Join BDL in conversation with Reyno de Beer from the Liberty Fighters Network. BDL asks him why he thinks court victory against government means the lockdown is over. BDL also discuss the big news items of the week, namely; the dismal 30.1% unemployment rate and the debt trap created by the ANC government. And this week there are two entries for MOEMISH OF THE WEEK…find out who they are!


  1. Good Day

    I just listened to this interview above (Is the lockdown over?) Liberty Fighters

    Mr De Beer stated a few incorrect facts about the content of the judgement, which I find concerning.
    More so as many people who have not had sight of the judgement will actually believe that the WHOLE regulationn was declared invalid.

    Additionaly, one of the legal responses from governemnt was that the hearing only took place in level 4 and around level 4 and that level 3 was only announced as the ruling took place, and therefore the judge erred in including 3 in his ruling when it had not been argued on.

    I also find it equally concerning that this organisation is issuing a “permit” and telling people to go out and use this “permit” to carry on as if lockdown is over. They have no right or authority to issue a permit and it is playing on the naivety of the people and leading them into (in my opinion) dangerous waters.

    The remedy they offer for any repercussion of this to to declare them as “political prisoners” which is not only incorrect but extremely radical and, considering that the whole world went into lockdown, very far fetched.

    I find it fascinating that someone can bring a court case and is an overnight hero, when the case is not even finalised or finally ruled on. The fact that using people’s emotions to gain support for an issue that was needed, just the “how” might need some adjusting. Inciting people into just going out there, while the numbers are climbing is paramount to manslaughter, the law can argue.

    This reminds me of the time the group years ago told everyone to not pay their debts as their debts had been settled by securitisation. Well we know how all that ended. And that’s not even the many people who lost their homes and cars etc..

    As for the legal opinion he refers to on the fact that the appeal does not stay the 14 days. MANY more legal opinions will disagree with him. The ruling was NOT a constitutional ruling per se. It rather made REFERENCE to ASPECTS of the constitution. It also referred to some of the regulations.

    The same judgement went on to state that regulations were in fact necessary.

    The strange thing for me is that almost nothing in his papers was around the evictions or the issues that he has claimed in many interviews and on his web page as the reason for this application, the unjustness of them happening. He even made mention of this on your show. YET he is not using all this fame and the platforms to actually challenge the aspects of rental/bond holders of the impact of C19.

    It is the same with the group Rent Strike. They urge people to refuse to pay rent but then have no solutions for the losses and court actions that will follow.

    I attempted to get a group of people together as well to actually arrange a meeting with government to discuss this. As human nature goes, the points I raised and the interview I raised with Daily Maverick were then used for self gain, rather than the purpose for the interview. You can go read the article for yourself.
    The reporter also erred and did not acredit the facts in the article, on several counts and made it appear as if they were independent issues rather than that they were under my guidance. I have addressed this with them.

    I am however not deterrred from my focus and my dealings as there is fighting a cause for a soap box and then there is just getting on with it and doing the work.

    For me all this talk about mediating and rent or bond holidays is incorrect and is not the solution. The cause needs to be used to equal the solution offered. The last para in the article sums up my view.

    Advcoate Anele while preparing to be made to be an independent interview, is actually a counsel I approached to offer his time to this cause.

    Nicole Yeo is also my “client”

    I state all this to quantify that I am well versed in the matter and have read all the court papers as well. I am also professionally in a field that deals with this aspect and have for years and have other related legal connected business. I am therefore versed and qualified to make the statements I have made.

    We need real solutions to this issue of rental and bond holders, not sensationalism and radical statements.

    Just saying….


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