Join BDL and his guests as they discuss moves by the ANC government to give themselves sole power to decide on expropriation without compensation. They also look at Brexit and ask whether the question of sovereignty was the main issue or was it an anti-immigration movement?
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Sihle Ngobese
Sihle Ngobese, best known as Big Daddy Liberty (BDL), is the Head of Strategic Operations at the IRR. Sihle has nearly a decade of experience in political and strategic communications, having worked in party-politics, the legislature and government. He is an Industrial Sociologist and UKZN alumni, holding an Honours degree in Industrial, Organizational & Labour Studies. Sihle brings with him the BDL social media brand and is the host of The Big Liberty Show. He is responsible for the production of all IRR shows, including the flagship ‘Daily Friend Show’ and podcasts.


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