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Liberalism – an ideology for all


Despite what some ‘progressives’ think, the broad liberal message of free markets, non-racialism, and rule of law has resonance far beyond any tea-sipping group of

SABC’s failures a microcosm of SA


It’s time the government began correcting its own failures instead of expecting the rest of us to carry the cost. By the time you read

Do not give in to the authoritarian urge


South Africa has been through a horrific few weeks, but we must not give in to populist temptation and jettison that which makes a decent

Conspiracy theories, everywhere you look!


But alarm about the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) is not one of them. Around every major news event,

Is all lost?


Marius Roodt | Aug 24, 2019 Not if we stand up against bad policy now. South Africa seems to be at a precipice. Every day there is

What Micawber knew, and the ANC doesn’t


But the option that is open to the government is to use other people’s money to fund its mounting shortfall. Much everyday wisdom can be

What is an African?


‘It’s my home, it’s where I live, it’s where I belong; I didn’t choose to be here, I was born. I might seem out of

Five things you need to know about why the ANC is eyeing your pension


With their steadily rising value, it’s no wonder South Africa’s more than 5 000 active pension funds are being eyed by the government. Prescribed assets

Will the DA repeat the fatal mistake?


If, like the doomed United Party (UP), the Democratic Alliance (DA) fails to provide a clear alternative in voters’ minds, its electoral decline is inevitable.

Will it be ‘What might have been …?’


When we look back in years to come, will we lament the lost opportunities, or be grateful that we averted a disaster? Previously, I wrote