Nicholas Lorimer speaks to Nick Hudson from the Pandemics Data and Analysis group (PANDA) about their alternative predictions for the course of Covid-19 in South Africa.


  1. We all know by now that govt is not listening to our scientists, and follow “their” so called model where they can mislead us for their own financial benefit. What happened to the R800 mln they released????, where is the “storm” they predicted? We are waiting in anticipation…………

  2. Corona virus is just an excuse. The poor are getting poorer, and the middle classes are getting poor. In the meantime Communism is settling in very nicely. Alcohol and sigarettes must be under state control, that is the obvious reason for banning it

  3. They do control everything. How stupid can they be? Do they think that with their control the money will be available forever? One thing leads to another or haven’t the heard of the ripple effect?


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