If last week’s invasion of Capitol Hill was an attempted coup, then it ranks as one of the most inept in history.

The reaction to the storming of the American legislature was of course rich in irony: when mobs go on the rampage in the name of Black Lives Matter (BLM), they are generally described in the communications media as “protestors”; when they stage an assault on Congress, on behalf of Donald Trump, they suddenly become “rioters” or “fascists” or, in Joe Biden’s phrase, “domestic terrorists”.

Democratic Party politicians who last year endorsed or condoned BLM and other calls to “defund” the police may now turn down the volume a bit. Unlike the people whose property was destroyed by BLM “protestors” while the police were ordered not to interfere, the denizens of Capitol Hill suffered little personal property loss or destruction.

They are already demanding explanations as to how these particular members of Mr Trump’s fan club got into the Capitol in the first place. Police and other security heads have begun to roll. If lack of funding is found to be a problem, Congress will not hesitate to vote more money for the police charged with protecting the legislative seat of government. Prosecutions will no doubt be pursued much more vigorously than has sometimes been the case with the BLM mobs, thanks to political interference by Democratic politicians sympathetic towards those rioters.  

In an editorial denouncing Mr Trump’s behaviour, the Wall Street Journal said: “He has refused to accept the basic bargain of democracy, which is to accept the result, win or lose.” That is the essential point. However, if Mr Trump, millions of his followers, and many of his fellow Republicans have rejected that “basic bargain”, they are not alone.

In some respects, they have their counterparts in Europe. As this column pointed out last week, the European Union (EU) used the Treaty of Lisbon of 2007 to introduce a European constitution that French and Dutch voters had decisively rejected in referendums two years earlier. The Irish were bullied into endorsing the treaty in a second referendum, reversing their rejection of that treaty the first time round.

Demands for a British referendum were rejected by one of the country’s ministers for Europe, Denis MacShane, as “an opportunity for populists”. And, of course, when the British finally voted to leave the EU, the “leave” winners were widely denounced by The Great and The Good as dupes, populists, ignoramuses, idiots, and the like. Mobs of remain “losers” gathered outside the British parliament to scream at the winners and demand a second referendum.    

Genteel, bureaucratic, and insidious rather than violent, the European project has indeed all along been an exercise in the stealthy erosion of democracy. In Europe: The Shattering of Illusions published in 2011, Václav Klaus, one-time president of the Czech Republic, records a telling remark by Jean Monnet, one of the founding fathers of what is now the EU:  “Europe’s nations should be led towards a superstate, without their people understanding what is happening.” That was as long ago as 1952, but it is an accurate description of what has in fact transpired.

The invasion of the Capitol last week is not without precedent elsewhere. The Hungarian parliament was attacked in 2006 and the German one last year.

The defining difference, of course, is that the assault on the American legislature was incited by the president of the United States. That puts it in a class all on its own. One commentator on social media expressed the point precisely: “You do not go about storming the Capitol to keep your guy in the White House. It is profoundly wrong and incredibly dangerous. And it’s no use pretending he did not incite it. He did.”      

To make things worse, Mr Trump then condoned what his followers had done. “We have to have peace, so go home,” he told them. But then he added: “We love you. You’re very special.”          

Mr Trump won 74 million votes in the recent election. The question now is whether his behaviour last week has caused sufficient horror in the Republican Party to deny him nomination as presidential candidate in four years’ time. His presidency has clocked up some important achievements in both domestic and foreign policy. But his menacing behaviour has now finally put him beyond the pale.   

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Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay


    • There is civil war brewing in USA. Not sure how many are aware of this but it’s coming unless all issues there are settled within about 45 days.

  1. We can only dream of a breakup of the US. Let the Demorats go their own way. The words from a 58 year old Republic woman: For the past 4 years I was shouted at, I was treated as sub human, my house was painted on. I’m proud of my country.

  2. I cannot stand blatant lies. No Mr Kane-Berman, Trump did not incite an attack on the American legislature, that is a blatant lie and one that the Daily Friend should not have published!

    The well publicised photographs of Antifa members leading the assault along with the video footage of the police not only letting them in, but directing them to the National Statuary Hall tell the truth of what took place on on January 6th.

    That the ‘invasion’ took place just as the evidence of the massive election fraud that took place was about to be presented, tells any one with an ounce of discernment and honesty, exactly who orchestrated this.

    We live in a world that is rapidly becoming authoritarian. An unelected government is about to take power in the United States of America. Effectively, their Constitution becomes null and void and never again will there be a government chosen by the people, short of revolution.

    I had thought that the Daily Friend was on the side of truth and justice, fighting for what is right. Mr Kane-Berman’s article article published here on the Daily Friend proves my assumption was incorrect.

    • Came down to the comments to say this. There is so much misinformation and this piece is not representing the truth of what happened at all. Very disappointing.

    • Thank you for that. It is so true, that if you constantly lie, even those who know you are lying, eventually believe you. That has been the objective of the MSM for the years, and it’s being ramped up. China must be pleased.

    • I agree with you 100%. It just shows yet again that the quality of journalism is shoddy at best and corrupt at worst. It wasn’t very difficult to find the videos of how the police let in the ‘protestors’. As for a coup, really?! Oh my! Gutter press sensationalism at its best. I’m really getting more and more disappointed by the Daily Friend as every few days pass. They want the ‘vaccine’ (which is not a vaccine, it is a treatment because it doesn’t PREVENT disease – the legal definition of a vaccine is that it PREVENTS disease) and they can’t even be bothered to investigate the stories they report on. True journalism is dead in the mass/main stream.

      • On this point, I agree, Trump did not incite violence – to say he did is to capitulate to the Left. I expected better.

    • Thank you for your comment! I agree that MOST media have a very slanted view of what President Trump is trying to achieve – that is away from corrupt law, government, banking and so many aspects. President Trump and his team will win, did win by at least 80% of the votes. Find out how the Vatican satellite – Leonadi manipulated votes along with some other countries and corrupt people.
      Truth, justice and law and order will prevail with the hand of Goodness guiding the way.

    • Peter, are 100% correct as to some false statement made by Mr Kane-Berman.
      Numerous democrats also asked for the verifications as to the allegations made by the republicans to get to the real truth about fraud – my sincere tak is that if there was nothing to hide, then the democrats should have agreed to it – it is as simple as that.
      The attitude of the democrats however have shown that they were definitely hiding a lot of skullduggery and therefore did not want any of it to come out.
      Also as correctly stated, the democrats have they operate on 2 sets of rules, i.e. those that they adhere to (or should I say disregard) and those that they attack the republicans with.
      Personally I do not like Trump as a person because he is abrupt and disrespectful, however there are 2 major aspects of him that are much better than ANY politician before him in the USA as well as the rest of the world, i.e. He puts the USA and its people above anything else (not like the ANC who states ad nauseum “the ANC and its connected cadres first and then the RSA and its people” or the DA who stated ” DA as 2nd in the RSA rather than a DA who is 1st in the WC”; and secondly when he promised that he would do something, he actually either did it himself or had it done rapidly.
      ‘Nuff said.

    • Exactly – what is it with these half-wit, incompetent propaganda journalists – are they just virtue signalling snow flakes – there are videos of the Capitol Hill security opening the doors to these thugs and showing them the way into the building.

      There are several (many) Antifa/BLM scumbags who were leading the charge and smashing windows etc. Videos exist of the Trump people trying to stop these guys from smashing things …

      Where is the outrage when Capito Hill was invaded and over run when the Kavagnaugh hearings were taking place ? Nothing – silence from these leftist libtards.

      Where was the outcry when thousands of buildings/businesses were being burnt and looted and people murdered. Nothing – in fact the MSM propagandists were encouraging this behaviour – saying that protests are not meant to be polite.

      There is no lower scum in life than a hypocrite – and sad to say the majority of these lame duck feeble minded numnutes are just that – virtue signalling hypocrites – spineless gutless intellectual midgets …

  3. I was told from an early age in business you don’t have to like someone to do business with them. It helps if you like each other, but its not vital.
    You don’t have to like Trump as a person. But what he stood between in his aims to achieve what he set out to do, then beware what is following him in Biden and his cohorts. Little greatness comes these days from the political leadership ( if you can call it that) In 6 months, maybe a year, we will wonder where is Trump, maybe not but so far I personally do not see Biden there for long but replaced by a far more tyrannical group than what was in the White House this past 4 years.

  4. Thank you for at least writing a more balanced article rather than the usual one sided negative towards Trump articles in the general media. Whether you like or despize the man, he did achieve a lot for his country and in my book, that counts.

  5. There hasn’t been free media for a very long time but I have never seen media at such a stage of fascism in all my life. It’s a complete propaganda show. I no longer watch the news from any media networks. 90 % of them are in this global lie together. 6 corporations control nearly all media networks and they all have their dirty fingers in the medical industry profiting from it on a massive scale.
    We are all being played by the US Democrats and Republicans. The crimes from most Democrats and some Republicans are mindboggling. Exposing those crimes, now that lowlife Biden has fraudulently won the election, will be less possible than ever. Trump is better on many levels but his support for the Big Pharma medical industry and corrupt Reserve Bank financial system are 2 very big issues I have with him. I am not religious which is another issue I have with him although not a serious one. His Independent status amongst Republicans, which has made him a very different and unique president, has been his downfall and which has turned many Republicans against him.
    We have to keep in mind who presidents are and what their role is in the bigger picture of things. They are most certainly not making all their own decisions.

    • I would say the media is relatively free but it’s the dominance of leftist & PC ideology that is the problem. That in turn is the product of Cultural Marxism which has been permeating the major colleges & universities around the world. Effectively, just about all faculties involving the humanities are captured i.m.o. That is the area where facts are not needed or can be subjective & invented. They are eve trying their luck with the sciences – specially biology – ‘gender is a social construct’ type. The push back is unfortunately too little or too crude and so many folk simply prefer the option of ignoring the weapon of Identity Politics they use and get on with their lives and even being subtly indoctrinated. That’s my take as gleaned from moderate media. Marxists now in charge using their puppet Democrats led by Biden (comfortably snoozing away in his family’s luxurious wealth)

      • Just to add, the product of the Identity Politics has been growing in corporations, specially the media ones. Hence the increasing dominance we are experiencing.

  6. Very true, and in 6 months, these Trump haters will be saying, as they watch the USA becoming more socialist and authoritarian, well Trump wasn’t so bad.

    • A large number [not all] of Americans promoting Socialism think of Sweden and other Nordic countries as being Socialist because of their Social support structures, not realising that they are, in the main, parliamentary representational democratic constitutional monarchies, with economies based on the free market …

      • That Warnoc idiot promotes CUBA as having good government and a communist cant be a christian and then he leads a so called Christian Church,and supports abortion.Wonder of that election wasnt rigged.

        • A dolt indeed. Just look at the title of his book: ‘The Divided Mind of the Black Church: Theology, Piety, and Public Witness’. Replace the word black with white and the book would be banned, burnt and the author relegated to the ranks of White Supremacist / Apartheid evil.

  7. The Republican Party has a lot to answer for
    In the first place Trump should never have been nominated for the Presidency. His many character defects and his track record made him totally unsuitable as a nominee for head of state.
    WHY was Trump nominated?
    Unfortunately Trumps opponent in 2016, and her party, have many similar shortcomings
    Time will tell about Biden (Obama)

    • They have nothing to answer for because the people chose. What are you people talking about? The USA is not communist China, yet.

    • No , you are dead wrong . If not for the constant attacks and underhanded tactics from the dems since before he was elected he would have been an excellent president . His only so called flaw is that he never backs down from a fight . Apart from that he has done the world tremendous good . Obama has much more flaws than Trump . He started wars . Drew meaningless red lines in the sand . Started the race division . Worsened the Israel Palestinian crises . Paid Iran billions without ensuring their stopping of terror .
      More and more geo stratagists are praising Trumps foreign policy world wide etc . Obama was just a weak posterboy .

  8. It was so convenient that security was so lax at Congress that day…

    What is more convenient is the tech censorship taking place… Almost as if they want “the other side” not to influence the incoming administration’s agenda…

    What is happening is deeply concerning and to see the thunderous applause is even more concerning.

    • Specially with Dailyfriend joining the fake news. Democracy in America died with the voter fraud in 2018 already. It was a test run for the democrat system as biden said. Nothing that happened in the last 2 months destroyed democracy, it was removed totally with the election. Easy to do a sum and stupid not to understand it. Take the total legible voters and deduct Trumps votes from it. Only if they had a more than 100% turnout to vote, were there nearly 80millions voters left to vote for biden. The sum just do not add up. Could only work if more than 100% turned up to vote.

  9. What we are witnessing is a culmination of years in the making and its a fight for the very soul of the USA. The personalities need to be understood as players directed by ideas that make their constituents. The vitriol coming from both sides is shocking in its ugliness, and the childishness of the politicians on both sides of the aisle, leaves one in despair as to how one would use them as examples for the youth.

    The war when cut from its emotion and personalities points at the rise of a Techtocracy. A world guided by experts, versus a world guided by tolerance, ambiguity and spirituality.

    Politicians should rise always above those who seek to impose a view on the world and plot a course between the competing ideas.

    Somewhere along our journey we forgot that Aristotle painted politics as the higher order, the pacifier of aggressive tendencies of herds to impose their will. We now witness the herds as they take their sides on the opposite banks of the river.

    We unfortunately only have ourselves to blame. Trump, Pelosi, Biden, Etal are windows to our own souls, and our intolerance to competing ideas many which won’t stand the test of time.

    Have a beautiful day


    • Thanks for this, Bob. I had to trawl through 20-odd mindless posts of emotional regurgitation of the divisive generalisations that characterise this debate before encountering a sensible and rational contribution. Goodness help us if we are too blind to see the big picture, and believe that the “problem” is simply the evil of “the other side”. Differences in opinion on political ideology are not the problem here – in fact these differences are essential to our process of self-examination an progress. What is lacking is a critical debate on our values and our conduct, and developing the ability to criticise those whose policies we support, but whose conduct lets us down.

  10. No….no…no…
    It takes John Kane-Berman of the IRR nine paragraphs of whatabouterry to get to the last three where he finally concludes that Trumps menacing behaviour ‘ has finally put him beyond the pale” – not before prefacing it with ‘his presidency has clocked up some important achievements in both domestic and foreign policy’.
    No, John, while it is utterly unacceptable that protests turn into property destroying riots – lamentable occurrences across the globe – an attack on the meeting place of the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government, incited and egged on by a sitting president of the United States is entirely another matter.
    Protests against outcomes of referenda in Britain and Europe were exactly that – protests. And protests are a completely legitimate part of political expression. When they get violent, the law needs to step in. Neither the remain protests nor the BLM protests, which turned into a burning and looting spree, sought to stop a legitimate process of certifying an election. Neither challenged the foundation of the democratic process by storming the citadel of American democracy.
    As a US opinion piece writer, Manas Chakravarty points out, “the attack on the US Capitol by a rag tag army of president Donald Trump’s supporters has been called an attack on the American democracy and a failed coup attempt. On the other hand, it is being seen as the last gasp of a clown presidency.
    True, the storming of the Capitol had in it all the characteristics of the Trump presidency—it was chaotic and lacked any coherent plan. It is doubtful if the rioting rabble knew what they wanted to do. Expectations that occupying the Capitol would put an end to the electoral count were delusional, to say the least. But that does not mean the threat is not real, or that this was merely the final act of a sordid presidency.
    Consider, by way of parallel, what happened in Munich in November, 1923 in what went down in history as the Beer Hall Putsch. At that time, the German masses were seething from the humiliation of the loss in the First World War, the middle classes had seen their savings evaporate due to hyperinflation and the German government’s decision to resume reparation payments to the Allies for the war was deeply resented.
    Adolf Hitler, then a little known figure and head of the extremist nationalist fringe, saw the opportunity. Inspired by Benito Mussolini’s march on Rome, Hitler thought it was the right time for a coup in Germany.
    Hitler ordered his stormtroopers to surround the Beer Hall in Munich where members of the Bavarian government were holding a meeting. Forcing his way into the meeting, Hitler fired a shot into the ceiling and jumped on a chair yelling: “The national revolution has broken out! The hall is surrounded by six hundred men. Nobody is allowed to leave.” “
    Kane-Berman’s piece by comparison is lame and a tad disingenuous.

    • Ghaleb, I do think we should tone down the hysteria. Of the (I don’t know how many 1000’s of) Trump supporters on the day, how may ‘stormed and broke into the federal buildings? 20? 50? 100? 200? The point: It was a small % of the total. So should we then not use CNN right-speak (when it came to BLM destroying 100’s of businesses and buildings and attacking 100’s of police-men):”It was a mostly peaceful protest?”

    • Very well written. Will you please repost this on the Daily Maverick website. They need to be woke….
      “while it is utterly unacceptable that protests turn into property destroying riots – lamentable occurrences across the globe – an attack on the meeting place of the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government, incited and egged on by a sitting president of the United States is entirely another matter.
      Protests against outcomes of referenda in Britain and Europe were exactly that – protests. And protests are a completely legitimate part of political expression. When they get violent, the law needs to step in. Neither the remain protests nor the BLM protests, which turned into a burning and looting spree, sought to stop a legitimate process of certifying an election. Neither challenged the foundation of the democratic process by storming the citadel of American democracy.”

      • How does your view of “egging on” the protestors go with the First Amendment, which, I believe, goes something like: “The right of the People to peaceably assemble and to present petitions for redress shall not be infringed”. The peaceable assembly of thousands was perfectly allowable under the Constitution. The INFRINGEMENT happened when (a) the barriers were removed (by whom?) and (b) the People, outside the Congress, were assaulted with tear gas. One commentator, who reported that he was in the bunch that went inside the House, claimed the the police were assaulting the protestors from BOTH sides, so that the only clear path was to enter the House. This is directly opposite to the usual police practice of ‘kettling’, which is used to confine a mob and let them out in a CONTROLLABLE direction.

    • Ghaleb Cachalia: Any chance you can enlighten us as to what pres Trump said which made some of his supporters and antifa to become violent?

      …or is this one of those “dog whistle” things which only the radical people like yourself hears?

      BTW: if you are “fighting a revolution” – why is it better to kill innocent people like with BLM riots rather than to attack the capitol where the people you believe are wrong actually is?

    • Hardly an attempted comparison to the Beer Hall Putch.
      Hitler was a relative nobody with only the rabble behind him. Trump had/has all the power of POTUS for 4 years.
      If I was POTUS and I wanted to execute a coup, would I leave it to a small bunch of freezing cold civilians walking around the Capital with nothing more than cable ties?!
      You gotta be kidding me!
      This was no more an attempted coup than the BLM riots and CHAZ precincts were “peaceful demonstrations.”
      This is not over by a long shot.
      I find it quite extraordinary that in sport we have all kinds of mechanisms such as “action replay/third umpire” in rugby, “hawk-eye” in cricket, “challenges” in tennis etc., but in the most important democracy in the world the challenged can manipulate the system so as to run out the clock without a proper audit.
      That being said, there is still the post event “drug tests” to be completed by the Republican dominated State legislatures in all the contested states, which I’m told will be starting new sessions today.
      May I suggest the following as background reading:

      • I agree with you. Just to add. Democracy was screwed the moment it became legal to cheat. If they did not, allow it to be checked. Only if you know you cheated will you stop and thwart the rewind.

    • A bit of a “distinction without a difference”. The BLM / “Anti”fa “mostly peaceful” protests included attacks on police departments and court houses, some of which were burned to the ground. This is no less an attack on the state than an attack on the Capitol is.

  11. I was initially hopeful when I read the title of the article. Mr. Kane-Berman acknowledges that Trump was not alone in attacks on democracy? Well well.

    Of course those of us down here on planet earth who live in a that is generally referred to as “reality” have known that for four years and more. Trump was helped by Fox News, of course. Sean Hannity and his mendacious friends were attacking democracy almost daily.

    Marco Rubio? Yes, him too. And Mitch McConnell. Lindsey Graham. And let’s not forget that depraved sleazebag Ted Cruz. Others as well. Josh Hawley is probably the bright, shining new face of Future Trumpers. Came to the party late, but making up for lost time.

    But it seems Mr. Kane-Berman was not accepting reality after all. He was engaging in the favourite pastime of the right-wing hypocrite: whataboutism. “Yes, but the BLM riots. And the Democrats. And Hillary Clinton’s e-mails”.

    I suppose, in the end, the only real surprise in this article was that Climate Change, Mr. Kane-Berman’s favourite bogeyman, wasn’t somehow dragged into as well as a special guest.

    And then the comments: people dismayed at the lack of truth and accuracy in the mainstream media: Trump really won the election, they say. The invasion of the Capitol was a false-flag invasion by AntiFa. The moon landings were fake. 9/11 was an inside job. Lizard people really run the world. blah blah etc. etc. Rinse repeat.

    And their evidence? Some anonymous clip on YouTube and the Twitter feed of an obsessive-compulsive liar with orange skin.

    Has our school-system failed so utterly? So dismally? That people who appear to be educated are utterly incapable of distinguishing fact and evidence from lies and fabrication and depraved invention?

    I used to read these newsletters and the comments in an attempt to broaden my world-view and to get a feel for what’s happening down in the rabbit hole.

    No more. I can’t do it. I’m off.

    • Ah, Paul, now your allowing the truth to interfere with a fine story.

      EVERYONE knows the election was rigged – its the only possible reason for a Trump defeat. Clearly the Omnipotent Democrats orchestrated the whole thing, and then brain washed a bunch of Republicans into ratifying their dirty deed. The only thing I need help with is understanding why they did such a poor job of the Great Steal – messing up the timing so that Trump’s initial lead would be nabbed away from him at the finish line, and so on. And if they were so capable of stealing the election away from those actually in power, why were they so thick that they couldn’t orchestrate a similar outcome for Aunty Hillary 4 years ago, when they were the guys in charge.
      Answers on a postcard please …

    • Ghaleb, Bob and Paul, thanks for your informed, objective and mature comments. It appears that if one is in anyway critical of Trump you are automatically a pro Dem/ BLM supporter, a climate change fanatic and even worse yet – you may acknowledge Covid exists and be agreeable, in principle at least, to be vaccinated.

      The Russian angle is far from settled and having some knowledge of Russian FIS capability, personally and without evidence I’m inclined to believe that there is truth to this taking into consideration the genarally favourable Russian position resultant from the Trump administration’s geo-political decisions directly and indirectly eg brake on Chinese ascendancy.

      As always I can’t help wondering what the fascination is of White South Africans with Trump and US politics – is it perhaps because Whites due to ANC and perceived Black racism desperately need reassurance, do less than 9 percent of our population really continue to think Trump will intervene for some imaginary reason at the cost of US continental and specifically regional interests? One only needs to track the deployment of US naval forces to realise that Africa South of the equator is of no importance and that those who expect the 7th fleet to materialize in the waters off the Southern Cape are in for a huge disappointment.

      If its a strongman angle why not idolize Egypt’s President Sisi who stabilized Egypt in record time, affirmed Egypt’s regional role, has rewarded the minority Coptic Christians for their support and has overseen uninterrupted economic growth – even though Covid with commendable consistent credit ratings. But I guess he’s not White…

    • “Whataboutism” is allowed, if that’s even what this is, and not just an identification of hypocrisy.

      The form of the argument isn’t “they did it too, therefore this isn’t so bad”, it’s “they did it too, therefore what they did is just as bad”.

  12. Almost. Except Trump did not incite violence. Trump supporters left after the protest, guys in front of the Capitol building were there preparing for attack, pepper-spraying police and provoking incidents. After peaceful protest finished, some Trump supporters took the bait and went there (protest was in front of Washington Monument, by the way). Instigators were arrested and expressly released after identified as BLM and Antifa activists.

    But we cannot allow facts to affect the narrative? “There is no evidence” mantra that is repeated, while the fact is that evidence is ignored and destroyed.

  13. No , you are dead wrong . If not for the constant attacks and underhanded tactics from the dems since before he was elected he would have been an excellent president . His only so called flaw is that he never backs down from a fight . Apart from that he has done the world tremendous good . Obama has much more flaws than Trump . He started wars . Drew meaningless red lines in the sand . Started the race division . Worsened the Israel Palestinian crises . Paid Iran billions without ensuring their stopping of terror .
    More and more geo stratagists are praising Trumps foreign policy world wide etc . Obama was just a weak posterboy .

  14. What I can’t understand why doesn’t anyone go into history and see how the “BLM” started.
    I believe it has nothing to do with”BLM” it is satanic, and started to destroy unity in every country.
    When I see it in the sports arena I could scream that why don’t you find out why you are kneeling and to whom???
    From: Truth stands

    • Hey, please don’t involve us Satanists with race riots. Ignorance is one of very few sins in my church, and we have nothing to do with BLM.

  15. John, how do you think Sailor Malan would have reacted to the recent USA events had he been alive to witness them today ?

  16. JKB

    Why is there this insistence that, in order to be taken seriously, one must be “anti-Trump”?

    Trump is many things, and was one of the the USA’s best presidents ever – like or loath him.

    Trump failed in some key respects, appointing the wrong people and not being as organised as he advertised and also no appreciating the power he wielded.

    He ran the most transparent presidency ever, and was also the most popular president ever. Joe Biden couldn’t ever attract more than about 3k live viewers to his speeches, Trump rallies would have hundreds of thousands. Surely, if the numbers were to be believed, JB would have millions of live viewers for his speeches, with fans hanging on every word?

    As far as the election is concerned, how can anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain dispute the fact that it was stolen? Given the huge tension, all responsible politicians would welcome a transparent audit. The Democrats stalled and prevented any such thing. Once tons of evidence was produced which demanded audits, all we had was silence from the Dems – in such a case its as good as an admission of guilt.

    And please don’t fall for the “Biden voters vote by mail” scam. How does anyone know who would vote and how? Its impossible yet it was a standard media propaganda point so that people would accept the massive change caused by mail-ins (you guys fell for it too – looking at you Gabriel Crouse).

    Further, Trump pleaded for peaceful lawful protest in his morning speech before the “invasion”, then he appealed for people to go home and was censured by social media.

    In fact, the tech companies have now begun to try and erase any form of conservative voice. Perhaps Trump’s greatest achievement was getting these actors to expose themselves and damage themselves irreparably in the process.

    The USA officially has a compromised president, Senate and Congress who will now do China’s bidding. Its so obvious he takes orders from that direction, and the fact he was allowed to be on the ballot is a massive security failure.

    In office he was very consequential, but perhaps he was most consequential on the way out the door.

  17. JKB

    The other thing to understand about the election is, according to an analysis whose name escapes me, is that there essentially 6 counties in the sing States which matter. You focus on them and cheat like crazy, and you win.

    Audit those 6 counties and the result changes

    • Your two opinion pieces are well stated and echo my sentiments to a very large degree.
      It is clear from the comments section how divided society is, and this is across the whole spectrum of the Western democracies. We have only just started paying the price for our own liberal policies of the last 4 decades or so, and will still be tearing at each others throats as the Chinese come marching into town.

    • The swing states differ from time to time but the reason why is because they tend to hold the majority of the electoral college votes. People don’t generally need to cheat for the presidential election, because the candidates are already well-vetted in the primaries before they even become the candidate. A case in point is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, neither of which did particularly well in the primaries. Another case in point is Bernie Sanders, who was actually very popular, but because he is an outsider/independent, the Democrats won’t allow him to hijack their platform. He is also just as happy to kneel down as he is to bend over.

      Oh and forget about the audits. The Georgia run-off election, which also uses Dominion voting machines, was hacked live in front of the representatives during a session with Jovan Pulitzer. They unanimously voted for a full audit. Those ballots were seized and destroyed by the FBI shortly after the child sniffer was confirmed as president-elect. This despite legislation calling for ballots to be kept safe for months after an election in case of eventualities, and eventualities there were. So the abundant evidence of widespread election fraud is disappearing quickly. The establishment is shaken to its core and they are incredibly afraid of another Trump.

  18. John, very inaccurate, to the point of dishonesty, so much so I have now unsubscribed from the Daily Friend newsletter.

    If I want this level of dishonesty, I can just go to the WSJ, CCN, MSNBC and a whole host of others myself.

    • A non reply. Typical of the tyrannical left whose love affair with fascism is about to explode. So you cant read or see anything which does not conform to your meme or the one MMS feeds you. Dont worry your desires will be met as the CCP comes marching in. The ANC has the red carpet out. Excuse the pun. The last nail being hammered in being EWC.

  19. Who would have thought we’d see such a sewer of delusion, dishonesty and feeblemindedness in the comments section of a Daily Friend piece?

  20. It is sad to watch a once fine mind degenerate into a curmudgeonly cesspit like JKB,

    Had a foreign power sent a force to capture the US Capitol, it would be an Act of War. Comparing BLM protestors marching for *rights* to a military-kit wearing mob, marching to undo their country’s Constitution, deny the majority an election and bent on murdering politician for finding his spine, based simply on the lies of a narcissistic psychopath who cannot accept failure is depraved, to put it gently. (The score in court-cases is about 1-60 with NONE proving any fraud, even before Trump-appointed judges. So much for the cranks and conspiracorists bleating the election was stolen/rigged.) If one must compare this insurrection with BLM protests, the contrast in how the police, military and US intelligence responded should be the focus. While the details are still unclear, it seems that the decision to delay calling out the National Guard or army began with Trump, who was videoed gleefully watching his creation while his entourage partied and celebrated. The same sadistic criminal who called out the troops on peaceful unarmed protestors so that he could have a photo-op SA has learned, at Sharville and Marikana, what undertrained and under-resourced police can do.

    The kindest that can be said for the author of this article is that JCB’s synapses are mixing “liberal” and “libertine”.

    More worrying, it appears from the comments that IRR, which once proudly opposed racism and despotism, standing up to the likes of Verwoerd, Vorster and Trump. has become the SA version of Parler.

    • Some BLM “protesters” may have been “marching for rights”, but some were also burning down buildings. Some of these buildings were police departments and courthouses. These are where the laws enacted in the Capitol get enforced. These attacks are no less an attack on the state than the invasion of the Capitol was.

      About that 1-60 score: what’s the score if you omit the cases that were dismissed on procedural grounds rather than on the merits of the case?

      • As far as I can tell not a single court heard the evidence, all procedural rulings, some farcical like “You can’t challenge before the election” and then “Well, the election is over so its too late”.

        I think the courts were too terrified to take it on. The Supreme Court surprised me with the Texas challenge, I thought that one would have to be heard. But I too think they were too terrified of the outcome

    • V_3, in affirmation of your last paragraph I recently delved into the history of print media that unknown to many had a significant presence in Bloemfontein in the 50s and 60s, during which I was surprised to find already in those years correspondence from notable Bloemfontein print and other business leaders to the IRR regarding their donations and urging confidentiality.

      I wonder what these gentlemen intent on securing a future based on liberal democratic values through their support for the IRR would have thought about this article and ensuing comments?

  21. How exactly does “We love you. You’re very special” constitute condonation of a violent attack on the Capitol?

    It seems more like a parent chiding a naughty child: “I love you, you’re very special, but now go to your room and think about what you did.” It validates the person, not their actions.

  22. A pathetic argument. All based on MSM rubbish and conjecture.
    There as usual are all sorts of assertions made that Trump is resonsible for what happened at the Capitol, with zero evidence, yet his actual statement is ignored and surpressed by MSM and Social media. Why?

    Then you have the other hogwash about him conceeding. It’s exactly what he didn’t do. That has got the press and the author of this article in a lather and frothing at the mouth.
    Obviously JKB doesn’t like what he said.

    His speech before they walked to the capitol.
    “So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give… The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.”
    I see no incitement do you?

    Lets see what he said afterwards.
    “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless, there will be an orderly transition on January 20th.”

    Now where is the threat. And where did he conceed. In fact he disagrees.

    “I know your pain, I know your hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election, and everyone knows it, especially the other side. But you have to go home now,” Trump said in a short video statement. “We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anybody hurt.”

    “It’s a very tough period of time. There’s never been a time like this where such a thing happened, where they could take it away from all of us, from me, from you, from our country,” Trump added. “This was a fraudulent election, but we can’t play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace.”

    “So go home, we love you, you’re very special,” Trump concluded.

    Oh! the incitement.

    Here is what happened. – I would suggest people go and read this article I refer to.https://off-guardian.org/2021/01/07/the-storming-of-the-capitol-americas-reichstag-fire/

    Here is my take for what it’s worth. I have said this elsewhere where some have said his behaviour was a problem.

    I am of the opinion that Trump was an existential thereat to the Globalist order. Therefore the sustained attack on him before his inauguration and during his presidency. By all accounts it looks like it will continue after the 20th Jan. They have a score to settle.

    For many he was a hope for bringing back democracy and freedoms to the people of the US that would be viewed with by many with envy. The threat would become even more dangerous if that occurred. Other countries would demand the same including the UK who has capitulated.

    The threat was too great.
    All means possible bar assassination were used including denial of access to courts.
    He remains a massive threat to them, so assassination is not out of the question. I think he is aware of that though. They underestimate him.

    The power of these globalists is such that even the Supreme Court of the US shudder in their boots and are terrified at the thought of swift retribution by these megalomaniacs if they dare step out of line. The reaction of the senators and congress was the same.

    It will take a man of Trumps courage to liberate humanity from slavery that these Globalists wish to impose on us.

    They can call him what you want but he remains a very brave man. In spite of adversity, he has remained strong, it’ s called fortitude. This terrifies them all. Look at the hysteria in the media.

    I am not sure when, it will happen that these Globalist criminals will have their day of reckoning. I hope it is sooner than later.

  23. There have been numerous reports of Antifa, BLM posing as Conservatives and Republicans and it was them that stormed the Capitol to put the blame on Trump.
    Conservatives and Republicans have been urged not to join MAGA protests as they maliciously incite violence whilst posing as Republicans.

  24. The main problem is that the supreme court refused to hear the cases of electoral fraud. Was this a corruption or cowardice? When all avenues of civil recourse are closed to you then history shows that the only choice left is violence. The history of the ANC is an example. We must therefore expect violence both internally in the US and externally as politicians can always be trusted to try deflect internal conflict onto an external ‘enemy.’

  25. Who needs CNN and rest of MSM when you’ve got Daily Friend?
    Oh yes, the Daily Friend needs them to be their ‘fact-checkers’!
    DYOR chaps, and perhaps then DF will be worth reading again.


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