The most nauseating sight at the end of 2020 was the spectacle of the South African cricket team giving a clenched fist Black Power salute at the opening of the first Test match against Sri Lanka. It was an act of cringing surrender to the racist thugs of Black Lives Matter (BLM).

BLM doesn’t give a damn about the lives of ordinary black people, either in America or around the world. It cares nothing when innocent black people in Africa are slaughtered in their thousands by murderous black dictatorships; it cares nothing for the suffering of decent black Americans (the majority) in poor black communities; it mocks law-abiding black Americans who overcome their adversity by hard work and clean living. It only cares about white sin. When a minority of black criminals murder and rape and terrorise decent black people in the inner cities, BLM either looks the other way or glorifies the murderers and rapists. But if a white policeman should kill a black criminal, deliberately or accidentally, then suddenly black lives matter. Then they riot and loot through the inner cities, burning down black businesses, with the full approval of the Democratic Party and 90% of the American media, including the New York Times and CNN.

Why do we South Africans have to bow before these disgusting racists? Are we so spineless, so craven? I suppose our cricketers were warned by the authorities that if they didn’t grovel, they would never play for South Africa again. Being cowards, they decided to grovel. I am a coward too. In their position, I’d have groveled too.

It is important to look at what caused the recent resurgence of BLM. First, notice that it happened in the USA, where black Africans are richer than anywhere else in the world, including Africa. BLM did not start in Burundi in 1972 when about 300 000 black people of the majority race (Hutu) were killed in institutional racist slaughter by the ruling minority (Tutsi). It did not start in Zimbabwe in 1983, when Robert Mugabe ordered the institutional racist slaughter of over 20 000 black people in Matabeleland in Operation Gukurahundi. It started in the USA in May 2020 when one black criminal, George Floyd, was killed by a white policeman, who knelt on his neck until he died.

Floyd had previously been arrested nine times on drug and theft offences. In 2007 he was one of six men who broke into the house of a black woman, Aracely Henriquez, menaced her with guns, and demanded money, drugs, and jewellery. Floyd pointed a gun at her abdomen. Some sources allege she was pregnant at the time; others deny it. Either way, nobody from BLM or the New York Times gave a damn about her plight. If she had been pregnant and Floyd had shot her in the womb, killing her unborn black baby, neither BLM nor the New York Times would have bothered to report it. In the same way none of the world’s big media bothered to report on Mugabe’s death squads when his Shona killers ripped open the wombs of pregnant Ndebele women.

BLM not only cares nothing about the suffering of black people but it actively promotes policies that will make their plight worse. It opposes any policy that will make black people more prosperous and secure. In America, black people suffer from disproportionately high rates of poverty, crime and, above all, broken families. It is crucial to understand why. But BLM doesn’t want us to understand why. For example, in America, people of Asian descent (Chinese, Japanese etc.) do better than white people. They have higher IQs, do better at university, earn more, have fewer criminal convictions, and have a better family life than white people. Why? What does ‘Critical Race Theory’ say about this? What does BLM say about this? Nothing. They change the subject if you ask.

It has been shown over and over again that increased policing makes life safer for black Americans. The more police in the inner cities, the safer decent black people are. A recent poll showed that 81% of black Americans wanted either the same number of policemen or more policemen in their communities. BLM disagreed. BLM demanded that the government should “defund” the police. BLM wanted the police to be withdrawn so that black criminals such as George Floyd could terrorise black communities and loot black businesses. The Democrat elite agreed loudly (but became very quiet about this in the Presidential election).

I am not for a moment suggesting that I or any other law-abiding South African is morally superior to the cricket team. We are all moral coward. We now grovel before Reichsführer Cele, head of police, as he threatens brutal punishment for any decent person having a quiet glass of wine in a restaurant, but looks the other way while criminal gangs rampage through the townships, rape and kill, and burn the trucks upon which our commerce depends. He is terrified of violent criminals, and before them he grovels too.

The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of the Daily Friend or the IRR

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  1. Why do Asians outperform whites in America? Is it because of their higher IQ? Why do certain individuals outperform others? Why do certain countries outperform others? Andrew, maybe you can answer these questions in next week’s column. Show us that you are brave.

    • IQ is the most common predictor of success. Instead of slamming IQ-studies as racist (yawn), what everyone should studying and trying to understand, is what raises a person’s IQ? I am no expert on it, but go read around and you will find some (concrete) speculation on these factors.
      Once such factors are fully understood, then next would be action-steps so as to raise a communities’ IQ.
      Alas, all of this is too much work for modern-day society and politicians. Rather (as Kenny opines) call out / attack others, for example for supposed White (or Jewish or male) privilege. Bow to crowd-hysteria.
      Idiocracy rules.

  2. Excellent article, and 100 % correct. BLM have publicly stated that they are a Marxist organisation. Maybe that is why the Democrats support them ? Maybe that is why the ANC/EFF also support them ?

  3. I was a fairly regular visitor to New York City, beginning in the 60s, and ending in 2011. During my first visit, I spent most of my free time cowering in my hotel room. A combination of rumours convinced me that I would meet an early death if I ventured out. Had to go out eventually, hunger drove me to find the courage. Was accompanied by a few colleagues, they led me to a ‘Diner’, where we enjoyed a breakfast that only America can produce!
    Along came the ‘broken window’ crime prevention model. Application in NYC began in 1994. This changed NYC, but it took time. The City lost much of the fearful image that it had acquired in my mind. A visit became something to look forward to. The police commissioner who was in charge of the implementation (William Bratton) was invited to SA to give advice on the crime situation. I doubt that his views were ever taken seriously? ‘General’ Cele might not even know about this method of crime prevention?
    I agree with the author’s views on the SA cricket team, but it would have taken a lot of courage to stand up to BLM views, and would probably have cost individuals who chose this path their place in the team, not to mention a sudden loss of income.
    My two favourites on the BLM scene are the EFF, and Lewis Hamilton. I will only enter a Clicks store in a dire emergency, the management took the knee when confronted by Malema’s thugs. Hamilton’s behaviour has made me an ex-F1 fan. Have to say that I would probably have stopped my viewing anyway. F1 has become a boring procession.

  4. BLM, ANTIFA are reincarnation of Hitlers Braunshirts (Sturmabteilung).
    The word NAZI means national SOCIALIST
    Just like the Nazis in 1933-45 or Democrats in USA, the ANC/SACP are Socialists and use the EFF to forment a climate of Revolution in SA(NDR)

  5. It is the IRR that is obsessed with BLM. This whole article is about BLM in the USA. Not about views and ideas expressed in RSA. If the IRR is not trying to fight pointless imported cultural wars from the US – it might listen and contribute to the dialogue about black professional sport experiences and challenges, particularly in cricket and rugby. It might then realise how little of that has to do with Marxism; US cultural wars, policing policies, US demographics and IQ (oh my…the less said here the better) and some ideological red herring (liberalism vs marxism). Deal with RSA and arguments in this context…

    • And there I was thinking that this is a paper by Kenny in which he expresses his views; not the views of the IRR? But that means nada for this philosopher who elects to use Kenny’s paper as a lame excuse for an opportunity to attack the IRR because he does not agree with Kenny.

      • I agree with some of his criticism if aimed against the US BLM movement. My criticism is about dragging this into attempts by RSA athletes and sports players to recognise and discuss domestic experiences and challenges.

        Libertarians – always appealing to reason and setting them up as some rational super humans. If only they can actually apply it…instead they are right up there with leftwing radicals when it comes to ideological faith and believe!

        • Very appropriately sir. I notice that you have changed your surname to “Mullet” from Muller. And I don’t think it was a Freudian slip.

    • While SA battles to reach some kind of stature in a globalised world, I think it’s quite apposite to comment on the appropriation of a US social phenomenon by some in SA who wish to use it for their own purposes without making any effort at local adaptation themselves.

  6. If you take IQ then the majority of South Africans are mentally retarded. Judging by their behaviour it is extremely difficult to not agree with that.

  7. But that is not what happened with rugby and cricket. The appropriation in this case is Crouse and Kenny…I have not seen black crickets, rugby players and administrators speak about BLM and US politics. They have been talking about their experiences…reducing it to ideological point scoring against the US BLM movement – is being tone deaf and ideologically obssesed.

    • When can we expect you to give us YOUR opinion about a proposed course of ACTION?
      Or, is it just the use of important sounding words we can expect, and obfuscation?

      • I don’t really understand what you think you are trying to argue. I am providing my opinion all the time? What else am I doing by engaging and responding?

        Like I said – let the focus fall on race within the context of South African sports, society and politics. I have seen very little BLM manifestos being cited by sports administrators or South African athletes bringing up BLM talking points. The EPL for instance have their routine in the context of “saying no to racism” – a long standing campaign in football circles. Kolisi, Ntini and others have been specific about their experiences and have not talked BLM politics, US policing and structural racism in the US. Even sports administrators have mostly argued from the perspective of South African society and politics.

        I get Crouse & Kenny sees some bigger ideological bogeyman and ideology that risk and might already be rubbing-off. But playing the meta card here seem to suggest they are more ideologically obsessed than the actual discussions. Any way – BLM or not – those discussion are there and are not going away. Listening and engaging is the way – not telling everyone they are stooges of BLM / Marxist / SJW movements…I doubt Ntini, Kolisi and a lot of other black athletes feel that way about their experiences…

  8. “Being cowards, they decided to grovel. I am a coward too. In their position, I’d have groveled too.”

    WHY so — self-effacing
    What kind of real leader is going to want YOU on his / her team ?
    For that matter
    “We are all moral coward”
    IF that is so then — do “we”actually deserve a . .leader ?
    Are worth fighting for ?

    Please do NOT include the “we” in YOUR personal journey to debasement ( and moral cowardice ) !


    Where he says we don’t believe anything until we are dragged to the gulag and our balls is trampled upon….

    The ANC is a communist organization who does only care’s about obedience to them, the GROOT BASE.

    I will not watch another cricket game but I understand the dilemma of the dynamics of the game to the usefull idiots with the lighter pigmentation. They have skin in the game and have to make a living and very difficult decisions…..or a very easy one if you base it on actual principals. The ANC must keep ‘other’ colors out of everything. Those buggers arra mos spoiling the new face of the ‘ANC jugend’ they want to portray.

    But for me and my family….sorry, not supporting ‘Heill ANC’….. it is not going to happen.

  10. During the 29 years I’ve been living in SA, I concluded that if the majority of South Africans possessed knowledge, fidelity, bravery and integrity, this country would be different today. Unlike the Proteas, I would’ve kept my arm down and agent along with lawyer on speed dial because there’s no country in the world which can force this kind of moral prostitution upon me, though at least two have tried.

  11. Andrew Kenny, 100 % correct. BLM is a racist Marxist Communist organization created by Obama, Clinton and co. to overthrow the opposition. The extreme left US Democrats have close ties to Beijing and are behind the NWO global dictatorship. With Biden/Harris fraudulently stealing the US elections, the world is going to have serious authoritarian issues.
    Keep in mind, both the DA and ANC also have close ties to the US Democrats and China. They both want South Africa modelled on the Chinese Communist Capitalist system. Authoritarian dictatorship capitalism.

  12. Move on people! A nation after concentration camps had to. Reference to other persons who lifted them out of challenge, well done. Many sportsmen and women, including rugby Springboks and cricketers reached top sport, without payment, but for the sheer challenge and love and tenacity, little encouragement barring the want to achieve. No regrets, no excuses, no selfish reason to make a point. ( I did mention, NO MONEY) “If you live in the past, it becomes your future” (quote).
    BLM is another way to take the attention away from what matters. A comes before B. ALL lives matter. Are you worthy? Why then BEE, BLM and transformation. Move on! Do it together? Make the country worthy of you! For now we find ourselves in the pits. Bending the knee loses me!

  13. Letter to the Press 30 August 2020

    Whose Black Lives Really Matter

    While millions of people not only in the U.S. but much further afield know of George Floyd, there are hardly a handful who know the name Collins Khoza. Both Floyd and Khoza were brutally murdered within a few weeks of one another and both by police action. The startling difference between these two murders were that George Floyd was killed by a white policeman and Collins Khoza murdered by black soldiers under the command of black policemen. Most of the world knows the tragic manner by which Floyd met his death but no one knows (or cares) how Khoza met his end.

    Khoza lived in a little house in a neglected black area called Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. During the early stages of lockdown South Africa experienced one of the most ferocious regulations which in many instances bordered on the ridiculous. Soldiers and policemen attacked Khoza in his own yard after he was accused of drinking alcohol, an offence under those regulations.

    According to witnesses, both the soldiers and police slammed his head against a concrete wall, hit him with the butt of a rifle until unable to walk and vomiting died a few hours later. A post mortem described the cause of death being “blunt force head injury”. A military inquiry later cleared the soldiers of wrongdoing and the judge’s decision was to “suspend” the accused soldiers. There has been little outrage from the ruling ANC black government albeit that the family of Khoza are proceeding with legal action against the police and army.

    The ex Mayor of Johannesburg recounted a visit to a poor lady living in a corrugated shack in the same township recently and asked the lady how she could managed living there without a bathroom – her reply was that she trained her body to use the bathroom when at work! Almost as tragic a story of Collins Khoza because one realizes that there are millions of people living without bathrooms – without the basic necessity of a dignified life. This in a country that has the greatest deposits of gold and other minerals in the world – that is endowed with a first world infrastructure that supplied electricity to many African countries as fare as the Congo, and whose rail network extended beyond the Congo. Today that rail network is almost non-existent and the power supply spasmodic with daily blackouts across the entire country.

    There is of course the tragedy of thousands of schools in rural areas that do not have proper toilets but what is called “pit toilets” – simply a hole on the ground. There have been a number of reports of children falling into a pit toilets and drowning. For months all schools in South Africa were closed – those rural schools provided the only meal a little child would eat the entire day, but being closed the children went hungry – it took a court action by concerned NGO’s to force the ANC government to provide that only meal to starving kids.

    Whose Black Lives Really Matter? Not a single black life matters under the ruling ANC black “democratic” government whose mission statement “A Better Life For All”– except of course those of the ruling elite who have deployed inept unqualified party loyalist to important position instead of people with the expertise and qualifications to manage the country, regardless of colour or creed. Then there is the rest of Africa where black lives most definitely don’t matter. Those holier than thou leftist white liberals marching down the streets of American cities don’t even know where Africa is – don’t even know the lot of black lives in Zimbabwe, DRC, South Sudan and Darfur. These left leaning liberals tearing down statues of people accused of being complicit in the slave trade have never heard of Mauritania, a West African country that only abolished slavery in 1985 but still practices slavery, a booming trade in that country. The slave markets of Libya and Mali continue with their macabre trade in human life – where are the liberal left white educated college graduates protesting at the embassies of these African countries? Far too busy with politically correctness and lobbying for brands to change names and sports stars to “take the knee”. Cry the beloved Country

  14. Andrew, once again a well resourced and excellent summation.
    As far as cricket in ZA, just my bit – I am now using my Protea shirts (bought at great expense over years) for cleaning my WC’s.
    I have stopped watching/supporting cricket as a whole and have even stopped partaking in any cricket forecasts via Superbru which I have been playing since inception.
    I never liked Francois Pienaar but gave the devil his due after we won the first rugby world cup, but now have seen that my initial feelings about him as a person was correct.
    ‘Nuff said.


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