The IRR warns opposition parties against striking deals with the ANC and EFF.

The ANC is now a dying and parasitic enterprise. Its policies are wholly destructive and it exists to extract wealth from hard-working South Africans and pass it on as largesse to party officials.

The EFF, a racist party that has shown itself to be willing to peddle genocidal ideas, should be taken at its word when it threatens to kill minorities and nationalise enterprises.

Many of South Africa’s municipalities are now hung councils where neither the ANC/EFF nor major opposition parties (DA, FF+, ASA, IFP and so on) have a clear majority.

The ANC has already grovelled before ASA and been rebuffed by Herman Mashaba. Well done to him – we hope the DA is watching and will follow that example.

Likewise, we hope that Mashaba has learned enough from his experience as mayor of Johannesburg not to get back into bed with the EFF.

Politics is about deal-making. But the EFF and the ANC are not normal political parties. They are criminal enterprises that wish to do harm to South Africa’s people. Where the opposition can cobble together coalitions they should do so to govern municipal districts. But where any coalition requires partnering with the EFF and the ANC, they should walk away with the clear message that if you want the opposition to save your town or city you need to do more to ensure that it has a clear mandate to govern.

The years before the 2024 election will be tough for South Africa’s economy.

In the mini-budget speech next week you will hear that no substantial reforms are planned. Life is about to get tougher and the effect of that will be to make people even angrier at the ANC and the EFF where they govern. So let them govern together where they have a majority – let people experience what it is like to live under an ANC/EFF alliance. That may well accelerate the demise of both.

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