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SA rated among top LGBTQ tourist destinations – but do we deserve it?


A new index released by American researchers Asher Fergusson and Lyric Fergusson ranks South Africa as one of the least risky destinations for LGBTQ travellers.   

SA’s middle class taking strain


Key indicators reveal the impact of South Africa’s economic crisis on the middle class. Trying to define who makes up the middle class has always

South Africa lags in African growth stakes


Rwanda, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast offer South Africa telling lessons on what it takes to succeed. The International Monetary Fund’s estimation of Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP

Anti-gay law undermines Kenya’s socio-economic goals


Kenya’s Vision 2030 development programme ambitions are contradicted by its stance on human rights. The Kenya High Court’s recent dismissal of a challenge to the

Business and gay rights: a force for good


The global campaign for human rights has been boosted by businesses taking a stand against oppressive anti-LGBTQ laws. In the past, businesses often chose to

A third of South Africa’s children in households with no working adult


In 2016, 5 588 000 children in South Africa lived in households where there was no employed adult. This represents a decline of 1.5% from the previous

South Africans struggle to save for their children’s future


Against the backdrop of anaemic economic growth, rising taxes and a stubbornly high unemployment rate, South Africans will find it more difficult to save, and