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A prayer for South Africa


The least we could do is find the courage to change the things we can. ‘God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I

EWC IS an issue for foreign investors


South Africans generally, and the government in particular, should be in no doubt about how expropriation without compensation is viewed across the world. There is

Ownership indispensable to growth


Without property, a market-based economy is impossible to sustain – and without markets, prosperity is impossible. The following is the text of my speech at

Land: a turning point?


It remains to be seen whether there is any real appetite to discuss solutions that bring about prudent and productive land reform that really does

Contradictions too glaring to ignore


Land reform comments denote an officialdom that is either unaware of the perilous contradiction in its positions, or that doesn’t really care. It is a disturbing

Policy certainty not enough


Certainty of policy may in fact be a major warning against an investment decision – if the underlying policy is bad. The gravity of challenges

Keeping the course


We have long been used to holding positions regarded as unpalatable by dominant or ‘enlightened’ opinion – but we stick to them, knowing that the

Is the genie now out of the bottle?


Terence Corrigan | Aug 16, 2019 The ancient tale’s salutary lesson for South Africa today is that a determined pushback against a destructive idea – even one

The real risk to constitutional governance


As the country teeters on the brink of disaster, it would be prudent for South Africa to think carefully before tinkering with constitutional amendments on

What the land reform report really means


It is quite conceivable that after the start of a large-scale programme of seizures, the resultant administrative bottlenecks would produce an ideal pretext for nationalisation