The ANC has dropped the ball on vaccine procurement and rollout in a spectacular manner.  By the day the signs have been mounting that our government dawdled and failed to do its homework. There is little evidence that a rollout on a massive scale can begin in the next few weeks. 

The economic case for mass vaccination against Covid-19 is a no-brainer. A vaccine programme would help cut short the pandemic and yield immense direct savings on medical resources. It would also help end the lockdown sooner rather than later and allow a full return to work, an economic recovery and with that a rise in tax revenue.  With our economy under dire stress, rolling out vaccines as soon as possible should have been the big priority. 

South Africa’s vaccine rollout will be months behind that in more than 30 countries, some a lot poorer than us. Israel, which is not a fabulously wealthy country, has so far immunised about a quarter of its population.  South Africa has little chance of meeting the declared goal of vaccinating two thirds of the population or about 40 million people by the end of the year. 

Alarm signals have sounded, but there has been a collective failure to push for proper accountability. There was no allocation to buy a sufficient number of vaccine doses to cover two thirds of the population in October’s Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement. This is even though Covid-19 vaccine development by a number of companies was advanced. A sign of government’s grossly misplaced priorities, the Medium-Term Budget contained a R10bn splurge to support SAA – the government glamour project. As it turns out, this amount is slightly above the approximate cost of R8.6bn for a vaccine programme. 

Later the failure by government to meet the deadline for its first down payment to the COVAX facility to acquire doses for ten percent of the population set off an alarm, but the sleep button was soon pressed by all of us as it was soon paid.  Finally, earlier this month, under pressure from a public letter from scientists to President Cyril Ramaphosa pointing to the absence of a plan, government responded. But even then its claims that it will vaccinate two thirds of the population by the end of the year do not hold up to scrutiny. 

Lack of accountability and poor management in government resulted in a pitiful failure to conduct proper due diligence. 

 Professor Shabir Madhi, Professor of Vaccinology at Wits writes that what went so wrong was the government’s over-reliance on COVAX. As an upper middle income country South Africa found itself having to pay $12-$13 per dose to participate in the COVAX facility. Madhi writes that this is more than three times the cost of procuring the vaccine directly from AstraZeneca at the prevailing price of $3 per dose. COVAX will supply 12 million doses in coming months that will cover ten percent of the SA population, as well as an additional 6.5 million doses at a later stage. 

That is a bad deal. We would have been better off buying from the pharmaceutical companies and making a reasonable direct donation to some of our neighbours, rather than an untargeted donation to the world’s poor. 

The failure to sound the alarm early and often over government’s dawdling and lack of due diligence also shows up the opposition parties, the media, and the medical community. Why did they not ask questions in public at the time of the release last year of the R500bn Covid-19 emergency support package and scrutinise the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement for a line item on vaccines. The big missed question to ask was what sort of deal we were getting from COVAX?

In countries that have higher standards of accountability, the ministers responsible for this failure would have been forced to resign some time ago. Yet against this shambolic background government has declared that it will centralise the programme on the spurious grounds that this is to cut corruption. Decentralised procurement and rollout under the private sector would probably permit far less corruption and delay. South Africa’s poor performance on child immunisation probably does not indicate that the public health system would perform well on Covid-19 vaccination. 

 A speedy rollout has become vital to prevent the virus from further mutating and perhaps ultimately developing features that render the present vaccines ineffective. The effectiveness of the current Covid-19 vaccines against the recent mutations is still under investigation. But a slow rollout will delay building herd immunity and may require another round of vaccine development, and further prolong the pandemic and lockdowns. 

There is no sign of an imminent arrival of a sufficient supply of vaccines in SA to allow for rapid immunisation of the population.  Democratic Alliance (DA) Leader John Steenhuisen has pointed out that the promised supply of vaccines is so far uncertain. There is no signed deal yet for 1.5 million doses from the Serum Institute of India, a million of which we have been told will be delivered this month. The 1.5 million doses from India are meant to cover around 750,000 health workers. 

A Health Department official told Rapport that negotiations are still underway for the purchase of 20 million doses which we were told would hopefully arrive in the first half of the year.  President Cyril Ramaphosa has pointed to a supply of 270 million doses secured by the African Union, but there has been no information on what South Africa’s share will be and when it will be delivered. 

Earlier this week the DA threatened to take the government to court to compel it to release a full and detailed plan on where the vaccines are coming from, how much is being paid, and what happens when they get here. 

How do we quickly get out of the debacle?

First, the private sector needs to be able to purchase vaccines without government interference. 

The UK has appointed a Cabinet Minister to deal with its vaccine rollout. South Africa needs to up its game and appoint an individual from the private sector who has the sort of business experience that can ensure a quick rollout. 

The Vaccine Tsar should be independent to ensure that government does not hamstring the rollout. Ideally, the Tsar should be selected by the private sector bodies upon whom government is likely to heavily rely for a rollout – the pharmaceutical chains, health insurers, occupational health clinics and others. If government insists that the private health sector subsidise the process, let the private sector take charge. 

Putting the private sector in charge would ensure that public sector work restrictions would not kill the process. Jack Bloom, the DA’s Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health points out that great flexibility is required to ensure an efficient process. In Israel, rather than discarding unused vaccine, the government offers inoculations to those who might not be in the priority demographic. 

Will the public health system offer vaccines after normal hours and over weekends?

Thus far, our Covid-19 saga makes a strong case for libertarianism. 

The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of the Daily Friend or the IRR.

Correction: Monday’s article Is the WHO fit for purpose? (Part III) referred to Nigerian former finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as “He”. Okonjo-Iweala is a woman.


  1. “A vaccine programme would help cut short the pandemic and yield immense direct savings on medical resources.”

    Where is your data to support this? There is no vaccine for this ‘disease’. There are unproven therapies that do not stop transmission or infection and that are now killing people and causing substantial harm. Why are you not giving a balanced report on the harms that these therapies are causing? Besides the unnecessary trauma of the loss of loved ones, what about the economic devastation of injured and disabled people as a result of these therapies?

    Why are you blindly accepting that the so-called ‘vaccines’ are going to put a halt to this virus? Since when has there been a successful vaccine against a coronavirus or a SARS virus? The answer is NEVER.

    Your article is biased and unbalanced. Please try harder.

    • Well said; this man lost the plot and must be one of those masked men in the supermarket trying to avoid any human contact. Please go away with your fear nonsense.

    • I agree Louise. This website has blindly supported the vaccine hoax through many of its articles, ignoring vital information about the hype and cear created by mainstream media to manipulate governments to buy vaccines instead of focusing on using available and safe drugs that have proven 100% effective in preventing covid contraction and death.
      I also would like to see government do a survey or even a referendum to find out what % of our people would like to receive a vaccine. I do not appreciate the assumption that all citizens will be vaccinated.

      • Hi there
        I agree with you only Partly. It’s not only a ‘vaccine hoax’, it’s a Virus Hoax….PLAN/SCAMdemic! It’s time for humanity to Wake Up. Namaste.

      • Well said. I imagine many many people are not interested in an experimental vaccine that has been rushed through the trails, where manufacturers refuse liability and that will not be effective against new virus mutations

        • Well, taking into account everything that GOVERNMENT has been saying about the Covid vaccines, it seems that:
          (1) You can catch Covid again after being ‘vaccinated’.
          (2) After vaccination, you can still be infectious.
          (3) The makers and governments are making laws that immunise THEMSELVES against any claims against the ‘vaccines’.
          Erm – none of these things sound like a proper vaccine! I mean that I have never yet read of any scientific establishment that has isolated the Covid-19 virus itself, only side-effects (I’d be happy to know I’m wrong). This is like any other real-world problem – how do you know if and when you’ve solved it?

    • Exactly, and well stated, Louise. Balance in everything is crucial.

      If only people would wake up and realise that the true cause of illness is a faulty immune system. Relying on this corrupt, incompetent government (or any gov anywhere in this world) to provide the answers to our health is a complete waste of time and resources.

      The answers to that are within each of us. We must all start taking responsibility for our own health, and not rely on ‘magic bullets’ of dubious pharmaceuticals to heal us when health fails due to poor lifestyle choices. Strong immune systems can only be achieved with good wholefood nutrition and moderate exercise. It’s not rocket science, it’s just common sense…

      • I agree with you 100%¬ The incompetence of the south African government is a very good thing for the south african population. Hopefully as more and more deaths and injuries from vaccines are reported world wide (not by the mainstream media though), people’s eyes will finally open and they will see that vaccines are NOT safe and effective, as promised by all goverments and big pharma

    • I’m all for the mass rollout of a made up vaccine for a made up pandemic,
      So long as it ENDS THE LOCKDOWN!

      So long as it ends the ‘Declaration of a National State of Disaster’
      So long as it ends unaccoountable Executive rule by the ‘Command Council’
      So long as it ends the effective suspension of Parliamentary process
      So long as it brings about the restoration of OUR RIGHTS.

      I don’t care if the mass rollout ‘works’ or not, Lockdowns don’t ‘work’ either.
      I hope the vaccines which do reach our shores protect Healthcare Workers
      They are the real heros in this ‘authority’ created mess.

      But we ķnow already that none of his will happen.

      One might be forgiven for coming to the cyncal conclusion that vaccine rollout is being purposefully delayed to prolong the ‘Disaster’ so that the bunch of people in the Command Council can continue their autocratic rule, and prioritise the bailout of their political Alliance Partners and buddies at SAA.

      We have a delinquent government which ignores the Constitution, Rule of Law, and High Court judgements ( by stalling them with appeals)
      I don’t exprct much to come of this vaccine business either way.

    • Also agree with you Louise. It seems that we can’t take anyone’s opinion for fact anymore. I watched a video in which Dr Simone Gold warned, along with many other doctors and scientists, that all the vaccines are just experiments at this stage. view the video here

  2. There is one other side to the vaccination problem, the willingness to get vaccinated. In the EU this varies between 70% in Denmark and 35% in Romania. I find it shocking that in France which recently again introduced very strict restrictions thanks to Covid 48% of the people say that they will refuse to get vaccinated. The German government announced that they will not allow any kind of discrimination against people who refuse to get vaccinated. Unless this attitude will change there will be no herd immunity even in the countries which managed to get enough vaccine for the entire population and we will have to live with all sorts of restrictions for years.

    • The vaccines have been developed and tested to mitigate symptoms of Covid, not to stop transmission, so herd immunity through vaccination is unlikely even with vaccination of 100% of the population.
      It is better to call it a treatment rather than vaccine. It follows that with less symptoms, there will be less viral shedding and slower spread.
      The same may be said of paying attention to the nation’s Vit D status and other not-to-be-mentioned therapeutics. Every little bit will help, but no one intervention will be a magic pill and people should not be bullied/coerced into accepting any of the treatments.

        • Even the vaccine producers are saying that the vaccines do not prevent infections or the passing on of the virus. This is new technology vaccines, untested, its a medical experiment.

        • Vaccines do not prevent infection.
          Vaccines simulate infection.
          This triggers an immune response

          When the next infeection by the same virus occurs, ( one which is now recognised by a target protien) an immune response now kicks in more quickly, preventing the body from developing overwhelming symptoms by halting the progression of the infection.

          So being vaccinated does mitigate symptoms of a subsequent infection, either completely or partially.

          This has not worked very well with ‘Corona’ viruses, judging by the track record of ‘Flu Shots’
          One is trying to hit a constantly moving target

          • Agreed. ‘Flu Shots in my opinion have failed hopelessly. There are many folk who have taken it and still contracted the dreaded annual ‘flu. The usual response by the ‘experts’ was that there is now a new strain. Now that sounds familiar? So take it, don’t take it has been a regular option over the years for the regular ‘flu shot. Now why should the ultra contagious and dangerous ‘influenza’ referred to as Covid-19 be any different? Only time will tell and I shall bide my time before I finally make up my mind. In all probability I will be blackmailed into taking it should I wish to travel overseas. That will be a grudge purchase.

        • A vaccine that has been through proper processes would properly help, but this hoax of a vaccine developed over 10 months is not going to prevent anything, the last time I looked over 3000 have died from the vaccine, so dream on.

    • Peet…Tsk..Tsk…yawn…able to think for yourself much? hmmm a rare find these days. Just stand in line like the rest of the sheep.

    • Peet, really? Since when is asking questions about a medical intervention deemed ‘anti’, except by those who don’t wish to answer those questions? If I query the safety of an anti-acid, for example, am I now an anti-ant-acider? Please, get a grip on reality. If you want to inject something in to you without know whether it is beneficial or not, go right ahead.

  3. Is our Vaccine Tsar, DD Mabuza? If so we can forget any logical vaccination programme. We are doomed, doomed I say.

  4. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC ! Get that into your head first.
    Secondly, these vaccines are extremely dangerous, improperly tested and there have already been thousands of casualties from them which mainstream media is not reporting. Furthermore, these vaccines are completely different to other vaccines since they contain genetically modified RNA for gene manipulation and nanoparticles for tracking and surveillance. This vaccine will not cure a virus especially this nonlethal one.
    Stop watching and believing Big Pharma medical industry and mainstream media propaganda and get off the paranoia cart. If you continue to believe the nonsense then you your life is at risk.

    • Do people like the above really exist? Are they so expert that they can tell definitively whether a pandemic exists or it does not? Its just like Trump touting totally unsupported lies. This virus is not lethal????? Are all these deaths fake media? Where then is my close relative who passed away after being tested covid positive? These antivaxxers are insulting those who are suffering from losses of close ones. They need brain transplants.

      • With a strike rate of 3% or less you can hardly call it lethal. Look at the death statistics of each country for the past 20 years and see if there were such a dramatic increase in deaths as promoted by the media.

      • Even though I don’t trust the cooked numbers (considering hospital groups are getting subsidized for each Covid case and therefore over reporting) the statistics are simply too low to call this anything but a great wealth transfer from low/middle class to the rich. Do you homework on this and you might be one of those people ‘that don’t exist’

    • Firstly only two mRNA vaccines have been approved (and there may be 1-2 more in the pipeline). The modified RNA does not change you DNA but carry instructions for your immune cells to produce a protein that looks like the Covid virus.

      These vaccines are expensive and require very low temperature storage which makes them unlikely for large scale use in SA. It is a new technology and could possibly have adverse effects over the long run. However this technology is also a huge medical breakthrough that can be used in the fight against cancer and other killer diseases.

      Most of the vaccines use old tech in modifying adeno (or other cold viruses) to mimic the Covid virus for you body to make antibodies against. These are the vaccines that SA will most likely get.

      You do get passive RFID chips (no battery) that could fit through an hypodermic needle but these would not last long inside the human body. The implantable chips require a silicon casing and would not fit inside a standard hypodermic needle. Passive RFID chips need to be within a short distance of the receiver in order to be read – so you would need receivers everywhere.

      Even if there was advanced technology available to make implantable RFID chips that could fit inside a hypodermic the logistics and costs of
      – assigning a unique ID to the chip in each vial
      – cross-referencing the ID to you personally to use for identification
      – having enough sensors everywhere installed to track you personally
      is pretty prohibitive

      Governments already have much cheaper ways to track you:
      – camera systems with facial recognition
      – the cell phone you carry everywhere
      – the camera in your laptop
      – tracking systems in your car
      – your financial info from banks and credit card companies
      – etc

    • Hi AJW, The pro-vax dialogue is driven by the pharmaceutical industry and the theory of herd immunity which is not yet proven to work. The anti-vax dialogue is driven by a significant amount of evidence of harm to a small number of susceptible individuals. Most of the anti vaxers just want to have the right to refuse the vax due in many instances to personal or close relative bad experiences. Is it ethical to force the susceptible minority to take the vax for the theoretical benefit of herd immunity to the larger population ? Please be aware that the dialogue in mainstream media is very much skewed so that the nasty side effects and mortality in the minority group is under reported or ignored, also be aware that a lot of shortcuts were taken in the safety testing of Covid vax, the trials were specifically designed to favourably misrepresent efficacy and safety factors in the race to get the first vax into the market place. It is very difficult for the layman and even general medical practitioners to understand and invest the time to dissect the data from the trials and in the case of Covid vax, the manufacturers have not even released all the trial data. the anti vaxxers are our only hope of providing a balanced overview of technology which is pushed by an industry which are in business to make a profit (quite legitimately). Do not be misled into thinking that the industry is a charitable entity and that all their activities are morally and ethically driven by the desire to provide a service for the benefit of mankind, – they are driven by the very same profit motive as any other business and sometimes also tempted to bend ethical standards in favour of the profit motive.

      • Very well said Sean. And it must be stated that most people who don’t want to take vaccines were once happy to receive the shots. Through adverse events and bad experiences with vaccination, many people have come to the conclusion that vaccination is not for them. It’s the same for me with anti-inflammatories – they make me feel absolutely terrible and produce heart palpitations. So I won’t take anti-inflammatories any more. Does that make me a bad person or an “anti”? Of course not! It just means that I’ve tried a therapy and rejected it because it doesn’t suit me.

      • Sean, people are so blind to this. Its actually exhausting to try and convince people otherwise. People should just take the experimental vaccine and live with the consequences. These vaccines were not designed for herd immunity, Modena made it quite clear that their vaccines do not stop transmission, its sole purpose is to lesson symptoms.

  5. J Zuma (NOT an economist) was not able to balance his household budget. Enter Schaik. “Let me help you”.

    Despite many pointing out that the ANC plan is not worth the paper that it is not written on, the graveyard spiral continues. (See SAA for guidance in this regard.)

  6. Given the HIGH level of fraud and corruption in this country and especially government, every procurement and management contract and role player should be scrutinized for identifying which politician(s) (with their extended family ties) stands to rake in millions, if not billions….

  7. What a load of dust. Obviously Jonathan has bought into the “great Reset” lock stock and barrel. Be careful what you ask, you may just get it. A by and large untested vaccine using never before used elements with growing evidence in the USA (California) and Switzerland of serious complications and like a fool you want to rush in where angels fear to tread. But I suppose singing the tune prescribed by bog Pharma and the NWO crowd may just give your bank account a little boost

  8. If all the corrupt leaders of South Africa would pay back the money that they have enriched them selves with there would be more then enough money to buy vaccines for the whole population that means that the economy will grow rapidly and South Africa would be one of the richest countries in the world, for shore.

  9. As long as we have a corruptors in this government we will suffer due to unaccountable anc cadre’s, i think the lady with the big headgear is the puppet master on lock down and the guy with the big hat is a using his power to keep us under house arrest

  10. Please do not be fooled by the belief that vaccination will set us free. Already there are fears that the vaccines will not confer immunity against new mutated strains, so they will develop yet another vaccine with massive profit for big pharma and its guru Mr Gates. PCR tests are also a money spinner, and some experts question their ability to identify active infection, and so are highly wasteful and polluting disposable masks which are still mandatory after vaccination. No, a return to normal shall not occur for a very long time, and then our economies will look very different.

  11. But the best is the rumour that we will be taxed to pay for the Vaccines. And that is because the R500bn has evaporated , R10bn on SAA a waste of money and so it is so back to square Nil.
    If that rumour becomes factual then we really are below zero in reality.

    • The medical aids are sucking up to government with our membership fees and we will even fund the vaccine for those that are not members. Why new taxes?

    • R500 bn was never real money, “only” around R100bn was real money and that disappeared, other was tax relief, that would not be paid anyway as ANC destroyed the economy. Bigger problem is that ANC borrowed R1trn from international institutions in our name, that money also disappeared.

  12. I do not wish to be rudely labeled an anti – vax, another diversity discrimination hate word.
    but I do wish that Big pharma, government and the sick WHO would release meaning, relevant and reliable statistics and explanation that would give better answers to the efficacy of the vaccinations and their side effects.
    Thus the societal trend to separation and polarisation has become magnified during covid times. Our government never addresses the dysphoria being experienced by an increasing number of their people in every group – age, income, ethnic, gender…
    An improvement in competence and some clear, honest, information imparted with humility (instead of the sickening command and control and coerce that characterizes their communication) would go a long way

  13. Why is everyone so surprised that they have not ordered, nor have any real, actual plans with regards to the vaccination project?

    They have effectively suspended parliament, side stepped the constitution, and are now looking to end elections in the country.
    Why would they seriously want to invest in a vaccination programme? Especially now?

    Seriously Sheeple!
    There are more important things to worry about right now, like FREEDOM!

    God, I hope the DA manages to force them ASAP, otherwise we are all in major crap!
    The longer this goes on, the more they are thinking about actually turning this place into a full communist state! And then, GOD help us, because nobody else on this planet will.

  14. I do not believe in Covid, yet I make sure my family follow the protocols strictly. The WHO and the One World Order are preparing for their takeover of the world. There are so many contradictions of this epidemic it’s just not true. Those that know send out false info, others who think thay knowsend out their info and of course the media. To me , l have to trust in GOD, THE FATHER , SON AND HOLY GHOST. We all are going to die one day. Even those that think they will rule the world.

    • Amen Johannes Claassen, Amen. As far as I am concerned, call me what you like, anti-vaxxer or any other hate speech you can think of, I don’t care, but as far as I am concerned the longer the government drag their feet with the vaccine procurement, the better. And once it does finally arrive, I will not be taking it. For my health and safety I too look up to the Triune God, and if I die, it will be gain in the words of the Apostle Paul.

  15. It looks that the tin-foil-hat brigade is out in full force today. Be careful guys, you might fall off at the edge of the Earth.

    • No, they are everywhere every day. They spread conspiracy theories and fearmongering all day every day.
      I must admit, they got me at some point, I actually started to believe that this virus is something deadlier than TB, Cholera, Malaria, HIV combined and peace of cloth over my face will protect me. I still do not eat roasted chicken, just recently I dared to ware flipflops and t-shirts without a jacket.

  16. AstraZeneca cannot sell their vaccines to SA. Approval request was sent, apparently, only late last week. SAHPRA, if everything is in order with paperwork and if paperwork was actually sent will need to test vaccines, and that take 2 weeks, once they get actual samples. Than, wait for this … department of agriculture needs to approve it. That is testing on presence of GMO. That process takes 30+ days, and includes public participation. I am not sure how will any vaccine for covid-19 pass, as they are all made of GMO. If all of this goes right, vaccines need to be shipped here, distributed and administered.
    Mabuza’s committee is unlikely to be able to manage this proces, but is guaranteed is that some money will be “unaccounted for”.

    It is pointless to even discuss of effectiveness of the vaccine, as there is no evidence of that whatsoever. What is strangely suspicious is that mutation on the gene recognized in UK and SA variants popped up in countries where Oxford vaccine was tested.

    Last point, mantra of 2/3 of population to get immunity to achieve herd immunity is not correct for Chinese virus. That number is for all viruses, but varies greatly between specific viruses, for SARS-COV-2 is 10-20%

    • “What is strangely suspicious is that mutation on the gene recognized in UK and SA variants popped up in countries where Oxford vaccine was tested.”

      Very good point indeed. For those who say the SARS-CoV-2 virus does not exist (there is no actual evidence it exists, I agree, as the virus has not been properly isolated), then what exactly is it? For sure there are people with ordinary colds/’flu who test ‘positive’ and there are people who are dying of other things which get labelled ‘covid’, BUT, there is a factor in this ‘disease’ regarding the lack of ability of the red blood cells to take up oxygen (loss of iron?). So my question is this – what is causing this particular symptom?

  17. Over the past year I personally know of more people that have died from stress related issues, i.e. suicide, heart attacks and strokes than those that passed on “with” covid-19.
    The true population killer has been media induced fear coupled with ridiculous mismanagement by governments internationally.
    History explains very well the devastating effects of a true pandemic. If this was one then we would be sending out body wagons daily to pick up the deceased off the streets.
    I believe in a strong immune system which is easily attainable using plain old common sense.

  18. Vaccines do not prevent infection.
    Vaccines simulate infection.
    This triggers an immune response

    When the next infeection by the same virus occurs, ( one which is now recognised by a target protien) an immune response now kicks in more quickly, preventing the body from developing overwhelming symptoms by halting the progression of the infection.

    So being vaccinated does mitigate symptoms of a subsequent infection, either completely or partially.

    This has not worked very well with ‘Corona’ viruses, judging by the track record of ‘Flu Shots’
    One is trying to hit a constantly moving target

    • At last, Perry, somebody with common sense. Thank you for stating what should be obvious for most people.

      Immunization against Polio, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough works so well because their viruses are stable. Most people don’t even realize that they are infected and recovering from it after being vaccinated.

      Viruses like corona viruses (flu, cold, sars-cov & sars-cov-2, mers) and HIV are unstable and mutate faster than what a vaccine can effectively teach your immune system to fight against. The best you can hope for is that your body will effectively react when exposed to such a virus because it still looks similar enough to one you were vaccinated against. It is because it only looks similar and not exactly the same, that you still get flu, colds, etc even
      though you were vaccinated.

      And then you get somebody like me. My
      immune system is stupid, it doesn’t remember the “recipe” for the immune cells needed to fight against certain viruses, even if I’ve had the actual illness.

      Despite being vaccinated against diphtheria, I still got it. I had measles twice and German measles (Rubella fever) no less than six times. This was in the years before vaccination against measles and Rubella was available.

      I’m not even going to bother telling you about how ill I get after a flu vaccine. So I will be giving the Covid vaccine a very wide berth, because on my own I might survive it, after vaccination, I probably won’t.

  19. Just reading about Israeli “sucess”, they confirmed that vaccines are not even close effective as advertised. Second, briefly mentioned, but not insisted on it(it is on MSM, expected) is that Israel now have record daily infections ever. May be from something else, but is curios that outbreak explosion matches mass vaccination?
    Just asking.

  20. I’m dismayed at the level of arguments here, some of which are very personal and abusive. That’s not on, this is not Facebook!
    Also, I would like to know out of all the people commenting, how many are doctors or virologists.
    How many have been in hospitals to see the people dying and fighting for their lives on ventilators?
    Believe what you want, it’s up to you, but allow others to believe in what they wish to. Don’t try to force your beliefs onto others with the assumption that only you are right! However, here are a couple of indisputable facts:
    1) The ANC government is incapable of doing a damn thing properly, correctly and right.
    2) In the end, no one gets out alive! We all die at some point from something, even if it’s just from old age itself.

    • As they say, Richard, the only things in life that are certain, is death and taxes.

      If it’s your time to go, then it’s your time. And there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

  21. Dear Friends

    Just a thought to mull over,with the incompetence of the ANC with regards to acquiring a dose of this magic prevention/cure vaccine by once again dragging there bankrupt feet in taking quick enough action in placing orders it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    The more this is administered around the world there will be clearer evidence what works and does not.

    So this could save bankrupt SA billions by default not because the ANC government is doing the correct thing.

    God bless all.

  22. Ivermecton is a proven cure – please see Dr Pierre Kory Senate Testimony on early COVID-19 Treatments video where he told the senate about proven clinical trials, as well as News Roundup / NY Judge orders Hospital to use Ivermectin, woman Recovers.

  23. Just one correction!!!…..Israel is a very wealthy country and……. a BIG YES for INVERMECTIN!!……..why make life so complicated??

  24. There is a real virus

    It will make some, very few, people sick. Even fewer will die.

    That some people die, or you may know some people who have died (I do) does not improve your talking point.

    So what do we know about this virus after 10 months of complete BS in legacy media and from government?

    We know the young are so untouched by it as for the virus to be of zero concern. All people aged 40 and below should have no worries. Those between 40 and 65 have an elevated risk, but no massively. Over 65 be on the lookout for symptoms and over 80 its more dangerous.

    In fact, looking at all the figures, there is no justification for any of the reaction we are seeing. Nothing.

    Hospitals full? Yes, public hospitals have been a disaster for decades, nothing new there. Medical staff complaining? Dude, this is the ultimate moment in any medical professional’s career – go cry me a river.

    More on medical professional, your jobs develop therapy – HCQ, Ivermectin work. Ventilators do not; in fact they usually kill the patient!

    Its a blood disease causing small clots, which is why those with poor circulation (diabetes type 2 and the very old) take a big hit. How about some aspirin to thin the blood, zinc, vitamin D, ivermectin and call me in the morning?

    No. None of this is happening is it? Just more and more panic porn by legacy media.

    “Only the vaccine can save us! Herd immunity only occurs with vaccines!”

    Total lies.

    If what we are told is correct, not a single squatter camp or township should have any residents. They should all be dead, long ago. We shouldn’t have any medical professionals left and everyone who works in a store should be dead.

    Its not happening is it?

    Believe what your own eyes are telling you – this is the biggest medical and political scam in history.

    the IRR should get a team onto Ivermectin ASAP. the stuff works, which is why its banned.

  25. Oh and one more thing occurred to me, since all the “conspiracy theories” are now totally true!

    What is the outcome of the fraud? Massive, unprecedented debt to the IMF etc. Can you begin to comprehend the borrowing off the back of this mess as countries seek to pay their way out????

    So what happens next?

    My bet is that the debt will be forgiven on condition the countries which are forgiven join a global currency and forfeit their assets to the IMF/UN whatever.




    If I’m right this will happen next year and the countries have to keep this all going for another year minimum

  26. I can’t believe what I’m reading! Where in the world do all these diverse views on the Covid vaccines (that have been scientifically manufactured, passed the tests of reliability and validity) come from? If a vaccine becomes available, I will be first in the row. All these conspiracy theories and urban legends about the vaccine are unfounded – please wake up, read, read and read some more (accredited reading matter, preferably, and not the random Dr Google search) before taking a stand. Canada has implemented a successful vaccination programme for its health workers (doctors I know personally have already been vaccinated). Two doses of the vaccine within less than three weeks is the norm here. What I do agree on are the qualms about South African Government delivering on time or at all. I would like to see the South African private sector getting involved to expedite the implementation of vaccines for the Covid crisis and all its ramifications in a economically ravaged/ impoverished South Africa.

  27. This anti-vaccination rhetoric that permeates our society even at the higher income levels is a fascinating study in itself. Otherwise smart people are teetering on the edge of the abyss and refusing to accept a lifeline. People are dropping like flies. Johan Rupert who is one of South Africas greatest sons reportedly jumped the queue to get a vaccine for him and his family. I would guess that he has done sufficient research to realize the benefits and drawbacks of the vaccine. Does this conspiracy narrative explain the apathy of our society to hold government accountable for its fumbled vaccine acquisition. The comments show how important this article is in making people face their own monsters.

  28. Jonathan, I think the incompetence of our government, be it conspirational or just normal (promises but no action) or plain incompetence, I think it is a blessing in disguise especially if you go anf read here yourself:
    Based on these as well as numerous similar findings, I would wait for HCL or Ivermectin to be available otherwise just be sensible and join the 99,8% of people who were tested positive and did not die without any vaccine.
    ‘Nuff said


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