Pope calls for end to fossil fuels


Pope Francis has called for an end to coal, oil, and gas as well as lifestyle changes to mitigate the effects of climate change, according

Pope to expel conservative US cardinal


Pope Francis is to evict an outspoken conservative American cardinal, who has been harshly critical of the Pope’s plan to reform the Roman Catholic Church.

Dodo to be brought back from the dead


A deal has been signed to resurrect the dodo. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation has signed a deal with an American biotech firm, Colossal Biotechnology, to

Swedish Tesla strike rumbles on – and spreads


The electric car manufacturer, Tesla,  has faced industrial action in Sweden since October. This developed initially from a protest by mechanics against a refusal by

DA calls for dissolution of eThekwini council


The DA in eThekwini has called for the dissolution of the eThekwini municipal council, given the serious challenges facing one of South Africa’s biggest municipalities.

DA retains ward in Mangaung


One by-election was held on Wednesday with the DA retaining a ward in Mangaung. On Wednesday the DA managed 50% of the vote, a slight

Henry Kissinger dies


Henry Kissinger, the German-born American politician, has died. He was 100 years old. Kissinger was born in 1923 and was a refugee from the Nazis,

SA’s future is decentralised, IRR urges MPC

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South Africa cannot afford to direct its focus entirely on national government; provinces and municipalities are where much of the country’s future will be determined.

Niger junta lifts ban on migrant smuggling


An eight-year-old law criminalising migrant smuggling in Niger has been repealed by the leaders of a junta that took power in a coup in July.

Slovenes to be refunded Covid fines


Slovenians who were fined for breaking Covid regulations during the height of the pandemic will be refunded. It is estimated that nearly €6 million in