The American president-elect, Joe Biden, says he wants to ‘heal’ the nation. Donald Trump, the man he defeated, is not going to be helping him out.

Mr Trump is contesting the outcome of the presidential election on 3 November. According to The Economist, 86% of Mr Trump’s supporters regard Mr Biden’s victory in the election as ‘illegitimate’. This is precisely what Mr Biden, Hillary Clinton, and their fellow Democrats said about Mr Trump’s victory in 2016. Apart from spending the past four years trashing his presidency as ‘illegitimate’, they misused both the FBI and the impeachment process in their efforts to destroy him.

Mr Trump is not likely to forgive any of this. It therefore looks as if Americans – and the rest of us – can look forward to another four years in which the loser denies the legitimacy of the winner. But there is more to this than the obvious antipathy between Messrs Biden and Trump and their followers.       

When Mr Trump hails the ‘greatness’ of America and the New York Times simultaneously promotes the idea that that nation was conceived in slavery, you know that there are deep chasms in that society. Healing them will be impossible if Mr Biden’s party continues to kowtow to the ideology behind Black Lives Matter, which holds that America is systemically racist.  

The election was supposedly a referendum on Mr Trump, his behaviour, and his style of government. If this package is as terrible as his critics claim, then winning 72 million votes (almost 47.5% of the total) is a surprising result. Last time round Hillary Clinton branded the ‘illegitimate’ Mr Trump’s 63 million supporters as ‘deplorables’. Since then the number of deplorables voting for Mr Trump has grown by around eight million. The question is why?

Lowest unemployment

But for Covid-19 and his handling thereof, Mr Trump might well have beaten Mr Biden. Before the health crisis, the United States (US) experienced its lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. The tight labour market meant that lower-paid workers with lower levels of education enjoyed larger percentage increases than others. Median household incomes increased faster among Hispanics and blacks than among whites.

These trends help to explain why Mr Trump increased his support among black and Hispanic voters, even though Mr Biden once said that blacks who voted Republican could not really be black. Indeed, admitted The Economist – which excoriated Mr Trump’s ‘race-baiting and thuggery’ – exit polls suggested that Mr Trump had increased his support among every ethnic group except white men. One survey showed that he increased his support substantially among Muslims.      

Where does this leave us? There are now more ‘deplorables’ in the US than in 2016 and they are also more ethnically, racially, and religiously diverse. How did Mr Trump both increase and widen his appeal?   


His Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore, discussed in this column in July, may provide a clue. That speech drew a clear distinction between the values enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and those now being propagated by the Establishment: the mainstream media, various parts of social media, self-styled ‘fact-checkers’, academia, CNN and other television channels, the Democratic Party, Hollywood celebrities, cultural warriors, critical race theorists, power-hungry bureaucrats, some publishing houses, teaching unions, and climate alarmists. They pretend to be enlightened, but they are in reality intolerant, denying platforms on campus and space on their op-ed pages to anyone who disagrees with their views.

Some of the members of this Establishment are hard-line ideologues, others are mere fellow-travellers. Most of them are not accountable to anyone. They are not conspirators, but they share many of the same politically correct assumptions. They think the job of the courts is to advance a left-liberal agenda. On violence, they usually condemn the Right but not the Left. They are happy to see the police ‘defunded’.   

Some of the ideologues are to be found in business and among the donor community, although most of business goes along opportunistically, for example by putting employees through critical-race-theory brainwashing.   

Outcomes they want

This Establishment is to be found on both sides of the Atlantic, typified in the United Kingdom by the BBC, and in various European capitals. They believe in democracy as long as it produces the outcomes they want. When it doesn’t, as when the Irish and other countries voted against the surrender of more and more powers to Brussels, they bully them into changing their minds. Or they manipulate treaties to hand more power to Brussels anyway. They have still not forgiven the British voters who supported Brexit.  

For the Establishment, Donald Trump is a big problem. Like a great many people around the world, they despise him for the way he behaves and runs his government. They loathe him as a ‘populist’. He represents a threat to all those who believe that the elites who comprise the Establishment are possessed of greater wisdom than ordinary people – so much wisdom in fact that all alternative views must be discarded or ‘cancelled’.   

Yet despite the almost universal loathing of the Establishment, Mr Trump garnered the second highest number of votes ever in a presidential election. Did the media campaign against him backfire? Did he get all those votes despite who he is, or because of who he is? Would a Republican leader with a different character have a better chance of winning back the White House in four years’ time?

Mr Trump was defeated at the polls and he may yet do himself in politically. Whether the populist revolt against the Establishment has been defeated is another story.

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Image by DWilliams from Pixabay


  1. Excellent summary. I do not agree though that Trump handled the covid hysteria incorrectly. No matter what he would’ve done, it would’ve been branded as a ‘poor response ‘. The best response to covid in my mind was Sweden, and Trump came as close as he could to that approach whilst simultaneously trying to address the hysteria. The worst responders were the democrat governors, killing off many more people by placing sick people in nursing homes. Yet, one doesn’t see that covered in the media much…

    • Trump most certainly did not handle the covid pandemic incorrectly, that’s just a stillborn attempt at a smear campaign. In the American system, the president can’t implement sweeping, national, federal measures, without looking like a fascist. An all too obvious trap, so Trump didn’t step in it, and now Biden and co look like the idiots because they want to have their cake and eat it too: They want to claim that Trump didn’t do enough, but they also want to claim that his premature banning of travel from certain countries was racist and xenophobic. They have to pick one: Either banning travel from infected countries was a good step in the right direction of combating covid, or he should have been even more ‘racist and phobic’, in which case they would have claimed that he’s a tyrannical dictator with fascistic tendencies. They already do so, but their game is easy to spot by now. Just see what accusations they hurl at Trump, and you can bet your bottom zim dollar that they are doing the exact same thing.

  2. Commonsense prevails MrKane -Berman.

    Your article however is a bit premature. Donald Trump never broadcasts anything to do with strategy, or timing. So let’s see what transpires. My gut feeling tells me he has evidence that will rock the establishment as a whole & the US Supreme Court will act without any twisting of arms to call for recounts or new elections in 4 or more states.
    As Foreign Secretary Pompey recently said, the Trump administration is on course for another 4 years! The Western World as a whole needs those 4 years & probably more to maintain economic & military stability.

    • Besides the ‘Joe Biden is president-elect’ gaffe, it is not a bad summary. Although Trump’s strategy from the start is clear as day to anyone not mollycoddled along by Fakebook and Twominuteshate and legacy media. From the start, he knew that impropriety was inevitable in this election, so the SCOTUS seats weren’t allowed to get cold, and the rest is just stalling counting and certification to get a house vote. Two near certain paths to victory, plus he outs the Democrat’s dirty voting dealings not only in this election, but in previous elections, and in foreign countries. That’s biwinning, Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood style. Not bad for an obese geriatric with a double combover and a self-tan addiction.

  3. A media parrot unfortunately Mr Kane -Berman, one expects better than the chant of “The American president-elect, Joe Biden”.
    Looks like you too would be happy with a communist running America. I do hope you are wrong so I’ll wait and see.

  4. Mr. Kane-Berman might well be disapponted in himself for writing such a definite article. I will stand on the side and laugh.

  5. Mirrors are not popular during times of arrogance. Hitler did not arrive due to himself, he arrived due to the arrogance of the clever folk who drafted the treaty of Versailles. Followed by the arrogance of the French, the German post war politicians, especially the minister of finance and the British. (Not a complete list of arrogant folk at the time)

    As is popular the finger of blame needs a convenient target, both Trump and Biden are symptoms of a greater problem, pure arrogance by a self anointed priesthood.

    Fortunately for the USA the federalists and the anti federalists had seen this potential of a run amok clever class, and the result is a government now facing grid lock.

    There iare two paths out of this ugly confrontational morass, civil war or again learning tolerance and the art of co-operafion. We shall have to observe how long it takes for wisdom to prevail, and if the crafting of Madison ET-AL brings people back to their senses.

    Have a beautiful day

    • When Biden wants to embrace the other side, yet ‘his side’, plus the mainstream media (same thing, really) has spent the last four years calling ‘the other side’ every hateful thing they could imagine, I don’t see much chance of a rapprochement. Now if the Democratic Party supporters and the media turned around and recanted all of the awful stuff they said then …. OK! OK! I’ll put my straitjacket on and come quietly. Duh – what’s for supper?

      • I do suspect that America is in a good place right now. Whether Trump eventually prevails or not, the Democrats are in a very fragile place. They cannot keep the Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists contained. The Republicans – many of whom are not fans of Trump – are beginning to awaken and hit back, in a much stronger opposition position than before. It will probably still be quite a while before the divisions are healed, but at least the divisions are laying bare the institutional and systemic corruption of the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas and Bidens.

  6. Never mind Trump and Johnson or US and UK, what has happened to Kane-Berman and IRR?

    There is so much innuendo, vitriol and demonizing in this Goebbelsstuk that it would take several articles to fact-check and to rebut.

    Suffice to say that history has shown that whenever peoples’ jobs and dignity are threatened they turn to nativist populist demagogues, conspiracy theories and magical thinking to counter their existential loss of power and control. Hence al Bashir, bin Laden, Franco, Hitler, Lenin, le Pen, the Luddites, Malan, Malema, Mussolini, Trump and such. Just as when their food is threatened there are riots and revolution. The difference perhaps being in Maslow’s hierarchy. Sometimes the winds of change can be resisted, but invariably the long-term damage outweighs any short-term revanchist “benefits”, seductive as they may seem at the time.

    Conversely, when societies are “open” – tolerant or even welcoming of new ideas and of minorities whether race, gender or religion – they tend to flourish. This is nowhere better demonstrated than by the German brain drain and USA brain gain caused by the Nazis. This, plus the advantage of building its wartime manufacturing (mainly metal) and science while its competitors’ were being bombed gave the US a massive pist-war competitive advantage and full employment. Globalization and technology have undermined this advantage with the vanquished and “startup” economies, including China, now competing. Hence the unemployment in the US rust belt and UK industrial & mining North, favouring Trump and Johnson. The Internet has also allowed ideas, good bad, disruptive or reinforcing, to spread becoming perhaps the biggest disruption since the printing press. In the words of the Bob Dylan song, “the whole order is rapidly changing”; nowhere is this more so than in SA with the collapse of apartheid.

    Given these changes and the threats of native populism (strong-men dictators who can roll back the changes -“Make America Great Again”), climate change, resource depletion, pandemics (Covid is not the first and won’t be the last) and trade competition, SA needs a clear thinking counter to the intolerance of BOTH the Right and the Left.

    The old SAIRR was ideally placed to be the adult-in-the-room voice of reason and clarity. It is therefore doubly disappointing that IRR or its staff or alumni are instead publishing (and tweeting) such bigoted bias-confirmation. rubbish.

    • Very well said, sir. This Daily Friend rubbish is yet another contributor to the alternative reality nonsense that has flourished thanks to The Idiot Trump (TIT) and his “fake news” narrative, when, in fact this rubbish and the likes of Fox and many other “deplorables” are the prime purveyors of disinformation

      • Might want to see how Facebook and Twitter treats sworn testimony. Also known as evidence of voter fraud, and at the very least impropriety. Correct about Fox, though. It’s in the same boat as the rest of legacy media – about as trustworthy as CNN and the BBC.

  7. “This is precisely what Mr Biden, Hillary Clinton, and their fellow Democrats said about Mr Trump’s victory in 2016.”

    No, they did not. They said he was a bad President – which he was – and he was corrupt – which he was – and he was immoral – which he was, to the point of depravity. But they never said he was not the legitimate President.

    Donald Trump has many similarities to the incompetent, corrupt and ignorant Jacob Zuma who – once again – was a bad President, but was nevertheless the legitimate President.

    “Apart from spending the past four years trashing his presidency as ‘illegitimate’, they misused both the FBI and the impeachment process in their efforts to destroy him.”

    No, they did not, even though Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham said they did.

    This article by Mr. Kane-Berman exactly summarises the crisis in America and, if I read the comments, probably the rest of the world. The crisis facing the world is not a crisis of ideology or race. It is an epistemic crisis: the opposing sides can not even agree on basic shared reality.

    The liberals have their world-view, the conservatives their world-view. However, the opposing world-views are not equal, or equally valid. Denying basic science, reveling in conspiracy theories, electing QAnon-believers to high office, lying and trying to steal and election: these things happen on the conservative side, not the liberal side.

    • I see you still haven’t removed your mask….It’s depriving your brain from much needed oxygen and it looks like it’s covering your eyes as well. Cheers Paully

    • What utter rubbish Paul Odendaal! If I hear ONE more idiot comparing Trump to Jacob Zuma I will lose it.

      • More so between Joe Biden and Jacob Zuma. Both embarked on large scale state capture, for example. Both have sons that are shall we say suspect.

    • Agree completely, Paul.
      Trump, Mugabe and Zumba are three of a kind and all equally revolting and reprehensible, not to mention immoral, unethical gangsters

    • They actually still refuse to acknowledge Trump as a legitimate president. The difference is they don’t have evidence of voter fraud, or of Russian collusion.

      And you might want to read up on a gentleman named Michael Flynn.

  8. Trump got 72 000 000 votes. You can believe this because of his huge grass-roots popularity. When held a rally, tens of thousands attended.

    When Biden held a rally, nobody turned up. Nobody.

    Yet we are supposed to believe Biden is more popular than Barack Obama, who had the entire media behind him?

    Not a chance. I think Trump will be able to demonstrate substantial fraud in the electoral process and will actually win this election.

    Trump has been preparing for this for years. I think he was shocked by the sheer scale and brazenness of the fraud, but of the fraud itself. Apparently he put in place executive orders to investigate the election back in 2018.

    Much is yet to happen, and if Trump does win (which I expect him to), the melt-down is going to be epic. The Establishment will become more desperate and brazen. All pretence will be dropped and then things will get really interesting.

    • Agree, amazing how educated people think that everything is “Trump’s fault” while they are themselves are looking though the glasses of the (bought) media.
      Interesting, it seems education has NOTHING to do with a willingness to think critically but everything with parroting.

  9. All I can say is if the political elite in the USA behave like the elite here then no wonder there is a deep loathing for the establishment.

  10. Them that judged , will sit in judgement .
    Too many reports ( false or true???) are coming to light with regards to voter fraud , by the dems , to discount them as hoax .
    The fact that the computer system utilised , has been proven as a corrupt(ible) ,in itself ,says many things , and we laymen , although are not the sharpest tacks in the box , are not stupid .
    People who report , need to be apolitical and totally neutral …and as such , being opinion providers to the general population ( those who are interested anyway) ,have to walk the narrow line . Even if impeccable sources , or known disreputable , are perused , the facts still remain , CHECK THE TRUTH , VERIFY , and at this stage albeit difficult , the smoke arising due to dem corruption , is from fires , not the mist before the rising sun …

  11. Well argued and worded, Mr Kane-Berman.
    To add as an aside: Yesterday I saw a (sarcastic / ironic) meme depicting a photo of the typical new-age social justice warrior (dyed hair, ear-ring, black clothes, angry face, LBTQ and BLM and Climate Change posters, blah-blah) with the caption: “She agrees with modern-day media, the WEF, the United Nations and modern-day lecturers. She calls herself part of the resistance”.
    Regarding Trump’s so-called “populism” (as if not all politicians from all sides strive to be populists): Looking wider than the USA, I do sense that Trump (and Nigel Farage, UK) are / were seen as the battering rams in pushing against the “international new order agenda”. Farage has lost his platform and Trump looks likely to follow, leaving no international icons / spokesmen pushing back against the internationalists. It would be interesting to see how anti-internationalists fare, seeing that this leaves them with no international spokesmen against an international “big brother movement”, as well as being increasingly de-platformed by internationalists from all media incl Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.
    Vive la résistance!

    • Farage intentionally lost his platform, it was a finesse. He started the Brexit Party and within a few months it was the most popular political party in the UK. He stated that he had no intention of becoming prime minister. The popularity of the new Brexit Party forced the conservatives to choose Boris Johnson as their leader as he was pro Brexit, or so he said. Once the conservatives had chosen Johnson, Farage could step aside.

      Now that Johnson is showing signs of throwing away conservative values, Farage has had to come back and has started another new party, the Reform Party. He may find that finesse is not good enough, he may have to do what Trump did.

  12. I agree about 90% with what John Kane-Berman wrote in this article.
    Even though I personally do not like Trump as a person due to his brashness and insulting personality, his heart, decisions and ACTIONS which were IMPLEMENTED according to HIS DECLARATIONS OF INTENT speaks louder than words and proves that he put his COUNTRY ABOVE HIS POLITICAL PARTY or woke ideas of other Western Countries who have all already folded/kneeled before their new religion of wokeness.
    The fact that the FBI, CIA, all Fake News checkers, about 95% of all media have been turned to support wokeness as well as now being the major spreaders of the REAL fake news, just shows how corrupt the whole Western “Civilisation” (should now be called Anti-religion and Anti-Family-Values) have become is tragic since while the Democrats (in the USA) have done everything to counter the improvements in the 4 years that Trump brought about in the USA when compared to most predecessors in the White House.
    The REAL FACT is that he achieved the implementations of what he said he would do or have others do on his behalf, DESPITE all the attempts of the “New World Order” that has a “cancel culture” (although “culture” is the wrong word for their beliefs since “culture” is meant to be something that is an improvement on something bad/uncultured/etc), to oppose him in various different ways.
    Trump achieved more for the USA (as well as the rest of the Western World) than any previous president of the USA (Abraham Lincoln the possible last previous one worth of comparison as well as Margeret Thatcher of the UK).
    During the past week numerous ways that some cheating with or despite the voting processes/systems used by the USA have been identified and are being investigated and even whilst some re-counting are in process, I see that there are complaints that the observers of these re-counts are kept at a distance where they cannot observe that the counting is carried out correctly – it is a shame how far the Democrats will go to continue with their fraudulent activities.
    The FBI and CIA have sat on the evidence of the “selling-out” of the USA to China via Hunter Biden and his companies whilst Biden was vice-president and even now that it has come to light, these “law-abiding law enforcement agencies” (oxymoron in their case) have still not acted on that damning information but is still suppressing it.
    The USA must improve their voting processes and systems and test it thoroughly before their next general elections since they are all wide open to corruption – In the RSA we also have had ballot boxes that were dumped into rivers to disregard the wishes of voters before.
    I am astonished to see how the whole “woke-wave” of misinformation have spread all over the western world and have supported the “new world power groups” from religion (if you can call it that after they misconstrued its meaning) to governments, political parties, municipalities, counties, education systems, law enforcement agencies, etc. which are supported by the socialists and communists like China, North Korea and Venezuela and slyly smiled-about by Russia – it seems like the old “Cold War” has just solidified to become the “Ice War” with the “Global Warming Alarmists” adding to the fake news agenda.
    ‘Nuff said.

  13. With respect — you say ” This is precisely what Mr Biden, Hillary Clinton, and their fellow Democrats said about Mr Trump’s victory in 2016. Apart from spending the past four years trashing his presidency as ‘illegitimate’, they misused both the FBI and the impeachment process in their efforts to destroy him.” This is nonsense. Hillary Clinton conceded defeat the day after the election and Trump won by less than Biden did. The Democrats did not spend the next four years trashing his election as illegitimate – but rather have critiqued his governance – which has been pretty piss poor. America is far worse off in every respect – economically, socially and internationally ( Trump has trashed the US in the eyes of the ROW ) than when he took power in 2016. This is an objective fact. No amount of QAnon conspiracy theorizing can change that. Trump has forged huge divisions in the US electorate – he has done what Hitler did after WW1 – stoke the latent resentment of those whose economic futures are being threatened by the rapid advance of technology, the decline of the fossil fuel industry and the manufacturing sector. This broad swathe of American society who increasingly feel left behind have found voice in Trump who is a brilliant communicator if nothing else. Covid is ravaging America because of Trumps denialism and this will compound the challenge of the Biden administration who have to right the ship that is busy heading into the rocks. Trump has yet to provide a single shred of voter fraud and his delay in acknowledging defeat further undermines US democracy. Trump has abdicated leadership and it seems would rather play golf.

    • The difference is that Donald Trump was in fact president-elect. There still isn’t a president elect for the 2020 US elections, because their election isn’t over. And conceding the election is just a tradition, it is not necessary in order to proceed with the next presidential term. However, the process does not conclude until at least 8 December.

    • Not enough donors. Not enough about our own country’s woes, most prominent being the assault on property rights coming from government called expropriation without compensation. We need to organise and act around that. And unfortunately, I don’t know how to do either in order to combat expropriation without compensation.

  14. A balanced article Mr Kane-Berman!
    To your answers to “The question is why?” we may add the soon-to-be-proven fact that there was widespread planned election fraud (as opposed to voting fraud -which also took place) and that the “deplorables” knew it was coming.

    They had been warned by the Q phenomenon, soon after the 2018 mid-term elections where it was suspected that election fraud was perpetrated. Q stated at the time that the 2020+ election was safeguarded. From this we can reasonably infer that the Trump administration knew that election fraud was planned for the 2020 election. They planned accordingly knowing full well of the shortcomings and abuse potential of the voting system architecture. Amazing also how the attempts of software programmers warning about potential abuse of election software were ignored by all levels of government, including the FBI, for many years.

    The independent media have already reported on organisations (e.g. SCYTL, Diebold), owners (incumbent politicians) and locations (Barcelona, Frankfurt) of the implicated hardware and software systems used in the vote counting i.e. Dominium, Smartmatic, Hammer, Scoreboard and others. The Mainstream Media have remained mum.

    If there was any doubt about the veracity of the reporting of the independent media above, we seen and heard about the abuse of the voting and counting systems in TV interviews from the likes of Sidney Powell (General Flynn’s lawyer in the infamous Judge Emmet Sullivan presiding case), Rudi Giuliani, Maria Bartiromo on the FOX Channel and others. Other independent networks have done so too. No secrets.

    So why did more “deplorables” vote? I believe that the majority of American people are upright, decent and God-fearing citizens who abhor lies and deceit. Other Americans do not know the facts as the mainstream media have kept them in the dark. So much for honest reporting!

    I wonder what the “Kraken” is that Sidney Powell said would be released shortly?
    But then Mr Kane-Berman and some others commenting on this thread, you surely already know all this?

  15. Firstly, the whole ambience of JKB’s article smells of him having become a Trump supporter. But then in the same breath JKB also labels Trump as a nationalist as opposed to the Democrats and woke supporters, both Stateside and in the EU, as internationalists. Trumps motto of “Make America Great Again” echos Gen JBM Hertzog’s cry of South Africa first in the then sea of jingoism.

    The typing of the internationalist as the champions of leftish liberalism, and arrogant ideologues intolerant of anything that does not fall into line with their way of thinking and the society they would like to see, their insistence on political correctness etc and their multi-culturist approach and mindset, is actually quite funny. Back in the good old days this description would also have perfectly fitted the PFP and the local leftist press.

    The epithets hurled at Trump and his government as being illegitimate, oppressive and him being a racist was strangely also hurled at the NP government, among others by the SAIRR. These enlightened accusers want a society that has already failed in both USA and Europe. Locally the enlightened ones who pushed so hard for universal franchise eventually received what they deserved, our wonderful democratically elected communist inspired but totally incompetent and corrupt ANC government.

    I have come to the conclusion that the opinions of liberal commentators are ephemeral, they have no grounding in reality, they are like smoke in a strong south-wester. Just something to smile about: how can well educated people be so gullible.

  16. Broken gramophone time again: Joe Biden is not the president-elect. The president-elect is certified by the General Services Administration (GSA). Since the states have barely finished certifying their counting, the GSA has so far not certified anyone as president-elect. The legacy media crowned Joe Biden as president-elect, based on thumbsuck and projections, but they do not have a mandate to call elections. The Fourth Estate also carries no mandate to be the vanguard of the unsullied masses, but that likewise doesn’t stop them either.

    Plenty of division and perhaps even violence may be spared if the legacy media behaved responsibly and fulfilled the mandate that it does have, namely to report and inform. As opposed to manufacturing narratives. As opposed to leaning on polls with questionable methodology. As opposed to covering up the blatant agenda and violence of BLM and Antifa. As opposed to censoring the incriminating evidence against Joe Biden found on his son’s laptop on Big Tech platforms. As opposed to fact checking, or assuming an editorial role, when they carry no such mandate either.

    Where to for the deplorables? They are not going anywhere, and the sooner the cabal and their bleating heart liberal supporters get used to the idea and practice the tolerance they demand from others themselves, the better for everyone.

  17. The corner JKB is defending is that no society at peace with itself is conceivable without individual human rights enshrined in law – including the right to property. That’s the ‘liberal’ bit, in the original English meaning. What happens if that property was accumulated on the back of slaves? Or a bit of Victorian ‘gunboat diplomacy’ of the Jameson Raid type? (Rhodes) Or if the Gini coefficient becomes astronomical? That’s what’s *common* to US and SA politics right now, and that’s why both countries are in the middle of a constitutional crisis. Pacification and ‘healing’ can only be conceived of as a path in the direction of consensus – based in and backed up with the force of law. That’s not possible if 0.5% of the population owns all the wealth. What JKB misses is that the historical route to the current constitutional crisis – in the US and the SA – are entirely different.

  18. I found this article so ill -considered,even if some of the stats may be correct ,so reductive and right wing ,so blind to Trump’s enormous list of crimes, misdemeanors and lies and his ghastly giant sized ego that brooks no criticism. And who cares for no one but himself .He is mean, racist, a spreader of hate, ungracious in defeat . He was an inadequate, poorly educated leader and the stock exchange and job stats doesn’t mean he was . THERE WAS NO VOTING CORRUPTION .Or election fraud . Those in the Senate and other senior politicians that think there was ,are Trumps toadies ,intent on self -interest. The truth is MILLIONS people became utterly sickened by Trump . The other half are entitled to their views but I suspect many swallowed his lies eagerly ,as he is an utterly brilliant conman and marketing genius and he plugged right into both their rage , prejudices, hatreds and anxieties .
    I will not be subscribing to the FRIEND for such a nasty opinion of Trump’s critics is unconscionable in its bias. And too selective in the facts put forward . There was no mention of the pro- lifers and their right wing control of women’s bodies , for starters. SO many omissions .please unsubscribe me from this newsletter .

    • Strange, sworn testimony is evidence of voter fraud. Might want to read up on Dominion voting systems and how they were designed to rig elections. Might want to read up on the Meuller Report and how it failed to find any evidence of Russian Collusion on Trump’s behalf. Might want to read up on the ‘laptop from hell’ and how it implicates Joe Biden in the latest of a lifetime of scandals. Might want to read up on the American constitution and how this election might be settled by their supreme court. And while you’re there, maybe look into Joe Biden’s racist history with Clarence Thomas.

    • Well said Susan. I hear there are over 1000 children of illegal immigrants who still have not been reuinited with their parents. These are the direct of Trump’s punishment for the parents for coming to the USA to do low paid jobs on farms etc. People who think Trump was a good president should stop for a minute and think about the lifelong damage this has done to these children. Where are they now now? What kind of future do they look forward to? Does DJT think the end justifies the means? What was the net gain for the American economy which resulted from this action?
      Returning to JKB’s article, I have my doubts about the way he has used economic stats. In 2009 the US economy was at a low not seen in decades. Recovery has taken a decade, but recover it has for that is the way of markets. I think Trump has hit it lucky to have been in on the tail end of recovery.

  19. It’s always fascinating finding these South African cheerleaders for trump. trump has not made America great. The United States of America has been great despite that almighty nincompoop.

    The USA is great because of the miracle of co-existence of its liberal and conservative learnings, and the power it draws from what really amounts to multiple melting pots of people, ideas,cultures, circumstances in wealth, education, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The partisan language espoused by this article is divisive bullshit that no public office official in any country should even think, much less utter.

    At least 78 million people voted for Biden, and they did so across the vast expanse of the USA — almost every major city in the country is blue – cities such as Dallas, Houston, Lexington, Nashville, Memphis are liberal. As in every election since President Obama’s first term, the electorate has been more blue than it has been red.

    The New York Times, and the most of the rest of the establishment are correct about trump.

    Fox News and OAN are sowing discontent. I don’t do CNN.

    Lastly, the 72 million “deplorables,” who apparently lack critical thinking skills, are a growing indication of America’s squeezed middle classes, and the fading American Dream.

    • I posted the following to the thread on Marcel Gasco’n’s article “Reflections on the American Vote” on 17 Nov.

      The perception that many people worldwide have on Trump was created by the Mainstream Media (MSM). On purpose. The blackout by the MSM and social media (who have collectively deplatformed hundreds of thousands of accounts that support Trump policies) of any positive attributes of Trump are diabolical/evil. When one looks at the videos and podcasts of Trump himself, another perception is created which is very, very far removed from that of the MSM. It’s no secret. Most of us have access to the internet. We can see for ourselves what Trump is actually saying and the context of his statements. All of it. Not just 5 seconds clips as the MSM may portray. We just have to look.

      Copied from the thread mentioned above is Soly Markan’s comment. He sums it up in fewer words:
      My friend: “Trump is racist”
      Me: “Give me an example what he said or did to show that he is a racist”
      My friend: “It was on CNN last night, you can even see it on Twitter”
      Me: “So no example of his racist tendencies?”
      My Friend unfriends me…
      Me happy.

      • “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and
        ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

        trump railing against “the media,” or “main stream media” is not the first time a person in a position of political power has used that tactic to get heat off their backs.

        And yes, everyone with a brain has access to the internet, and the full context of trump’s pretendency is appalling — far worse, in fact, than “Not just 5 seconds clips as the MSM may portray. We just have to look.”

        trump: looses the election becoming the 1 term president the far right wanted for President Obama.
        me: happy

      • Solid comment, I only have one concern: Why label them MSM? In what way is the media mainstream? They are struggling to find viewers, just like Big Tech companies are currently struggling to find users thanks to their rampant censorship and bipartisan hack-jobs.

        I prefer the term legacy media.

        Other than that, quite right. Just outside of the echo chambers full of lies, anyone with an internet connection can find out the truth with a bit of digging and then this orosman monstrosity suddenly clearly emerges as the lesser of two evils.

  20. “They loathe him as a ‘populist’.”
    The word the Left and the oh-so-superior types use to smear those who believe everyone has a right to be heard …not just self-appointed elites.


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