termyne ontstaan het, is nie.

    Die “Hanswors” in die Withuis het in sy eerste jaar op kantoor, 214 sleutel Generaals en Admiraals die trekpas gegee en dit ‘onderskraag’ met ‘n positiewe opbou van die Amerikaanse weermag, wat gebreklik gelaat is deur die Obama Administrasie.
    Dit is duidelik … julle hou nie van hom nie! Baie van julle haat en verag hom. Hoe edel van julle!

    Wat doen julle, behalwe om hom bespotlike name te noem en lag omdat hy die Chinese virus opgedoen het? Baie het seker gehoop dat die COVID ‘Pandemie’ sy ontydige val sou veroorsaak het …
    Aha, die verdraagsame denke en filosofie van die linkse en liberale denke.

    Help my met julle rasionele en superieure insig en denke … onderrig my in julle akkurate analitiese vooruitskouing oordeel … help my asseblief weer reg met wat Biden in sy 47 jaar op kantoor vir Amerika gedoen het, behalwe die verryking van sy eie familie? Terloops, waar is Hunter?

    Ek kies enige dag die “hanswors” in plaas van ‘n korrupte, gladde bek, korrupte huigelaar-leuenaar. Ek verkies ‘n sterk leier, wat nie huiwer of bang is om gat te skop wanneer dit nodig is nie. Ek soek nie ‘n ‘vaderlike figuur’ of bewerige ‘oupa’ wat die dogtertjies ‘beloer’ nie!

    Ek soek nie iemand wat vir eie gewin blatant lieg nie – Dit is Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CNN en New York Times en hul lib keuse se werk!

    Tog is daar in die Suid Afrikaanse liberale denkrigting ‘n patroon wat die politieke maatstawwe en oordeel van ons meerderheid met die van Amerika laat ooreenstem. Trump se welige blonde kuif en egoïstiese styl is die katalisator vir die antagonisme en spot – nie politieke realisme nie. Want, is dit nie waar dat ons meerderheid liberaliste die afgelope 50 jaar opeenvolgend vir bleskoppe gestem het wat Biden se karaktertrekke en diensvaardigheid openbaar het nie?

    • Bravo Eduan. So very true. Translate into English please. Thanx for sharing Chris. But Gabriel is right. DT was his own worst enemy.

    • Chris, Bravo ‘n baie goeie opsomming van die waarheid. Ek kan net aan n addisionele voordeel vir die VSA se mense onder sy gewese leiding dink en dit is dat hy die massiewe bydrae wat die VSA elke jaar vir die WHO hansworse gegee het, gestop het, in vergelyking met hoe min Chnia gegee het en die feit dat die WHO die meeste van die fondse vir China met die hudige erg griep met die naam Covid gegee het.
      Ekself het nooit van Trump as persoon gehou nie (te baaspelerig, te “in your face”, te beledigend, ens), maar hy is al “politikus” in die wereld wat as hy iets belowe het, dit wel vinnig gedoen gekry het.
      Selfs die ANC het 24 jaar gevat om die RSA is sy huidiglik haglike toestand ekonomies, infrastruktureel, korrupte staatsdiens instansies, ens te laat veval – en soos die gesegdes vertel “You ain’t seen nothing yet” vir wat hul nog hier in die RSA gaan vermorsel – ek bejammer wel die arme VSA se inwoners met die oorgrote korrupsie tydens hul stemmery, maar is baie meer besorg oor wat in die RSA aan die gang is en wat nog gaan kom.
      Wakker word mense want sonder enige eiendom (huis, motor, skilderye, werk, besigheid, voldoende mediese fondse, private hospitale, tekort aan produktiewe boere in die toekoms, ens) gaan ons almal in toue moet staan om n aalmoes vanaf SASSA (nog korrupsie) te probeer ontvang.
      Behalwe vir voedsel werk ek tans op n ruilarbeidskema wat geen addisionele persoonlike belasting behels nie, i.e. jy maak my yskas reg en ek maak jou PC reg in ruil of ek skryf n program vir jou of algoritme of iets dergelyks en jy sorg dat iemand in my tuin kom werk vir n tydperk – geen belasbare inkomste en dus geen belastinggeld wat op korrupte maniere verkwis/gesteel kan word nie.
      Toe Chrysler/GMC (?) ‘n paar dekades terug in diegemors was, het hul Lee Iaocca (?) gekry om hul maatskappy finansieel reg te ruk en hy het dit in rekordtyd gedoen, net om toe stabiel is, vir Lee die trekpas gegee – dieselfde het met Harley Davidson gebeur en nou ook met Trump.
      ‘Nuff said

  9. America be warned: you are going to be sorry that the socialist left managed to give you what they wished for

      • Pieter, waar sien jy Biden dan op hierdie skaal: humanis==>liberalis==>sosialis==>kommunis==>nazi-is?
        Duitsland was “heelregs” (wat eintlik heellinks polities-gesproke is)
        Rusland is kommunisties
        China, Venezuala, Frankryk en Noord-Korea is sosialisties (binnekort VSA ook dink ek?)
        Omtrent alle hoofstroommedia in die VSA (meeste TV, meeste Nuusmedia, meeste koerante, meeste “Hightech” maatskappye veral in Silcon Valley) is liberalisties.
        Holland/Nederland is humanisties.
        Onthou dat VSA se definisie van “Democrats” is eintlik “Liberalis” en regte Demokrate is “Patriots”.
        Maar in die RSA die IRR eintlik tussen humanis en liberalis.
        Eugene he geskryf: “…you are going to be sorry that the socialist left….” waarmee hy die “Democrats” wat met China heul en baie geld van hul af kry, bedoel – arme Biden weet nie eers of hy kom of gaan of reeds gegaan het nie – “totally clueless”.
        ‘Nuff said

      • No, he is a State Corporate Capitalist of the worst order, i.e. a Fascist.

        But he is just a disposable figurehead who will discarded once his dementia becomes worse.

      • Love him or hate him, at least with Trump you knew he was the guy in charge. And Biden? Well, at least you know that he’s not really in charge. It’s back to the old normal now. Warmongering military-industrial complex. Everything has its price and nothing has value.

  10. Trump is part of all the Madness going on in the world! It’s all a show and the sleeping sheep think that voting will make a difference. Get rid of all politicians if you want to change the world!

    • …Which will leave us with Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill gates, etc. to rule us even more! Or shall we just ask China (who still have politicians) to directly rule us?

      No thanks!

  11. I think this is all being prejudged while all the evidence is not in yet. I have seen videos and heard argument that the capital was breached by people other than the Trump supporters that were listening to him in front of the White House. I have been told that the first breaches into the capital were at 12:45 while Trump’s speech only ended at 1:10 and it takes 45 minutes to walk from one venue to the other.
    These are material facts and have been verified by articles from the New York Times. Ther was also an interesting interview with the Chief of Police on the Washington Post website.
    It would it will be interesting to see what comes out of the state legislator hearings when they investigate the election anomalies. I was also intrigued by the contents below.

    Time will tell, but eventually the truth will surface.

    • You are trying to exonerate Trump by insinuating that these instigators were not inflamed by his speech, because they could not have heard if they were already hot-footing to the Capitol. It does not matter if this violence started happening before or after his speech. As the convenor and organiser of this protest event, he bears the ultimate responsibility. They should have organised event marshals to keep the crowds disciplined and keep emotions in check, as any respectable political rally should have. Instead, anarchy was allowed to reign. When the violence had become evident for the whole world to see, even after the news of the fatal shooting, he was slow to condemn it and slow to ask his supporters to evacuate. His hatchet men in the White House were also dragging their feet in calling in the National Guard. You cannot disassociate Trump from these loons’ actions (which included amongst others, people carrying KKK flags – the pantomime setting up of a hanging gallows on the lawns is a reminder of the lynching past of the American South).

      The buck stops with Trump. If he had any honour, he would have resigned immediately. He has dishonoured the American constitution, he has furthered instability, he has broken up the respectable Republican party, for which he cares nothing, in the process and he has caused the loss of lives. He is a demagogue.

      • These guys were not instigated by Trump. They were instigated by evidence of widespread election fraud that was not heard by any court. They had no other avenue left. What’s more is the BLM and Antifa crowds have now normalised rioting and violence, and now those who are normally conservative and law-abiding on the otherwise have been demoralised to believe that their votes have been disenfranchised. Trump did not do this. Trump never called for a coup, nor did he call for violence. If you want to lay this at anyone’s door, consider the talking heads and ‘fact checkers’ that told you Trump called for violence, and then deletes his actual statements and videos. I saw those videos. I saw those statements before they disappeared. There was never any talk of a coup, or of staying in the White House with the aid of the military – nothing of the sort. It was dreamed up by Nancy Pelosi, who talks of ‘good morning, sunday morning’ mid sentence on TV and then wants to question the mental capacity of Donald Trump over the mental capacity of Joe Biden who can’t walk his dog without injuring himself.

        Watch all those RINOs in 2 years. The GOP is MAGA or bust at this stage, and it’s going to get worse with the Big Tech censorship confining anyone a little too right of far left to their own echo chambers.

        • While normally there is no excuse for ignorance in the infomration age, bear in mind that Big Tech platforms have colluded with big governments, and legacy media is also hanging on by a lifeline from big government. I do not blame anyone for drinking the orange man bad kool-aid.

          That being said, Trump’s videos are backed up on Gab TV now that he’s been deplatformed from all the Bit Tech platforms. That means those who missed it or relied on ‘fact checkers’ from Facebook can go and see for themselves that Trump unequivically did not call for violence at any point, nor did he call for storming the capital.

      • Patrick both Garg and James are 100% correct in what they say. I have seen some additional videos on different videos on Youtube which when I referred friends of mine to look at them, Youtube has removed them that support the 2 videos that James referred to.
        You obviously still think that there were no voting fraud – there were incredible masses of evidence that none of the courts in the USA wanted to even look at which proves that the rot in the USA or should I say, the Chinese infiltration of the FBI, CIA, major news media, high-tech Silicon Valley companies as well as both democrats and republicans were all compromised. You must learn to look from all angles and not just with a socialistically blinded eye to various new media.
        Wake up man.

        • Having read Anthea Jeffery’s “People’s War:…”, it clear to me that what is happening in the USA now is a more sophisticated version of the strategy and tactics the SACP/ANC used in SA during the late 1980/early 1990’s. The mainstream media is totally captured, you have a plethora of different pressure groups undermining the existing institutions in ways that look legit but don’t stand up to proper scrutiny, and a string of Kafka-esk show-trials dressed up as the Mueller Report and impeachments with televised struggle sessions in which the “reactionary” leaders are browbeaten into giving yes/no answers to complex questions. It’s infuriating and can only end badly for everybody but the elites, just as here in SA.

        • Well said Chris. I am constantly amazed at how many South Africans have swallowed the “orange man bad” rhetoric so uncritically. While I don’t know if I’d get on with him personally he was the first President in maybe a century or longer who actually wanted to put his country first and he seriously tried. He has been under the most immense pressure the last 4 years and I think he has made mistakes – as anyone would – as everyone does – and maybe he is his own enemy. That said, the blatant, smug hypocrisy of his enemies has been a revelation. There’s a swamp all right, but it was beyond one courageous man’s ability to drain it.

  12. Crouse makes an excellent point for consideration. No “hero” / change-agent should come across as feeling sorry for himself for being persecuted.
    A-la VDH’s example and, differently, Gable’s “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.
    007 and Batman and Superman also never feel sorry for themselves -except maybe in its future “gay” versions.

    • Well, we had Space Wars (Star Wars?). Now it’s the Empire Strikes Back phase with the evil emperors back in charge. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see the Return of the Jedi.


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