A walrus, affectionately dubbed ‘Wally,’ made headlines earlier this year when he became the first walrus to visit Ireland and the southern coast of the United Kingdom. However wildlife authorities are now attempting to deport the large creature for allegedly destroying boats in and near Cornwall, in the south-west of the UK.

The four-year-old walrus is believed to have inadvertently arrived in Western Europe on an iceberg and he is now accused of sinking small boats by lounging on top of them for days with his approximately 1-ton body. The ships that don’t get capsized are often rendered useless for days afterwards, which is causing significant financial problems for the local community and impacting the ability of the coast guard to do search-and-rescue operations.

In a statement released by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, the group said they would now attempt to discourage Wally from coming near inhabited areas and hopefully move him to a more secluded shoreline where he would not cause chaos.

Image by richardpics from Pixabay