South Africa is enduring a decades-long energy crisis. This has been caused by the ongoing problems at the country’s state-owned energy provider, Eskom. Can Eskom be fixed? In this episode of the ‘Solutions With David Ansara’ podcast, the Centre for Risk Analysis’s David Ansara speaks with Eskom CEO, André de Ruyter, about how to restore South Africa’s energy security. De Ruyter and Ansara discuss why he took on the role of Eskom CEO and what he found when he started the job. They talk about Eskom’s severe capacity constraints and financial problems; the potential for private electricity generation; renewable energy vs. coal; recent acts of sabotage; and the future of nuclear energy.


David Ansara is the Chief Operating Officer of the Centre For Risk Analysis (CRA). In this role, David manages the CRA’s policy research and political risk advisory services. He is also responsible for the CRA’s bespoke projects division. David is a regular speaker at conferences and events, where he discusses the political economy of South Africa and future scenarios for the country. He also comments widely in the media. David holds a Master’s in Political Studies from the University of Cape Town.