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Mboweni and the minimum wage: will the costs to the jobless be considered?


Economic recovery is the keynote of finance minister Tito Mboweni’s every public statement – but will the government tackle the one thing that’s most likely

Mugabe’s gone, but look what’s left


I laughed when I learned I shared a name with the former president of Zimbabwe … but that night I dreamed of killing Robert Gabriel

What classical liberalism really stands for


Gabriel Crouse | 17 August 2019 Analyst Prince Mashele’s real problem with Helen Zille is that he does not like the idea of liberalism at

Mayor Pete, my man – until he stumbled


I thought Pete Buttigieg was the perfect candidate to counter Donald Trump … and then he abandoned principle in pursuit of the ‘black vote’. The

Revisiting the white privilege debate: an open letter*


I address this open letter to Kevin Leathem, the deputy principal of Jeppe High School in Johannesburg, whose speech about white privilege went viral a

In Memoriam: Raymond Louw 1926 – 2019


‘A well-informed society works. You cannot beat that.’ Distinguished journalist Raymond Louw, acknowledged in South Africa and abroad as a preeminent fighter for freedom of

A farmer contemplates the conundrum of Goldman Sachs’ optimism


‘Jislaaik, I look at Goldman and I think to myself, what if I’m the idiot missing the flippin’ trick, here?’ Nampo is a good place

Musings of a white guy at an EFF rally


I’m not sure what exactly drew me to the EFF rally, but once I was closing in on Orlando Stadium, it became the sense of

The intersection of language and power EFF-style


When Julius Malema denigrates blacks, he doesn’t think he’s being racist because “blacks can’t be racist”. Talk in the South African public arena, like ‘most