Join BDL as he looks at the South African Police Service and the latest crime stats, and once again examine their corrupt handling of the Central Firearms Registry. He also looks at Ace Magashule and the shenanigans of politicians at court. Join BDL in conversation with; Dumo Denga (Manpatria Podcast), Gideon Joubert (Paratus.Info), Tim Flack (Gun Owners South Africa), and Gareth Cliff (Cliff Central).


  1. The thing about a fire am is that you become your own first responder. I like the concept of COMPETENT fire are ownership.
    The citizen MUST make the choice, not some bureaucrat

  2. Hi Big Daddy I like you’d content. Can you do a deep dive into BEEE this is a huge tax on South Africans. There must be better ways to achieve the advertised results. These ideals seem non sensible., also the NHI scheme which is desirable which seems like another way to loot tax payer mobey


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