According to The Economist, Donald Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore to mark American Independence Day ‘sought to inflame a culture war centered on race’. The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Associated Press made similar accusations. No doubt these news outlets felt their characterisations justified by statements on racial matters that President Trump has previously made.      

But were their reports an accurate reflection of what Mr Trump said on this occasion?

He recalled that the Declaration of Independence had enshrined the ‘divine truth’ that ‘all men are created equal’. The United States had been ‘founded on Judeo-Christian principles’, while the family was ‘the bedrock of American life’.

He added: ‘We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed.’ Among the many remarks Mr Trump made that were greeted with applause was this one: ‘Every child of every colour – born and unborn – is made in the holy image of God.’ And applause too when he declared: ‘We only kneel to Almighty God.’  

Mr Trump saluted the achievements of the four presidents commemorated at Mt Rushmore, among them Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation. He hailed various other Americans, including Frederick Douglass, the Tuskegee Airmen, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Muhammad Ali, and Jesse Owens, the African-American sprinter who infuriated the Nazis by winning four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

Triumph of wisdom, philosophy and reason

The year 1776 represented the triumph of wisdom, philosophy, and reason. But now ‘our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, and indoctrinate our children’. Children were being taught to believe that the men and women who built the country were not heroes, but villains. ‘The radical view of American history is a web of lies – all perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted, and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition.’      

Many of those in the angry mobs tearing down statues and unleashing violent crime in cities had no idea why they were doing so, but ‘some know exactly what they are doing’.

One of the political weapons of this ‘left-wing cultural revolution’ was ‘cancel culture – driving people from their jobs, shaming dissenters, and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees’. This was the ‘very definition of totalitarianism and it is completely alien to our culture and our values’.

‘In our schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished.’

It was time, Mr Trump said, to ‘speak up loudly and strongly and powerfully and defend the integrity of our country’. He announced that he was deploying federal law enforcement to protect monuments, arrest rioters, and prosecute offenders.  

Bizarre period in history

The world is going through a bizarre period in history. In Hong Kong the Chinese government is busy trying to squash dissent and impose dictatorship. In the US, vociferous groups are busy trying to squash free speech, and so undermine democracy. What the Chinese are doing from without, some Americans are doing from within.

People in Hong Kong are fighting for freedoms for which huge numbers of Americans have died, yet the assault upon these freedoms within the US has the active support of large sections of the media, academia, non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, the usual suspects among celebrities, and business. Mr Trump, habitually excoriated as a right-wing threat to democracy, used this occasion to defend the liberal values upon which civilised societies are built, while the American ‘liberal’ establishment is busy aiding and abetting their destruction.      

Cynically exploited                   

The killing of George Floyd has been ruthlessly and cynically exploited to intensify a Maoist-type culture war that dates back before Mr Trump became president and which he is trying to counter. He understands the dangers even if The Economist, the New York Times, et al do not. By attacking him for ‘stoking’ and ‘inflaming’ the culture war launched by others these newspapers reveal that their loathing of Mr Trump has led them not only to misrepresent what he said but also to turn logic upside down.         

The battle against the ‘far-left fascists’ has to be fought and won. The fact that a man as deeply flawed as Mr Trump has to lead it is a tragic reminder of how the American ‘liberal’ establishment has abandoned the values upon which their nation was founded.                       

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  1. I’ve always noted how eager the “liberals” are to figuratively crucify anybody who doesn’t drink their Koolaid and sprout their verbal diarrhea as happily as they do. And they do like to point out all the many sins, flaws and errors made by the person they’re targeting.
    Should a more reasonable person come along and point to the errors, sins and grievous misconduct of their heroes, they are also quick to defend that as “it is human to make mistakes”.
    It is easy to notice the similarities between Mr Trump’s current problems with the direction the American liberals are trying to go and the history of Israel since King Solomon.

  2. A good speech by Trump. I don’t agree that the US was founded on Judeo-Christian theology. First time I’ve ever heard that. It has always claimed to be based on Christian principles alone.
    I have many left, moderate and right views depending on the situation but what is going on around the world, including South Africa, is far-left fascism based on Maoist, Marxist Communist ideology with dangerous racial policies specifically against white people. Ironically, most of these fanatical left actions are being coordinated by white leaders and elites. It has to be destroyed soon or our world will become a total authoritarian system and the days of Democracy will be a thing of the past.
    Those on the left participating in this chaos don’t realise that they are being manipulated like pawns on a chess board by global elites who will move from left to right and back whenever it financially suits them. By doing this the power always remains in their control. The masses will still be controlled, but this time, in an authoritarian dictatorship where all human rights will vanish.
    One thing that is quite unclear is that Trump has stopped funding of the WHO, for very good reasons, but has continued to fund another of Bill Gates’ interests involved in Covid-19 vaccine research. We know that Gates funds WHO. So is Trump lying to us and part of the Big Plan ?

    • The “Christian Bible” has an old testament (Judaic) and a new testament (Christian). The ‘ten commandments’ remains one of the most succinct moral guides we have.

    • As a matter of fact, writers of Declaration of Independence were drawing as much from their Freemasons ideals (Universal Freedom Before Law), as from the Christianity ( which, on a countless occasions, was turning a blind eye towards abuse of power, by the ruling monarchs- “Divine Rights of Kings” were only deconstructed as bogus in the Time of Enlightement)…

  3. Why refer to pres Trump as “Mr Trump”? Is he not president yet?

    Also, once people start realizing the power and corruption of the media, they will see that pres Trump is not “deeply flawed”. It is just another narrative pushed by the media.
    Thereare not many people who will not be found guilty by the corrupt DOJ and FBI who investigated the Russia Hoax. The investigations by 19 lawyers/prosecutors, 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and other staff that assisted with the investigation, 500 people interviewed, over a period of two years turned up nothing on pres Trump even when the investigation went far beyond the scope.

    • ‘Mr.” because, in America it is the way to keep the president in place…no honourable, no inflated ego, just plain ole ‘mister’.

      “Adopted in the 1790s by George Washington, the first president of the United States, as his official manner of address as head of state, “Mr. President” has subsequently been used by other governments to refer to their heads of state”

    • In amy other country it would have been an attempted coup and those people involved should be chatged for treason ….including Obama ..Biden and Clinton.Waiting for the outcome.

    • Yes, a very good article – and agree with that Trump isn’t deeply flawed – just another human like the rest of us, yet not scared to stand up and be counted when needed – “cometh the hour, cometh the man”

  4. Wonderful to read an article that is based on the facts of the issue.
    People seem to be so emotionally charged these days, that reason is being turned on it’s head.
    We all need to be vigilant and look for truth.

  5. God help the USA ( and the world) if president Trump is not re-elected . It will slow the momentum of the rise of nationalism in Europe – it will be a major disaster from which the world will find it hard to recover.

  6. ‘Mr.” because, in America it is the way to keep the president in place…no honourable, no inflated ego, just plain ole ‘mister’.

    “Adopted in the 1790s by George Washington, the first president of the United States, as his official manner of address as head of state, “Mr. President” has subsequently been used by other governments to refer to their heads of state”

  7. An excellent article showing some home truths. Pres. Trump needs our prayers. It is a David vs Goliath situation.

  8. Brilliant article and high five to you Mr President. Wish our government can read this with understanding. Our sporting “heroes” are limp and so quickly influenced but of course it is the payday that counts.
    Bend the knee to God alone you wimps.

  9. Actually, the list of news desks that regularly belittle Mr Trump is quit long; you can add Naspers (News24, Beeld, Die Burger), Aljazeera, Russian TV, and don’t forget CNN. And of late I have noticed Sky TV jumping on the BLM bandwagon (just see how the loudmouth Crofty talks negatively about the F1 drivers who refuse to “take a knee”).
    WW1 was essentially about a power struggle between two main groupings. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was just “the trigger” to set the struggle in motion. I see the murder of George Floyd as a convenient trigger to set alight the plans of the “far-left fascists” who want totalitarianism & a “one world order” Democracy is indeed under the biggest threat it has ever been.

  10. In a dark world that has gone mad, Pres. Trump is a shining light.

    Keep up your good work, drain the swamps and dont tolerate parasites .

  11. The thing about the wheel of history is that it turns. Does anyone remember US senator Joe McCarthy and his House Committee on un-American Activities? They did the same thing to those who ran the gamut from sending cans of beans to the Soviet Union when it was invaded by Germany, to those who were accused without any proof of spying for the USSR. The lives of thousands of people were destroyed, often on mere suspicion alone. They were interrogated, denied due legal process and rights, their friends were harassed and families torn apart. They were hounded out of jobs, their careers destroyed. That was the hysterical right of American politics. Now the left are returning the favour, only this time there’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, tools which enable the worst excesses of humanity to be displayed in front of a largely idiotic global audience. Trump is playing to his audience and advisors. Given his track record, I think he would’ve said something else, but it looks like somebody convinced him it was tactically advantageous to take the foot out of his mouth and say something that makes sense for a change.

    • Two wrongs have never yet made a right and that was in the middle of the cold war. Remember the cold war? The only war being fought now is between the pernicious Marxists and true classical liberal values

      • Maria, I agree. I not only remember the Cold War, but was actually born in Romania and went through all that, including the revolution of December 1989. I bought food with the ID book (150g of meat per person per week, including bone) and was tortured along with my friends because we were betrayed (and I messed up) after I’d recruited them into my anti-communist intelligence gathering organisation. My point about the McCarthy episode was to point out the cyclical nature of politics and how what was done by one side is now done by the other, much to the same stupidly destructive effect. It’s sad, but human beings almost never learn from the horrors they perpetrate against each other.

      • In the US most of the liberals support Bernie so they are marxist aswell…In SA we have media which doesnt print the full truth and sugar coats the intentions of cANCer and doesnt report farm murders at all…then you have prime media which is an cANCer closeted supporter and has always been .

    • Good comments in the main, but would you care to illustrate your reference to Trump’s track record and what you think he really would’ve said?

  12. The old adage about finding any stick to beat a dog is particularly true when it comes to how the democrats handle anything from the republicans and particularly pres Trump. Just he is not very likable doesn’t mean he can’t tell the truth, the most exceeding truth , the truest truth you’ve ever heard (tongue firmly in cheek).

    Then as for the Economist, they supported in their ignorance Cyril Ramaphosa and that says everything one needs to know about them.

    • Yes , I read that there were two Cause of death reports – (one by the family can you trust it?) and the official one. The latter stated he died of of heart failure if I remember correctly. I have wondered whether knee pressure on the side of the neck can cause you not to breath. If you can’t breath you also can’t talk. I hope the police will be exonerated. Statistics prove that more whites are killed by the police than blacks and more blacks kill blacks – so where does the BLM come into it?

    • Even before Floyd was lying on the ground he said he couldn’t breathe, and he had a variety of health problems (heart disease, high blood pressure, drugs, Covid-19) which could explain that.

      I’m no doctor, but with no neck injury, and no petechial haemorrhaging, I don’t see how that policeman’s knee on the side of his neck could have killed him. I think he had a heart attack, and would probably have died anyway.

  13. Thank you.
    I have long since stopped “judging” politicians on their personalities and rather on their view of the issues at hand.
    Further, I rather try to understand the “political climate” as opposed to the mainstream media’s version of the short-term “political weather.”
    In my opinion the left (liberals and fascists alike) have captured the mainstream media and broken democracy by refusing to accept the 2016 election results. After all, democracy only works if and when the losers accept the result. (Thank you Nigel Farrage.)

  14. Russell
    Great articles that help us all understand the problem and then state that things must change. I agree and support BUT how about at least one article on how. What are/can we do about this other than just talk about it and gather information and become more and more informed as to the desperateness of the situation.. There must be something our great minds can some up with. Can’t we stop moaning and DO something?? I am not so bright as to have a solution or suggestion so I don’t know, but I am really looking to the intelligentsia of IRR and Daily Friend to at least come up with a suggestion or two or more, that can at least be discussed until we find a workable solution or option. When articles like this start appearing I will financially support Daily Friend and IRR.

    • The Daily Friend gives you the one thing that is very lacking today – perhaps even unattainable among the masses – food for thought, and thought leads to action, so think.

  15. Thank you for honest reporting on events and steering away from driving personal/politiccal etc. agendas. Very refreshing to read news that are reliable and trustworthy!

  16. We are too concerned about George Floyd. Wasnt he a criminal, wasnt he a rapist? President Trump is a do-er and gutsy. He gets things done. Wish our president can follow his example. For him its Americans first. Why cant South Africans get the same from our President? Actually black and white, coloured and Indian, are South Africans. Please stop the bullcrap regarding race, stop talking about black and white…start talking about South Africans. Black like me is perpetuaying racism. White like me it.

    • Floyd was a criminal, yes, but I don’t think he was a rapist. And I think he had turned his life around. While it’s true he had just passed a counterfeit $20 banknote, which is a crime, he might not have known it was fake.

      His behaviour at the start of this incident was strange – the police described it as “erratic”. I can think of several possible reasons for that. Maybe it was the drugs he had taken. Maybe it was the stress of being confronted by the police and then being arrested (which could have been especially stressful for someone with a long criminal history). He claimed he was claustrophobic. I think his heart attack had already begun. And I think the resulting lack of oxygen to the brain could have caused him to be combative.

  17. Mr Kane-Berman, with this article supporting a deeply corrupt racist, misogynist narcissistic hate-monger who floats wherever the wind blows and sells himself to the highest bidder, a man who cares only about himself and the amount of adulation he can garner, who stands directly against the health of the planet itself and the humans who inhabit it, who withdrew from the Paris Convention and withdrew funding from the World Health Organisation (you do realise, I am sure, how bad that is for SA since we were also receiving funding from the WHO), and with other climate-denial articles you have written, you are exposing yourself and the IRR, which is supposedly “the country’s leading liberal think-tank”, for the fat-cat fossil fuel energy industry shills that you appear to be.


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